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friday-the-13th-the-final-chapter-neca-ultimate-jason-voorhees-unboxing-8211-jason-takes-the-basement-300x169 Videos

Friday the 13th The Final Chapter NECA Ultimate Jason Voorhees Unboxing – JASON TAKES THE BASEMENT! Friday the 13th The Final Chapter NECA Ultimate Jason Voorhees Unboxing so today JASON "LITERALLY" TAKES THE BASEMENT! Interested ...
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dc-universe-rebirth-batman-038-superman-figpins-from-nerdy-collectibles-8211-jason-takes-the-basement-300x169 Videos

DC Universe Rebirth Batman & Superman FIGPINS from Nerdy Collectibles – JASON TAKES THE BASEMENT! DC Universe Rebirth Batman & Superman FIGPINS as Jason Takes the Basement continues. A quick look at these awesome ...
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blind-box-crazy-funko-kidrobot-cryptozoic-loyal-subjects-titans-vinyl-8211-jason-takes-the-basement-300x169 Videos

Blind Box Crazy! Funko Kidrobot Cryptozoic Loyal Subjects Titans Vinyl – JASON TAKES THE BASEMENT! Blind Box Crazy and Blind Bag Insane in the Basement today! I've got another evil cohort with me as ...
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maxresdefault-300x169 Videos

My Geek Box Unboxing (July 2017) – JASON TAKES THE BASEMENT! My Geek Box for July 2017 is another rather random assortment of items as Jason Takes The Basement continues ...
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the-collectors-case-8220-vampires-038-bunnies-8221-july-2017-unboxing-8211-jason-takes-the-basement-300x169 Videos

The Collectors Case “Vampires & Bunnies” (July 2017 Unboxing) – JASON TAKES THE BASEMENT! The Collectors Case Vampires & Bunnies themed box for July 2017 was once again, loaded with value. In fact, ...
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sdcc-2017-gamestop-exclusive-funko-haul-038-giveaway-300x169 Videos

SDCC 2017 Gamestop Exclusive Funko Haul & Giveaway! SDCC 2017 Gamestop Exclusive Funko Haul & Giveaway! We went out on to our local stores and picked up ...
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clueless-unboxing-full-case-battlestar-galactica-blind-box-titan-vinyls-from-entertainment-earth-300x169 Videos

CLUELESS UNBOXING! Full Case Battlestar Galactica Blind Box Titan Vinyls from Entertainment Earth! CLUELESS UNBOXING! We have a FULL CASE of Battlestar Galactica Bind Box Titan Vinyl figures thanks to the awesome ...
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building-my-imperial-army-star-wars-black-series-haul-038-unboxing-300x169 Videos

Building My Imperial Army! Star Wars Black Series Haul & Unboxing Building My Imperial Army! Today we have a Star Wars Black Series Haul & Unboxing for my and Jason's ...
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double-zbox-unboxing-may-2017-038-june-2017-knight-038-villains-themes-300x169 Videos

Double ZBOX Unboxing (May 2017 & June 2017) Knight & Villains Themes Double ZBOX Unboxing for May 2017 & June 2017! We've got both the Knight & Villains boxes today, since ...
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my-geek-box-unboxing-june-2017-8211-oh-mummy-a-duck-300x169 Videos

My Geek Box Unboxing (June 2017) – Oh Mummy! A Duck? My Geek Box for June 2017 is another rather random assortment of fun items, including a Mummy-themed shirt, a ...
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july-gift-boxin-8217-with-the-border-geek-8211-amazing-trade-box-dbz-tmnt-mmpr-038-more-300x169 Videos

July Gift Boxin’ with The Border Geek! – AMAZING Trade Box (DBZ, TMNT, MMPR & More!) July Gift Boxin' with The Border Geek time! Or, as Derek likes to call it: "Let me go shopping ...
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the-collectors-case-june-2017-unboxing-8211-villains-theme-w-mystery-pop-300x169 Videos

The Collectors Case (June 2017) Unboxing – Villains Theme w/ Mystery Pop The Collectors Case (June 2017) Unboxing had a Villains theme with a chance for a mystery Pop and/or a ...
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