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31 Days of Horror Scream 1996 Ghostface Ghost Face Mask Bloody Knife

“31 Days of Horror” Day 28: “Scream” (1996)

Putting the Defibrillator on the Horror Genre In the 1990’s, the horror genre was considered to be dying (if not already dead). Many iconic franchises that had been established in… Read more »

31 Days of Horror Haunt 2019 What are You Carving This Halloween? Harper and Evan Look Down the Tunnel

“31 Days of Horror” Day 27: “Haunt” (2019)

We All Like to Be Scared Sometimes… There is something absolutely incredible about a haunted house, especially around Halloween. They are a rare kind of situation in which we will… Read more »

31 Days of Horror Host A Shudder Original 2020 Haley and Friends Terrified Post Seance

“31 Days of Horror” Day 26: “Host” (2020)

Give Us Something Worth Screaming About Let’s be perfectly blunt: 2020 has been a complete dumpster fire of a year. The entire world has been experiencing it together, in one… Read more »

31 Days of Horror Dead Alive 1992 Lionel Cosgrove Timothy Balme Blood and Zombies

“31 Days of Horror” Day 25: “Dead Alive” (1992)

“You’ve got…the bite!“ Every so often there comes a movie so amazing that you simply must show it to everyone you can. Such a movie came around for Jason before… Read more »