Fan Mail/Mail Calls/Trade Boxes/Surprise Packages

Fan mail and surprise packages from viewers, gifts from YouTube friends, Trade Boxes with other channels and other assorted mail calls.

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Today I’m a #@(%!/$ Pirate! Unboxing Nick’s “Enjoy This Pile of Junk” Box!

Jason's got a Pirate eyepatch and we've got a "Box of Junk" to show you! lol Nick (Darth Trick) gave ...
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tmnt-leonardo-sh-figuarts-action-figure-8211-unboxing-surprise-viewer-mail-from-dave-in-the-uk-300x169 Mail Calls

TMNT Leonardo SH Figuarts Action Figure – Unboxing Surprise Viewer Mail from Dave in the UK!

Viewer Mail time! Our friend Dave in the UK just sent us this surprise mail package with a TMNT Leonardo ...
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awesome-customs-by-darth-trick-marvel-8217-s-venom-038-dc-8217-s-harley-quinn-300x169 Mail Calls

AWESOME Customs by Darth Trick! Marvel’s Venom & DC’s Harley Quinn!

Our buddy Nick (Darth Trick) sent us a surprise box of AWESOME custom figures he did of Marvel's Venom and ...
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dude-amazing-surprise-viewer-mail-from-brian-fills-a-major-void-in-the-collection-300x169 Mail Calls

DUDE! This AMAZING Surprise Viewer Mail From Brian Fills a MAJOR Void in the Collection!

DUDE! This absolutely AMAZING surprise mail from Brian fills a MAJOR void in our collection and has shocked us to ...
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holy-what-a-box-from-marie-absolutely-amazing-viewer-mail-unboxing-dbz-ldd-038-a-8230-mankini-300x169 Mail Calls

HOLY $#!% What a Box from Marie! Absolutely AMAZING Viewer Mail Unboxing! DBZ, LDD & a… Mankini?

It's Viewer Mail unboxing time and WOW! What an AMAZING box from Marie all the way from Sweden. Jam packed ...
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incredible-gift-box-from-the-hyper-geek-johnny-tellez-8211-retro-tmnt-spiderman-sh-figuarts-038-more-300x169 Mail Calls

INCREDIBLE Gift Box from The Hyper Geek Johnny Tellez – Retro TMNT, Spiderman, SH Figuarts & more!

The Hyper Geek Johnny Tellez sent us an INCREDIBLE box of hyper geeky stuff. TMNT, Spiderman, Horror & More! Retro ...
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bootlego-uz-sent-us-a-batman-bootleg-lego-kit-8230-and-it-8217-s-awesome-go-bat-hero-300x169 Mail Calls

BOOTLEGO? Uz Sent Us a Batman Bootleg Lego Kit… AND IT’S AWESOME! GO BAT-HERO!

BOOTLEGO? It's not Batman, it's not Lego, It's Lepin Bat-Hero! We got a package in the mail today from our ...
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maxresdefault-300x169 Mail Calls

Nostalgia Blast Viewer Mail from Nick! Unboxing TMNT, Conan, Doctor Who, Street Fighter, & More!

It's an amazing Nostalgia Blast from Nick! He sent us some awesome stuff including a PILE of Marvel, Conan, TMNT, ...
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what-eva-i-do-what-i-want-box-from-the-border-geek-8211-tmnt-star-wars-predator-oh-my-300x169 Mail Calls

What-Eva! I Do What I Want! Box from The Border Geek – TMNT, Star Wars, Predator, Oh My!

"What-Eva! I Do What I Want!" is the entire reason behind this box from The Border Geek. XD One of ...
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viewer-mail-a-box-of-awesome-surprises-from-uk-dave-comics-pins-funko-pop-mystery-minis-038-more-300x169 Mail Calls

Viewer Mail! A Box of Awesome Surprises from UK Dave! Comics, Pins, Funko Pop, Mystery Minis & More!

Viewer Mail Time! We've got a box of awesome surprises from the ever awesome Basement Geek UK Dave! He sent ...
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mail-from-marie-unboxing-swedish-candy-grossery-gang-pikachu-toys-tmnt-lego-038-pizza-cookbook-300x169 Mail Calls

Adrianna Has Mail from Marie! We’re Unboxing Swedish Candy, Grossery Gang, Pikachu, Toys + TMNT Lego & a Pizza Cookbook!

It's more mail from Marie, and it's all for Adrianna this time! The lovely miss Marie sent some awesome treats ...
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mystery-trade-box-with-the-rediscovered-nerd-part-1-the-jason-box-300x169 Mail Calls

Mystery Trade Box with The Rediscovered Nerd Part 1: The Jason Box!

It's a Mystery Trade Box with The Rediscovered Nerd! This is Part 1 of a trade that is a box ...
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