Fan Mail/Mail Calls/Trade Boxes/Surprise Packages

Fan mail and surprise packages from viewers, gifts from YouTube friends, Trade Boxes with other channels and other assorted mail calls.

july-gift-boxin-8217-with-the-border-geek-8211-amazing-trade-box-dbz-tmnt-mmpr-038-more-300x169 Mail Calls

July Gift Boxin’ with The Border Geek! – AMAZING Trade Box (DBZ, TMNT, MMPR & More!) July Gift Boxin' with The Border Geek time! Or, as Derek likes to call it: "Let me go shopping ...
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fully-loaded-trade-box-unboxing-with-the-rediscovered-nerd-8211-tmnt-dbz-038-more-300x169 Mail Calls

Fully Loaded Trade Box Unboxing with The Rediscovered Nerd – TMNT, DBZ & More! Trade Box Unboxing with The Rediscovered Nerd! Jason's cousin Justin recently started his own YouTube channel - The Rediscovered ...
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channel-surfin-box-swap-2-the-swappening-8211-awesome-box-from-johnny-tellez-8211-9-youtube-channel-swap-300x169 Mail Calls

Channel Surfin Box Swap 2: The Swappening – Awesome Box from Johnny Tellez – 9 YouTube Channel Swap Channel Surfin Box Swap 2: The Swappening! It's time for another community-based box swap, this time with three extra ...
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pins-038-more-8211-johnny-tellez-the-border-geek-unboxing-rocks-038-original-pop-stop-8211-sailor-deadpool-300x169 Mail Calls

Pins and More – Johnny Tellez, The Border Geek, Unboxing Rocks & Original Pop Stop – SAILOR DEADPOOL?! Pins and More from Johnny Tellez, The Border Geek, Unboxing Rocks & Original Pop Stop...and SAILOR DEADPOOL?! You heard ...
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surprise-mail-unboxing-from-dave-in-the-uk-300x169 Mail Calls

Surprise Mail Unboxing from Dave in the UK! Surprise mail time! Star Trek, and Batman, and Doctor Who, and Buffy, and Mega Man, and Resident Evil, and ...
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awesome-loaded-gift-box-from-the-border-geek-8211-adrianna-8217-s-revenge-of-the-nerd-300x169 Mail Calls

Awesome Loaded Gift Box from The Border Geek – Adrianna’s Revenge of the Nerd! The Border Geek sent us an awesome box that was just loaded with goodies! Derek sent us a little ...
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awesome-surprise-mail-from-stephen-higgins-8211-i-have-the-power-300x169 Mail Calls

Awesome Surprise Mail from Stephen Higgins – I HAVE THE POWER!!! We got a surprise package in the mail from Mr Stephen Higgins! We had no idea this was coming ...
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a-surprise-gift-from-area-51-with-a-blast-to-the-past-300x169 Mail Calls

A Surprise Gift from Area 51 with a Blast to the Past! We found this mysterious parcel in our mailbox today from Mike over at Area 51! Our fellow geek and ...
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an-early-funko-birthday-present-from-david-8211-mail-unboxing-300x169 Mail Calls

An Early Funko Birthday Present from David! – Mail Unboxing It's almost my birthday, and David, one of our awesome Basement Geeks buddies, wanted to send me a birthday ...
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fan-mail-from-shaz-from-the-uk-8211-funko-frozen-and-candy-overload-300x169 Mail Calls

Fan Mail from Shaz from the UK – Funko, Frozen and CANDY OVERLOAD!!! We got an awesome fan mail package from a lovely lady who goes by Shaz, coming all the way ...
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mail-call-a-gift-from-kerrytoons-300x169 Mail Calls

Mail Call: A Gift from Kerrytoons! It's MAIL CALL TIME, you guys! We picked up a package in the mail today, and it was from ...
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awesome-tmnt-gift-from-the-border-geek-300x169 Mail Calls

Awesome TMNT Gift from The Border Geek! Our Awesome friend Derek over at The Border Geek channel sent Jason and Adrianna an incredible TMNT gift. Was ...
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