Channel Updates and Other Videos/Announcements

Here you can find various videos about updates to the Tracey’s Basement YouTube Channel and various other announcements involving the Channel and Community.

halloween-vlog-8211-halloween-hunting-at-spirit-halloween-halloween-superstore-and-more-300x169 Channel Updates and Other

Halloween VLOG – Halloween Hunting at Spirit Halloween, Halloween Superstore and More!

Halloween VLOG! Halloween Hunting is a yearly tradition in our family, so it only made sense to share it with ...
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lets-do-a-q-038-a-ask-us-some-questions-about-youtube-collectibles-anything-300x169 Channel Updates and Other

Lets do a Q & A! Ask Us some Questions about YouTube, Collectibles, Anything!

We've grown so much in the past year, had tons of fun with you guys, and so we think it's ...
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maxresdefault-300x169 Channel Updates and Other

“The Other World: Book One” by Tracey Tobin – Unboxing MY NEW Fantasy BOOK!

I just received the proof copy of my brand new book - "The Other World: Book One" - and I ...
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nhl-funko-pop-canada-exclusives-giveaway-for-our-1-year-anniversary-of-tracey-8217-s-basement-300x169 Channel Updates and Other

NHL Funko Pop Canada Exclusives + GIVEAWAY for our 1 Year Anniversary of Tracey’s Basement!!!

WE ARE OFFICIALLY 1 YEAR OLD! Thanks so much to everyone who has supported the channel, who hang out with ...
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mystery-funko-pop-proto-8211-funko-photo-a-day-instagram-challenge-prize-300x169 Channel Updates and Other

Mystery Funko Pop Proto – Funko Photo A Day Instagram Challenge Prize!

In December Funko ran a contest on Instagram called the Funko Photo A Day Challenge. They set a theme and ...
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happy-anniversary-to-the-bam-box-congratulations-on-your-first-year-of-awesome-boxes-300x169 Channel Updates and Other

Happy Anniversary to The BAM! Box Congratulations on your First Year of Awesome Boxes!

Just giving a quick one year anniversary congrats to one of the BEST boxes for geeks out there. Here's to ...
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geeky-christmas-decorations-8211-what-do-you-put-out-that-8217-s-geeky-during-the-holidays-1-300x169 Channel Updates and Other

Geeky Christmas Decorations – What Do You Put Out that’s Geeky during the Holidays?

Happy Holidays everyone! Since it's so close to Christmas we thought we'd share with you today a few of the ...
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tracey-8217-s-basement-channel-update-september-2016-8211-what-8217-s-in-the-future-for-the-basement-300x169 Channel Updates and Other

Tracey’s Basement Channel Update (September 2016) – What’s in the Future for the Basement?

Channel Update! Going forward with the Basement in the future with the best community of subscribers! Geeky Goodies Links Buy ...
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whats-your-favorite-funko-pop-tracey-8217-s-basement-subscriber-video-pops-038-shots-on-facebook-live-300x169 Channel Updates and Other

Whats Your Favorite Funko Pop? Tracey’s Basement Subscriber Video + Pops & Shots on Facebook Live

It's the Tracey's Basement - What's Your Favorite Funko Pop Vinyl Subscriber Video! A while back we asked you guys ...
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subscriber-video-update-on-favorite-funko-pop-participation-video-300x169 Channel Updates and Other

Subscriber Video Update on Favorite Funko Pop Participation Video

Hey guys, got some news on the Favorite Funko Pop Subscriber video to share and it's not all good. But ...
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tracey-8217-s-basement-funko-pop-collection-and-a-thank-you-300x169 Channel Updates and Other

Tracey’s Basement Funko Pop Collection and a Thank You

Hey guys. Some of you have been asking me for this video for quite a while. I seem to get ...
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what-8217-s-coming-on-tracey-8217-s-basement-content-update-video-038-what-would-you-like-to-see-300x169 Channel Updates and Other

What’s Coming on Tracey’s Basement? Content Update Video & What Would You Like to See?

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Was getting used to all the new equipment and setup and ...
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