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Toys, Collectibles, Video Games, Pop Culture and ALL Things Geeky!

This is what we love at Tracey’s Basement and we want to share that love of ALL things Geek with You!
We are Tracey and Jason – also occasionally joined by our daughter, Adrianna – and we’re coming to you from our geeky haven, also known as Tracey’s Basement. Together we bring you unboxing videos, toy reviews, and general geek-life across a wide range of pop-cultural worlds and a variety of fandoms.

We’re huge collectors who pick up whatever we fall in love with – from Funko Pops to NECA action figures, blind boxes to statues and everything in between – and between us our obsessions include everything from cartoons and video games, to movies, comics, and pretty much everything “horror”. We’re extremely eclectic, well-rounded geeks!

We started Tracey’s Basement as a fun way to share our geekiness with the world, and through that we’ve discovered a wonderful community of like-minded people that we love being a part of. It’s been an awesome journey that we hope you’ll join us for as we continue on into the foreseeable future!