Halloween Hunt VLOG 2019! Multi-Province Edition!

Hunting for Spooky Fun at Spirit Halloween & Glow Halloween Superstore!

If you’ve been paying even the littlest big of attention, you’ll know that Halloween is a bit of a big deal in the Tobin household. For the past few years we’ve revelled in doing our Halloween hunts, vlogs, decorating, costuming, and sharing lots and lots of pictures on our Instagram, and this year is no different!

Preparations for this year’s vlog were a little bittersweet, what with my being stuck in Alberta throughout October. Luckily, when I had a few days off I took a trip into town and discovered that a Spirit Halloween set up at the local mall! Just like that our vlog became double the fun! It was still a little sad to not be able to do it as a family, but for the first time ever we were able to do a multi-province edition. So that’s pretty awesome!

Costumes, Decorations, & Animatronics, Oh My!

I was only able to find the one store: a Spirit Halloween at the Peter Pond Mall in Fort McMurray. Jason and Adrianna, however, were able to find their own Spirit Halloween as well as two Glow Halloween stores in Halifax, Nova Scotia. All four stores had a ton of cool stuff to check out, including awesome animatronic displays to browse.

Jason and Adrianna found some absolutely epic displays, and had a ton of fun trying on masks and playing with costume accessories. (Also, they made fun of me a lot, the little butts.) My focus tended toward the more collectible-type stuff, plus trying on as many costumes as I could get my hands on!

So join us for our 2019 vlog, spanning stores on both sides of Canada, and tell us about your favorite things we showed! Did you see any costumes that struck your fancy? Decorations you desperately need? Animatronics that make you feel very, very wrong deep down inside? Let us know in the comments!

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to tell us about your own Halloween hunts! If you took pictures of something cool, post them and tag us on your social media so we can be Halloween geeks together!

Happy Hallo-Hunting everyone! Trick ‘r Treat!

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