THREADS Unboxing (September 2019)

Some Spooky THREADS, Star Trek, and a Strange Surprise!

September’s THREADS Box contained a few interesting items, along with graphic novel that, at this point, isn’t a surprise at all. (Though still an awesome inclusion!) The shirt, in particular, would have fit in perfectly in an October box. But that doesn’t mean it’s not totally appreciated in September!

THREADS is a geeky subscription box that is a subset of ZBox that contains a licensed shirt and a book or graphic novel each month. It only costs £10 per month, and if you use this link to grab a box for yourself you’ll get half off your first one!

“You’ve always been the caretaker…”

THREADS-by-ZBox-Unboxing-September-2019-The-Shining-Overwatch-Hotel-Floor-Pattern-Shirt-1024x465 THREADS Unboxing (September 2019) Subscription Boxes Threads Videos

The September shirt for THREADS box is a very simple and yet excellently iconic one. If you are even a casual horror fan you’ll instantly recognize the floor pattern from the Overlook Hotel. The Shining is a classic horror flick that I personally love, so I’m quite amused by this minimalist shirt design that fellow horror geeks will see from a mile off.


THREADS-by-ZBox-Unboxing-September-2019-KidRobot-All-City-Breakers-Blind-Bag-Orange-Breakdancer-1024x805 THREADS Unboxing (September 2019) Subscription Boxes Threads Videos

As THREADS is a box for shirts and books, and has never – since we’ve been getting it – included anything but shirts and books, this item was a bit of a surprise. It was a blind bag item from KidRobot, and it’s called an “All City Breaker”. Basically the entire line is made of little multi-colored breakdancing figures. Your guess is as good as mine on this one! It’s pretty funny though, and I love that he comes with a little boom box. The mystery is simply why it was included in THREADS, of all things!

Adding another Star Trek Graphic Novel to the Pile!

THREADS-by-ZBox-Unboxing-September-2019-Star-Trek-Graphic-Novel-Collection-The-Next-Generation-The-Space-Between-762x1024 THREADS Unboxing (September 2019) Subscription Boxes Threads Videos

The rather amusing trend of putting Star Trek graphic novels in THREADS continues with the September box! I’m starting to think that ZBox has stocks in this line or something… In all seriousness though, I’ve been loving this trend myself, so there are no complaints here! This month we only got one book rather than the two we’ve been used to, but it’s still an awesome one. TNG: The Space Between joins the collection that is steadily building on our shelf, and I can’t wait to read it.

So what did you think of September’s THREADS Box? Were you as confused as I was about the little breakdancing dude? What did you think of the Shining shirt? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget, when you check out THREADS for yourself use this link to get half off your first box!

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