Flea Market Finds Fridays! Episode 11

An Entire Flea Market Finds Haul from a Single Table!

It’s common enough to take a trip to the flea market only to find absolutely nothing, but how often do you find a ton of stuff all at a single table? That’s the strange situation we found ourselves in for Episode 11 of Flea Market Finds Fridays. The trip as a whole was quite slow and lacking, but there was one single table that absolutely killed it for us. This young gentleman was a geek downsizing and hoping to make some money for a trip overseas. The result was some money for him and a wicked haul for us.

Mini-Mecha Godzilla!

Do I even need to say anything more? How can you possibly find a mini Mecha Godzilla toy and not pick that gem up? This little guy was definitely originally some kind of kid’s meal toy, and that’s fine. He’s epic. There was definitely no way that Jason was walking away from the table without him. I’m only amazed that Adrianna hasn’t stolen him yet.

Awesome Anime Finds

I know absolutely nothing about Read or Die, but Jason and I saw this R.O.D. statue and had to grab it. Why? Well, for one, it’s pretty cool-looking even if we don’t know the character. For another, it was $7.50. Come on. If you find a well-made anime statue for less than $10 you grab that thing and run!

On a more personally awesome note, I also found a Sailor Saturn S.H. Figuarts! This is a big deal for me because I adore the S.H Figuarts figures, and this one was both cheap and included all her extra parts. It was an incredible find, especially since I’ve rarely, if ever, actually seen Saturn in store. She makes a beautiful addition to my growing Sailor Moon collection and makes me so happy.

Beautiful Bargain Bin Comics!

Yes, even our bargain bin comics in this flea market haul came from the same single table! Starting out, Jason found a full (short) series run of Godzilla in Hell. It’s an amazing-looking series that is mainly all about the artwork without too much foolish dialogue to worry about. Who needs a story? It’s Godzilla. That’s all you need to know.

Then came the absolutely epic set of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comics which, yeah, okay, they’re all technically the same issue. But variant covers, you guys! Variant covers! They’re so beautiful I had to have them, and I’m honestly tempted to just frame them all for a truly awesome wall display.

And finally we come to one of my stranger obsessions, which began with this particular haul. While flipping through this seller’s comics-for-sale I found myself staring at something called ‘Zombie Tramp‘. The next thing I new I was wandering off with fifteen issues plus a variant cover issue, and a huge, goofy grin on my face. It’s just such a fun, dumb, overly-sexualized concept, and it is my aesthetic. That’s all there is to it. I was super-excited for this find and have since gone on to collect several more issues with no intention of stopping until I’ve got them all!

Flea Market Finds Thoughts?

Personally I think this was a epic haul, but as always we want to know what you thought! What was your favorite item from this flea market finds haul? What do you think of my sexy comics? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to also share pics of your own flea market finds and tag us in social media so we can check them out!

Keep hunting, flea market fans!

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