Super Fighting Robot! Mega Man Figures from Funko!

Na na na na, Super Fighting Robot!

Funny story: when Adrianna was a baby, if she was crying we could start up the 90’s Mega Man cartoon show and she’d immediately stop to stare, wide-eyed, at the opening theme. She was far too young to even know what it was, but the second she heard that opening riff her head would snap toward the TV.

Moral of the story: Mega Man transcends generations. (And, apparently, also age-related-ability-to-comprehend-awesomeness.)

Perhaps Adrianna’s almost instinctual desire to glue her eyes to the Blue Bomber is a genetic hand-down from her father. Jason has been an enormous fan for pretty much his entire life. It might be unsurprising, therefore, that he’s a bit of a fan of Mega Man collectibles.

Recently Jason added a new quintet of collectors to the Mega Man collection with these very cool little figures from Funko. There are five figures in the series, depicting Mega in his various power forms, along with the wonderfully evil (and inept) Dr Wily.

Repaints…but Logical Ones

Mega-Man-by-Funko-Dr-Wily-Leaf-Shield-Thunder-Beam-Limited-Chase-In-Package-1024x362 Super Fighting Robot! Mega Man Figures from Funko! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Funko is…well-known for using repaints as a way to pump out more saleable content without doing any real extra work. I’m just going to lay that right there, because there’s absolutely no denying it. And I’m definitely not defending it. That said, this is one situation where repainting does actually kinda make sense.

If you know Mega Man you know that when he obtains his different powers from defeating the Robot Masters, this is visualized by his body changing colors. Therefore, repainting a single figure in a bunch of the different color schemes… Yeah, okay, that actually makes a bit of sense.

The line features the classic Blue Bomber, the green Leaf Shield version, the yellow-and-grey Thunder Beam version, and the red-and-yellow Atomic Fire version (which is a Chase and is, for some reason, still listed as Leaf Shield on the packaging). All four of these figures have an identical mold and are differentiated only by the color scheme. It would obviously be nice if they were different in some other way as well (different pose/facial expression/etc). But given the nature of the character in question and the inexpensive price, we’ll accept it this time.

Cute, Fun, Posable!

Mega-Man-by-Funko-Classic-Blue-Out-of-Box-Posed-880x1024 Super Fighting Robot! Mega Man Figures from Funko! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Make no mistake, these are not super-high-quality figures. However, considering the price range they are extremely cute and of decent quality. The paint jobs are perfectly acceptable and spot-on for the different power colors. The mold is well done, aiming to match the most popular version of the character rather than do anything stylized. And these little figures actually have a bit of posability to them, which is always tons of fun, especially for taking pictures!

All four Mega figures have a basic articulation. Shoulders and elbows, hips, knees, and ankles, all move. They also come with a pair of interchangeable hands, including the Mega Buster because of course. This give you a bit of freedom to pose the figure as you choose. Personally, given the adorable face the figures come painted with, I’m a fan of the wide-armed victory-style pose Jason pulled off in the above photo.

“End of the Line, Mega Man!”

Mega-Man-by-Funko-Dr-Wily-Out-of-Box-Posed-971x1024 Super Fighting Robot! Mega Man Figures from Funko! Toys and Collectibles Videos

As awesome as Mega Man is, the real gem of this little line of figures from Funko has to be the classic antagonist, Dr Wily. For one, there is a decided lack of Dr Wily collectibles among the fandom, despite there being plenty of Mega Man out there, both past and present. For another, Funko did a great job of capturing the character’s charm.

As with Mega, they went with the most popular representation of the character. The mold is absolutely great, especially concerning the head. They’ve got that wild hair, bushy moustache, and thick eyebrows just perfect, not to mention the enormous cleft chin! He’s also grinning with that bit of an under-bite, and he has those almost-sleepy-looking lidded eyes going on. All in all, it’s just damned well done! Throw in his go-to uniform of blue pants, red tie, and long white lab coat, and this is a totally solid Dr Wily collectible.

Some of Gaming’s Greatest Eternal Nemeses

Mega-Man-by-Funko-Classic-Blue-and-Dr-Wily-Out-of-Box-Posed-1024x952 Super Fighting Robot! Mega Man Figures from Funko! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Whether you go in for a single version of Mega Man or snatch up the entire line like Jason, there’s no denying that having Mega and Wily displayed together like this is absolutely epic. These are two of the most iconic characters in gaming history, two great nemeses, and absolutely classic in every sense of the word.

If you’re a Mega Man fan, these are a definite pick-up, both for how cute they are, and how affordable. You can grab them for yourself over at Entertainment Earth, and don’t forget to snap some pics and tag us on social media (links below) so we can share in the Mega-Love!

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