Flea Market Finds Fridays! Episode 9

Frightening Flea Market Finds! Freaky!

Some weeks are very eclectic with the types of items we find, but some weeks our Flea Market Finds strangely follow an interesting theme. Episode 9 is full to the brim with the spooky, strange, and supernatural. In other words, stuff that’s right up our alley!

Who You Gonna Call?

Ghostbusters toys! Ghostbusters – both the movie and the cartoon – was a huge part of my and Jason’s childhoods, and those toys were awesome. So it was big fun to come across two of them on one of our hunts. Egon and Ray were a couple of great pickups. How could you not love those old action figures that scream and shout and pop their eyes out?

Spooky Stories for the Whole Family!

Okay, so the first book we picked up isn’t spooky. Adrianna found a book all about Tae Kwon Do, and being a student herself, decided to grab it up.

But the other books are straight out of the bone-chilling memories of my childhood. Does anyone else remember the books by Allan Zullo? His “Haunted” series was one of my favorites, though these particular three I didn’t have. I picked up Haunted Teachers, The Haunted Graveyard, and Haunted Baby-Sitters. They’re going to make awesome reading for Adrianna, but you’re crazy if you don’t think I’m going to enjoy them too!

But the real find was a holographic-covered copy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. It was a bit of a serendipidous find, what with the movie coming out and all, but it was also awesome because that book is amazing. If you didn’t read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark as a kid, you seriously missed out. Get on it, right now!

Scary She-Ra?

Okay, no, She-Ra isn’t even the tiniest bit scary. But it’s a little bit scary how awesome it is that we found volumes 1 and 2 of the first season of the old cartoon on DVD! He-Man and She-Ra were such great shows, and to find these two volumes in great condition, with all the awesome artwork on the cases, that’s pretty wicked. I was super-excited to find these!

Terrifyingly Outdated Software

It seems a bit illogical to buy a computer game this old when you don’t even know if you have anything that will run it, but Jason couldn’t resist. Realms of the Haunting just looks like something he absolutely would have played, and probably still will play, assuming we do in fact find something that will play it. Wish us luck!

Bloodcurdling Bargain Bin Comics!

Not all of these comics fit the spooky theme, but man were there some great finds in this haul!

First up we have a Gargoyles comic, and here’s another opinion from me: if you didn’t watch Gargoyles as a kid, go find it and watch it right now. It was an amazing show with great characters and an awesome story. I was, therefore, super excited to find this comic.

Second is an Aliens / Vampirella crossover, and if the concept alone doesn’t spark your interest, you are absolutely no fun, my friend. But for the record, I also half wanted it just for the cover art.

Thirdly comes three more issues of The Maxx, a run I’ve picked up a few of before because it’s something else from my childhood. It shouldn’t be from my childhood because it’s very much not a child-friendly story, but we’ll just leave that right there, shall we?

Lastly are a stack of Slingers comics, which happen to be ones I collected as a kid but managed to misplace somewhere along the line. They stem from an Identity Crisis story line concerning the alternate suits Spider-Man used when he was hiding his identity. I loved those comics, so it was awesome to find them again.

Freaky Flea Market Finds Finale

So what did you think of of Episode 9’s haul? Pretty spine-tingling, right? Okay, not everything fit the theme, but you have to admit, that’s quite a few horror-esque finds for a single outing!

Let us know in the comment what you thought of this flea market finds haul, and don’t forget to share your own finds on social media and tag us so we can see!

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