Flea Market Finds Fridays! Episode 8

Tons of Nostalgia on Ep 8 of Flea Market Finds Fridays!

It’s always awesome to find newer stuff for a decent price at the flea market, but the real fun is in finding bucket-loads of nostalgia! Episode 8 of our Flea Market Finds has that in spades. There’s plenty here for 80’s and 90’s kids to fawn over!

If you’re not old enough to remember DVD’s…

…you’re definitely going to be flabbergasted by the VHS tapes! Jason found two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tapes of random cartoon episodes and obviously had to grab them. (And yes, we do have a working VHS player!)

He also grabbed the Puppet Master Collection on DVD for this week’s episode, and although there have been several movies added to the franchise since this collection was released, it’s still a pretty great deal for fans! (Which we are.)

And he also grabbed Darkman on BluRay, and that was an awesome grab because it was still in the bloody plastic! Plus Jason’s been craving to watch Darkman for a while now, and when the universe provides, you accept!

So Many Toys of our Childhood!

We found lots of toy nostalgia for Episode 8! First up is a Mighty Max compact! Do you guys remember these? They were like Polly Pocket, but more gross/violent! This particular one comes in the shape of a shark’s head, complete with lots of blood, and opens up to reveal a submarine-style play set with two figures, one of them being the titular Mighty Max.

Second up is a huge deal for me: it’s a figure of Servo from Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad! I know SSSS (*hissss*) wasn’t exactly the most popular show back in the day, but I was obsessed with it. Finding a toy of the main character was like finding the oft-searched-for needle in a haystack. In fact, before I stumbled across it at the flea market, I didn’t even know any toys of the show existed.

Ninja Turtles toys are, of course, always a given with us. This week we picked up “Football Leo” from the ridiculous sports line of turtles, “Samurai Leo” (guess which line that one is from), and three of the old “soft-head” turtle toys, which are very hard to come across. We also picked up two ultra-size turtle toys – Raph and Donnie – because they were better condition than the ones Adrianna already has.

Bargain Bin Comics

X-Men and Dracula, you guys. Need I say more? Honestly, any character plus Dracula is pretty awesome. And this issue came bundled together with a random Thor comic, and you guys know how I feel about Thor (hint: it’s good).

I also found a The Maxx comic for this week, which is just outstanding to me. I watched the show as a kid and let me tell you…if you want something that will make your head want to explode, this is it.

Speaking of Dracula (missed my segue there, but you guys know what’s going on…), Adrianna picked up a Lil’ Dracula comic! A very cool find for her (and her geeky parents).

Last but not least, Jason picked up an absolute stack of Conan comics. A lot of them fill gaps in the runs he’s been trying to collect, so that’s awesome! Plus some of them have absolutely epic cover art, and we’re always big suckers for that.

Flea Market Finds Episode 8 Conclusion

Episode 8 was an awesome one, in my honest opinion! There was so much nostalgia, a couple of newer things, and a pile of comics to boot. But what did you think? Let us know in the video comment section what you thought of our haul and which items were your favorites! Then upload some pictures of awesome things you’ve found at the flea market and tag us on our social media (below) so we can check it out!

Keep Hunting!

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