Flea Market Finds Fridays! Episode 7

Did you know that you can lose a mountain? It’s true!

Flea Market Finds Fridays Episode 7 proves that yes, you can in fact lose a mountain! Or, at least, I can!

Confused as sin? Journey forward, my dear travellers, and all will be revealed!

Both Vinyl and Plastic Toys

Episode 7 starts out with a trio of toys. Jason, amusingly, picked up an Eleventh Doctor Funko Pop mainly because it was rather cheap and, hey, I’m sure we’ll find someone to give it to! Adrianna, alternatively, picked up a couple of awesome sound-making Marvel toys: a Spider-Man and an Iron Man. We love superheroes in this family, so these were a fun find for sure.

Lord of the Rings (Sans One Mountain)

We also love board games in this family, so when we came across two Lord of the Rings games (based on Fellowship and Two Towers) for a few bucks each we ate them right up. Unfortunately when I went through the games to make sure that all the pieces were there…I missed something. That something being…an entire bloody mountain. In my defence, the way the contents list was worded made it seem like all the pieces were, in fact, there. But in the opposite of my defence…I missed a mountain, you guys.

We haven’t yet checked the Two Towers game to make sure I didn’t miss anything there (probably missed the towers…HA), but fingers crossed I didn’t! Even if I did though, the games were so cheap that it was still worth it. I’ll figure out how to replace that mountain somehow. Just watch me.

Bargain Bin Comics

We added another pile of awesome comics to our collection in Episode 7, starting with a Batman: Night of the Owls trade paperback. It cost me A DOLLAR, you guys. This can be the power of flea markets. This right here. A DOLLAR.

That was the only comic for me, but Jason added a lovely pile of Red Sonja and Swamp Thing comics to his collection. Several of them fill holes in the runs he’s been working on, so that’s pretty awesome! Plus, it’s incredible to look at the amazing artwork on the covers of many of these comics, both older and newer.

Flea Market Finds 7 Conclusion:

Toys, games, and comics! What more do you need, really? It was a great week for fun finds. There was nothing life-changing, but plenty of great, cheap finds that definitely made our day to pick up.

Let us know in the vid’s comment section what you thought of our finds in Episode 7! And if you’re a flea market hunter yourself, share pics and tag me in our social media (below) so we can see what awesome stuff you’ve found! Keep hunting!

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