ZANINI Box (September 2019) Unboxing

ZANINI is Clowning Around This Month!

September’s Zanini Box was wonderfully diverse, featuring horror, comics, video games, and two very different nostalgic cartoons. Plus two of those pins – both, amusingly, clown characters – come with perfect timing for two very anticipated motion picture releases.

Zanini Box is the subscription box specifically for enamel pin collectors and features awesome designs from across the ages of pop culture. They have 3, 4, and 5-pin tier options, as well as an International option that allows you to get 10 pins every two months in order to save on shipping costs. If you’re a pin collector the subscription options are quite affordable, and the pins themselves have been great since the first box back in June. Take a look at what came in September’s box and then check them out for yourself to see which tier is best for you.

Zanini-Box-Enamel-Pins-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-September-2019-1024x945 ZANINI Box (September 2019) Unboxing Videos Zanini Box

IT (2017/2019) – Pennywise the Clown

Zanini-Box-Enamel-Pins-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-September-2019-IT-Pennywise-the-Clown-751x1024 ZANINI Box (September 2019) Unboxing Videos Zanini Box

The 2017 remake of “It” was amazing, if you’re asking me (and you probably weren’t). Therefore the 2019 “It: Chapter Two” was much anticipated. It made excellent sense, therefore, for Zanini to incorporate a Pennywise the Clown pin into September’s box, just in time for the film release. Pennywise’s glaring, terrifying head is fit into the shape of a balloon, which is rather clever if you ask me (again…probably not). Overall this makes for an excellent design of the most well-known creepy clown in cinema history.

Joker (2019) – The Joker

Zanini-Box-Enamel-Pins-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-September-2019-The-Joker-749x1024 ZANINI Box (September 2019) Unboxing Videos Zanini Box

Speaking of well-known clowns, you’d likely have a difficult time finding anyone who doesn’t know of Batman’s most famous adversary: The Joker. The clown prince of crime also has a movie being released in the very near future, which Zanini also decided to take advantage of. This pin features Joaquin Phoenix’s new version of Joker over the shape of, logically, a joker playing card. The jury is still out on the film, coming out this Thursday, but the pin, at least, looks great!

G.I. Joe – First Sergeant “Duke”

Zanini-Box-Enamel-Pins-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-September-2019-First-Sergeant-Duke-GI-Joe-748x1024 ZANINI Box (September 2019) Unboxing Videos Zanini Box

Zanini’s G.I. Joe theme continues with First Sergeant Duke, clad in his army gear, holding his helmet and rifle. Like the other G.I. Joe pins, this one is a full-body image over a small colored circle. The design and colors are spot on, and (again, like the others) is definitely nostalgic of both the toys and the cartoons from our childhoods. A great addition to this continuing line of pins.

Hitman – Agent 47

Zanini-Box-Enamel-Pins-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-September-2019-Hitman-Agent-47-758x1024 ZANINI Box (September 2019) Unboxing Videos Zanini Box

Bald man in a suit? It has to be Agent 47 of Hitman fame. If you’re a gamer, you probably recognize Agent 47 from a mile away, even if you’ve never actually played the Hitman games yourself. He’s iconic, that’s all there is to it. This pin is modelled on a well-known pose of him with head bowed and pistols crossed over his chest, and the rectangular base behind him features black lines that represent the barcode tattoo on the back of Agent 47’s head.

Mighty Mouse

Zanini-Box-Enamel-Pins-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-September-2019-Mighty-Mouse-786x1024 ZANINI Box (September 2019) Unboxing Videos Zanini Box

Now here’s some nostalgia! Mighty Mouse was a definite surprise in September’s Zanini Box. This character might be the oldest to have appeared in the box, with his first appearance being way back in the 40’s. The classic cartoon character is a bit before my time, but I can definitely remember catching a cartoon here and there as a child, and he’s definitely iconic in pop culture history. This pin is his classic Superman-style pose over a white-and-black circle, and is definitely instantly recognizable.

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Once again Zanini proves itself to be an amazing subscription service for pop culture geeks who are looking to build their enamel pin collection. Check it out for yourself, choose from one of their multiple tier options, and don’t forget to use coupon code TRACEY to get 10% off your first order!

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