Flea Market Finds Fridays! Episode 6

Nostalgia, Gifts, & Tons to Read on Flea Market Finds Fridays

The sixth episode of Flea Market Finds Fridays features an interesting variety of items, with the majority of them being things to read. Oh no, it’s Jason’s only weakness!

Everybody has one very random thing…

The first item in this week’s Flea Market Finds is a rather odd item considering all the geek stuff we generally show off. Yes, believe it or not, Jason and I enjoy A Sport. That Sport is hockey, and Jason in particular has enjoyed it since childhood. That’s why he always gets excited when he finds those cheese Sports Bloopers VHS tapes that were so big in our childhoods. He grabbed a “Hockey Funnies” video during this flea market trip, and yes…it’s just as goofy as we remember those tapes being.

I’m a sucker for interesting-looking manga!

I often pick up books at our local flea market because there’s an excellent section that has more books than a bloody book store. Manga is a more uncommon find, but every now and then I find a couple. This time I found more than half of an entire series: The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls. It looked quite interesting and has some beautiful artwork (an important distinction for me), and they were super-cheap, so of course I had to grab them.

An item or two to send out of country

Every now and then we find an item at a flea market that just screams out to be sent to one of our out-of-country friends. In this haul we happened to find multiple. A Popeye mug for our buddy Kerry, a book adaptation of “Audition” for Hyper Geeky Johnny Tellez, and a strange, water-monster version of Venom in figure form for our Venom-crazy friend Eric. All cool finds that will eventually make their way to their respective new homes.

Toy Nostalgia for Jason

In the Episode 6 haul Jason found a few old secondhand toys that brought him right back to his childhood. One was a Casey Jones, which was a given, being that he’s one of the biggest Ninja Turtles fans ever. One was a funny, straight-armed Rocketeer that may find a new home since we have friends who would appreciate it more. And the third was a real gem: a Supernaturals figure. These holographic toys were huge when we were kids, and although this one is missing his front plate, it was still an extremely fun find.

Bargain Bin Comics!

If you somehow managed to miss it, I have a thing for sexy comics. Don’t ask me to explain. I won’t. But the fact is that if the artwork is sexy, the female characters absolutely ridiculous in body dimension, I love it. For this week’s haul I found a small pile of such comics in the form of Vampirella and Lady Death. Jason’s pile also fit in the overly-sexualized category, with a very camp, 3D one-shot called Space Vixens, and a veritable stack of Red Sonja comics to add to his growing collection

Tons of Fun this Friday

Personally I think this was a very fun Flea Market Finds Fridays vid, but the real judging comes down to you fine people! Let us know in the comments section of the vid what you thought of this haul and which items were your favorites. If you’re a flea market hunter yourself, tag me @TraceysBasement on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to show off your own awesome finds! We love seeing what other people manage to scrounge up!

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