Flea Market Finds Fridays! Episode 5

Star Wars Takes Over! (But Also Dragon Ball Z & Awesome Comics!)

Our fifth episode of Flea Market Finds Fridays was pretty darn saturated in Star Wars goodies, but Dragon Ball Z also makes an appearance, as well as some awesome comics finds! And one of those comics, it turns out, tricked Jason in a wonderful way that still has me chuckling.

A Short Time Ago, in a Galaxy Rather Quite Nearby…

You can never go wrong with Star Wars, full stop. Star Wars has been a huge part of my life since my best friend showed it to me in the mid-90’s. Immediately after bingeing the entire original trilogy I knew I needed it forever in my life, and so went right out and bought myself a VHS boxed set of the films. Those VHS tapes were, eventually, sold at a flea market (ha!) when I was a poor college student. So of course I jumped on the opportunity to buy them back for a couple of bucks when I found them again!

On top of the wonderful nostalgia of finding these beloved films in the dead format in which I originally owned them, we grabbed some other fun Star Wars items. Star Wars Monopoly is too much fun for a family like us who enjoy playing board games together. And a Boba Fett mask? Um…yes please! Plus, Jason found POGS. POGS, you guys. Star Wars POGS. I still haven’t quite gotten over it.

Bootlegs and Banpresto and Burger King

Dragon Ball pieces are always more than welcome in our collection. It’s one of our biggest fandoms, after all! In this haul we showed off several different new items. One of them is a bootleg statue of Goku shooting a kamahamaha blast as a Super Saiyan. It’s not the best quality, but Jason found him for a rather decent price, so it’s acceptable. Never pay full price for bootlegs, people! Do your research!

The second piece, a legit Figuarts Zero statue of Goku powering up as a Super Saiyan. It’s absolutely fantastic – as most Figuarts Zero statues are – and was found for just as fantastic a price. We were incredibly happy with that find!

And, just because it’s fun and amusing as sin, Jason picked up a Burger King toy of Goku. He’s a huge child, and I love him for it.

Bargain Bin Comics

We added a few more ghostly comics in this haul, as we love to collect horror stories in all their forms. The Ghosts of Doctor Graves join the collection with some decently intact issues.

We also found an Infinity Gauntlet #1 issue with an awesome cover, an issue of Guardians of the Galaxy featuring Ghost Rider, a Ghost Rider 50th anniversary issue, and a Ghost Rider #1 from the 90’s run, which happened to come with a Ghost Rider rookie card. That’s just too fun!

Lastly, the most amusing item in my opinion, is a Godzilla trade paperback, based on the 90’s version of Godzilla. What makes that so amusing? Well, as it turns out…it’s in French. Guess who doesn’t read French? Anyone in our household, that’s who! But somehow that just makes the find that much more amazing. How many people do you know with a FRENCH Godzilla comic? Be honest now.

French Flea Market Finds!

So what did you think of Episode 5? Are you a bigger fan of the Star Wars finds or the Dragon Ball ones? Or maybe you’re a big comic geek and are laughing your butt off over that French Godzilla? Let us know because we love hearing from you!

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