AMAZING Dean Winchester 6th Scale from QmX!

The Sexy Older Winchester Bro in Gorgeous QmX Glory

Supernatural is, far and above, one of my favorite television shows of all time. There are many reasons, but the least of them is definitely not the fact that the two Winchester Brothers, Sam and Dean, are absolutely wonderful characters. They’ve made me laugh, they’ve made me cry, they’ve made me swoon. And my personal favorite between them is older brother, Dean, played by Jensen Ackles.

Now the CW show about monster-hunting bros isn’t quite the type to be picked up by a ton of toy/collectible companies, so while there are books, clothes, jewellery, and even makeup, there isn’t a huge variety available in the “toy” market. But one of the companies who did see the potential was one of my favorites: Quantum Mechanix.

QmX has had figures of the beloved brothers available for some time now, done in their “Mini Masters” style, as well as small plush toys which are just beyond adorable. But their most recent leap with the license has been a decidedly more realistic 6th scale line: Master Series. These figures are fully articulated, with portrait-quality faces, highly accurate-to-show clothing, and a number of show-accurate accessories. The first (and as-yet, only) to be released was Dean Winchester, and of course, I had to have him.

My wonderful husband – who clearly loves me if he was willing to gift me my second, unofficial husband in figure form – gave me this gorgeous collectible for Christmas, and to say that squealing was involved would be a massive understatement. Check out the unboxing vid above for love-struck babbling, and the rest of the post below for a more calm, collected, after-the-fact view.

Dean Winchester: 6th Scale Master Series

The first great challenge of any relatively normal-looking human character figure is making them instantly recognizable. Without a superhero costume, strange, non-human traits, or emblazoned logos of some kind, it can often be up in the air as to who a particular figure might actually represent. There’s absolutely no issue with that with QmX’s Dean Winchester figure. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll see this figure and know exactly who it is, without a doubt.

QmX-Quantum-Mechanix-Master-Series-6th-Scale-Figure-Supernatural-SPN-Dean-Winchester-Jensen-Ackles-Join-the-Hunt-Full-Shot-624x1024 AMAZING Dean Winchester 6th Scale from QmX! Videos

From the clothes, to the hair, to the gosh-darn boots, everything about this figure is lovingly crafted in the little details of the show’s co-main character. But the detail that draws your eyes immediately? It has to be the face.

Photo-Realistic to Actor Jensen Ackles

This gorgeous creation is as much a Jensen Ackles figure as it is a Dean Winchester one. The face has been very carefully molded to incorporate not only broad details, but also very specific ones: forehead wrinkles, chin cleft, prominence of cheekbones, lip-lines, and so forth. Without (trying to) sound hyper-fixated on Jensen’s visage, I can absolutely say that the development artists on this figure did their damn job. It is perfect in a way that I could stare at for hours. (And you can keep your opinions on that comment to yourselves, thank you very much!)

QmX-Quantum-Mechanix-Master-Series-6th-Scale-Figure-Supernatural-SPN-Dean-Winchester-Jensen-Ackles-Join-the-Hunt-Close-Up-1024x963 AMAZING Dean Winchester 6th Scale from QmX! Videos

Removable Layers & A Minor Gripe

QmX chose to feature their figure with Dean’s iconic clothing from later seasons: a black tee and jeans, with a maroon button-up and a dark blue jacket on top. Each layer of top is beautifully done, down to the tiny stitching, buttons, zippers, and the realistic wear on the jeans, and everything is a separate piece should you wish to display him in different styles.

QmX-Quantum-Mechanix-Master-Series-6th-Scale-Figure-Supernatural-SPN-Dean-Winchester-Jensen-Ackles-Join-the-Hunt-With-Bone-Blade-and-Colt-720x1024 AMAZING Dean Winchester 6th Scale from QmX! Videos

Noting that, we come to my one minor gripe about the figure, which I’m actually loathe to even bring up, because the fact is that I’ll probably never display mine this way. That said, it should be noted for transparency sake that the arm joints – wrists and elbows – are rather blatant and take away from the realism should you want to display Dean in just his black tee. For me it’s a rather minor thing since his button-up and jacket are so integral to his look that I’ll likely never take both off at once, but I thought it bore mentioning for those looking into the figure for the first time.

Tons of Show-Relevant Accessories

What is a collectible figure without accessories, really? It’s always fun to have different items (and the accompanying alternate hands to display them with) for a figure, and QmX definitely didn’t skimp in that department with this figure.

QmX-Quantum-Mechanix-Master-Series-6th-Scale-Figure-Supernatural-SPN-Dean-Winchester-Jensen-Ackles-Join-the-Hunt-With-Weapons-Bag-537x1024 AMAZING Dean Winchester 6th Scale from QmX! Videos

Dean comes with a duffle bag that you can pack with all kinds of goodies. Up above you saw him carrying the Purgatory Blade (that he crafted and used during his time in Purgatory) and the fan-favorite Colt pistol. He also comes with a watch (playfully set to, as QmX themselves put it: killing time), the jawbone-carved “First Blade”, and Dean’s shotgun, which is a (ha ha) Winchester 1887. Plus, of course, a number of interchangeable hand configurations so he can properly hold everything.

QmX-Quantum-Mechanix-Master-Series-6th-Scale-Figure-Supernatural-SPN-Dean-Winchester-Jensen-Ackles-Join-the-Hunt-With-Weapons-Bag-Without-Jacket-647x1024 AMAZING Dean Winchester 6th Scale from QmX! Videos

Each of these accessories was given as much attention to detail as the figure itself, rendering items right out of some of the show’s most-loved episodes and arcs. My personal favorite is the First Blade, which has delicately-molded teeth that look extremely realistic. Plus, add in a clenched-fist hand and you can get a pretty bad-ass pose (see below)!

QmX-Quantum-Mechanix-Master-Series-6th-Scale-Figure-Supernatural-SPN-Dean-Winchester-Jensen-Ackles-Join-the-Hunt-With-Blade-and-Fist-953x1024 AMAZING Dean Winchester 6th Scale from QmX! Videos

Dean Winchester Fans Will LOVE This Figure

That’s all there really is to it! Being that it’s a sixth-scale, fully articulated figure with a massive amount of detail and numerous accessories, yes, this is a pricier piece. But I also personally feel it’s one of the best-done pieces in my entire (extensive) collection. I love it beyond the telling, I love playing with the pose and accessory options, and I can’t wait for little bro Sam and heavenly angel Castiel to join the line so I can add them to the collection as well.

QmX-Quantum-Mechanix-Master-Series-6th-Scale-Figure-Supernatural-SPN-Dean-Winchester-Jensen-Ackles-Join-the-Hunt-With-Shotgun-1010x1024 AMAZING Dean Winchester 6th Scale from QmX! Videos

If you’re a Supernatural fan, I have absolutely no doubt that you’ll be impressed with this figure. Doubly-so if you’re a Dean Winchester fangirl/boy like me. I am more than impressed with what Quantum Mechanix accomplished with this piece, and my love for Jason exploded when he gifted it to me (worth noting, boyfriends and husbands!).

QmX-Quantum-Mechanix-Master-Series-6th-Scale-Figure-Supernatural-SPN-Dean-Winchester-Jensen-Ackles-Join-the-Hunt-Kneeling-with-Colt-and-Weapons-Bag-855x1024 AMAZING Dean Winchester 6th Scale from QmX! Videos

If you’re even a little bit interested in this beautiful sixth-scale Dean Winchester from QmX you can check it out at the QmX website. Tell them Tracey sent you! (Because I love them, and I want them to know that I love them and want you to love them too!)

If you make the awesome move to pick up this figure for yourself, snap a few shots of your amazing new collectible (with yourself, if you like!) and tag me in my social media (below) so I can show you some SPN Family love! Family Don’t End With Blood, hunters. <3

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