My Geek Box (July 2019) Unboxing

Funko & Kidrobot & Marvel & More in July’s My Geek Box!

July’s My Geek Box had a very eclectic variety of items, including ones from Funko, KidRobot, Marvel, and two different video game franchises. With that kind of variety you’re bound to love at least a couple of the items in this surprise box!

Before we jump into it though, remember that if you’re from the UK and you use coupon code TBASE10 at this website, you can get £10 off your first My Geek Box. And if you click this link to go to the US version of the site you’ll automatically get your discount. Have a deal on us, and grab a box for yourself!

World Hide & Seek Champion Shirt

My-Geek-Box-July-2019-Unboxing-World-Hide-and-Seek-Champion-Since-1967-Bigfoot-Shirt-890x1024 My Geek Box (July 2019) Unboxing My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Okay, that’s just an amusing shirt design right there, I don’t care what you say. Clean and simple, in a nice grey instead of the very common black options, and a clever graphic. If there were a Hide & Seek Championship, Bigfoot would definitely be the reigning champion. I’m totally on board with this shirt!

Marvel’s Deadpool Cuff-links

My-Geek-Box-July-2019-Unboxing-Marvel-Deadpool-Cufflinks-1024x997 My Geek Box (July 2019) Unboxing My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Deadpool cuff-links, you guys.

Deadpool. Cuff-links.

Do I really need to say more? Okay, fine. These are wonderful. I have no idea when I’m ever going to have a chance to use them, especially considering the fact that I don’t even own any shirts that have the little cuff style that cuff-links are designed for, but so help me I will buy one of those kinds of shirts because DEADPOOL CUFF-LINKS.

Black Ops III Athletic Socks

My-Geek-Box-July-2019-Unboxing-Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-III-Athletic-Socks-1024x822 My Geek Box (July 2019) Unboxing My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

I’m going to be straight up with you here: they lost me on this item. Normally I’m actually, humorously, a fan of geeky socks in these kinds of boxes. They’re useful! And usually cute! And geeky! But I’ve never had any use for Call of Duty as a franchise. Plus the design on these is really rather bland. It’s just the three stripes to depict the “3” in the title. Would anyone even recognize that without knowing ahead of time? I personally doubt it. But with that said, they’re still socks, so they’re still useful.

I’ll still probably give them away though.

Skyrim Limited Collectible Coin

My-Geek-Box-July-2019-Unboxing-Skyrim-Limited-Collectible-Coin-The-Empire-is-Law-The-Law-is-Sacred-Front-1024x997 My Geek Box (July 2019) Unboxing My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Ah, Skyrim, the fan-fav that just keeps going and going and getting ported to everything short of a Texas Instruments Scientific Calculator. You can definitely never beat a Skyrim item!

And to be honest, I actually think these collectible coins can be pretty neat. We’ve gotten a few of them now in different boxes, and the only real issue is how to go about displaying them. That said, I think we both know that I’ll be displaying the dragon side if I do find a good system.

My-Geek-Box-July-2019-Unboxing-Skyrim-Limited-Collectible-Coin-Praise-Be-Akatosh-and-All-the-Divines-Back-1024x982 My Geek Box (July 2019) Unboxing My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

“Art of War” Dunny Blind Box Figure

My-Geek-Box-July-2019-Unboxing-KidRobot-Kid-Robot-The-Art-of-War-Dunny-Blind-Box-DrilOne-Silver-Chase-1012x1024 My Geek Box (July 2019) Unboxing My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Oh hell yeah to a Dunny blind box! The “Art of War” line from KidRobot isn’t exactly new at this point, but it’s a line we currently have none of, so I’m perfectly happy with it. There are a lot of cool options in the line, but we were lucky enough to pull one of the ones we thought was coolest. And it also happens to be a chase! There are several of these war-plane-modelled Dunnys in the line, each in different paint-jobs to reflect different metals. We pulled the silver steel option, which is a 1/50 rarity.

Walgreens Exclusive Iron Patriot Dorbz

My-Geek-Box-July-2019-Unboxing-Funko-Dorbz-Iron-Patriot-Walgreens-Exclusive-874x1024 My Geek Box (July 2019) Unboxing My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Lastly, we have a Funko Dorbz, something I don’t generally collect anymore, but do occasionally find myself in possession of. This one is the Walgreens Exclusive Iron Patriot, and isn’t a bad looking little Dorbz at all. The paint job is clean and the Dorbz-style smiley face on masks always amuses me for some reason. It’s also a bit of a surprise to get a Walgreens Exclusive, when Funko exclusives from boxes like My Geek Box are usually from Underground Toys.

My Geek Box July Complete!

What did you think of July’s My Geek Box? Were you pleased with the variety? What was your favorite item? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to use the links and/or code above to get a discount on your first box when you check out My Geek Box for yourself!

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