THREADS by ZBox (July 2019) Unboxing

Thoroughly Thrifty THREADS and Tomes!

(Okay, the alliteration didn’t really work there without the TH sound at the end, but you get what I was going for!)

Zavvi’s THREADS by ZBox continues to be one of the best boxes out there right now for getting your money’s worth. It’s an incredibly affordable sub box, at only £10 per box. And for that price you get a graphic tee (generally something licensed), and a book or graphic novel. It’s not a huge box, but it’s contents are mighty, especially considering that price! Check it out for yourself using this link and you’ll even get half off your first box!

Mysterious Sneaky Serpent Shirt…

Threads-by-ZBox-Zavvi-Books-and-Shirts-Snake-Sword-Roses-Thorns-Tee-925x1024 THREADS by ZBox (July 2019) Unboxing Subscription Boxes Threads Videos

Right off the bat, I’m going to go ahead and give props to a pretty cool-looking design. This box’s shirt features a snake wrapping around a sword (and cutting himself up pretty badly in the process), with the whole thing ringed by a halo of thorny roses. That is definitely interesting right there.

What I have to add, however, is the amusing fact that nobody knew what it was referencing, and it became this huge mystery on my social media. That is, until some clever bugger actually thought to, you know…ASK THREADS. Turns out this isn’t a licensed design, just something pretty damn cool-looking. It never hurts to ask, people! Beats wracking your brains out!

Superfluous Star Trek Books!

Threads-by-ZBox-Zavvi-Books-and-Shirts-Star-Trek-Graphic-Novel-Collection-Countdown-The-City-on-the-Edge-of-Forever-Original-Teleplay-1024x755 THREADS by ZBox (July 2019) Unboxing Subscription Boxes Threads Videos

Superfluous? Whatever do you mean, dear Tracey? Well, superfluous to US, because we actually recently got both of these in a different sub box! Whoops!

That said, we’ll find a good home for them, and the fact that we have them already doesn’t detract from the fact that they really up the value of the box! THREADS normally comes with one book or graphic novel; this one came with two. That’s pretty damn awesome if you ask me. And if you’re a Star Trek fan, these first two volumes of the Graphic Novel Collection are gorgeous to look at. Two amazing books to add to your collection.

Not a Great THREADS for Us, but Awesome for Somebody!

This particular THREADS was a bit of a bust for us because of the duplicate Star Trek books, I can’t lie! But that doesn’t change the fact that the box itself was pretty awesome. A very cool snakey shirt design, and TWO graphic novels? For £10! Honestly, if you don’t think that’s an amazing deal I really don’t know what to do with you. If you DO think it’s a great deal, click this link and you’ll get an even better one with half off your first purchase of a THREADS box. You’re very welcome!

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