Flea Market Finds Fridays! Episode 2

FFMF Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo!

The series continues with Episode 2 of Flea Market Finds Fridays! We got into a little bit of a better stride with this second vid, and are starting to really have some fun with it. Plus Jason is doing an amazing job of editing them, don’t you think? *kissy winky face*

This week’s vid includes items from two different flea market locales, and features five items (which came together) that are some of my favorites I’ve ever found at a flea market.

Gun-DAMN That’s a Lot of Mechs!

Episode 2 had a couple of awesome finds, but for my money the coolest one is the STACK of Mobile Suit Gundam action figures that I found for an absolutely great price. I was a huge fan of Gundam when it was on YTV back in the day, so I definitely couldn’t resist. And even though my Gundam knowledge is lacking these days, who doesn’t just love giant mechs?

Of course, that’s not the only thing we have in this week’s haul. At a different flea market Jason found an awesome in-package figure that he got on a great deal because of some repairable damage. How that damage managed to happen in-package is anyone’s guess, but it meant a deal for us!

And of course there’s always the Bargain Bin Comics section, which, in this episode, involves a bunch of Swamp Thing.

Plus, you know, to be honest…this entire video is worth watching just for “KARATE CHOP ACTION!”

Flea Market Favs?

It was a leaner week than the first episode, but I personally think we still did rather well. But my opinion doesn’t matter! What do you guys think? Let us know what you thought of our pick-ups and what your favorite item (or items) was! And, as always, let us know about your awesome flea market finds by sharing a pic on your social media and tagging us!

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