Zavvi THREADS Unboxing for June 2019

June’s THREADS, Featuring Full Metal Jacket & Suicide Squad!

Zavvi’s THREADS by ZBox subscription is rapidly becoming one of my favorite boxes to open. For one thing, this is an incredibly affordable sub box, at only £10 per box. For another, it’s got books/graphic novels and awesome pop culture shirt designs. How can you beat that, honestly?

June’s box, while including a shirt design that isn’t necessarily for me, continued to prove to me that this is a box worth checking out. So when you’re finished reading this post, go take a look for yourself! Clicking my link will even get you £5 off your first box! That is one hell of a deal.

Full Metal Jacket – Insults Ahoy!

I’m not going to lie: Full Metal Jacket is not a movie that I personally feel a draw to. That said, I completely understand it’s place in pop culture iconography. With that in mind, I can definitely agree that this is a pretty awesome shirt design to represent the film.

Zavvi-Threads-Unboxing-June-2019-Subscription-Box-Books-and-Shirts-Full-Metal-Jacket-Graphic-Tee-856x1024 Zavvi THREADS Unboxing for June 2019 Subscription Boxes Threads Videos

The design features a number of insulting quotes from Sergeant Hartman, put together to create his silhouette. It all comes together very well, all in black and white with just a bit of red for visual effect. If you’re a fan of Full Metal Jacket, you’d recognize what’s happening here from a mile away, even without the movie’s title sprayed across the bottom of the image.

Suicide Squad Graphic Novel – Vol 1

I may not have personally been the biggest fan of the Suicide Squad film, but that definitely mean anything for my enjoyment of the comics. I haven’t read many of them (gotta fix that!), but these characters are fun and iconic. Throw them all together as a bastardized superhero group, and that’s just all kinds of enjoyable.

Zavvi-Threads-Unboxing-June-2019-Subscription-Box-Books-and-Shirts-Graphic-Novel-DC-Universe-Rebirth-Suicide-Squad-Vol-1-The-Black-Vault-Front-834x1024 Zavvi THREADS Unboxing for June 2019 Subscription Boxes Threads Videos
Side note: I totally did a double take when I first looked at the cover art. Tell me Killer Croc doesn’t give off a majorly Godzilla vibe here!

June’s THREADS box came with volume 1 of the DC Rebirth version of Suicide Squad: The Black Vault. It has gorgeous artwork and an intriguing story line. Even if you’re only familiar with the most popular of these characters, this is one worth checking out. Here’s hoping I can find more volumes in the future!

Zavvi-Threads-Unboxing-June-2019-Subscription-Box-Books-and-Shirts-Graphic-Novel-DC-Universe-Rebirth-Suicide-Squad-Vol-1-The-Black-Vault-Back-e1566152187427-779x1024 Zavvi THREADS Unboxing for June 2019 Subscription Boxes Threads Videos

So there you have it! June’s THREADS box continued to live up to my expectations of the subscription. The shirt might not be for me, but it’s still an excellent design that will go to someone who appreciates it. The graphic novel is an excellent piece that I rather enjoyed, especially for the gorgeous artwork. And both of those items for £10! THREADS may be a smaller sub box, but what it provides is excellent for the price.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of June’s THREADS box. And don’t forget to check it out for yourself using my link to get your first box for only £5!

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