Zanini Box Enamel Pins July 2019 Unboxing

5 More Awesome Enamel Pins from Zanini Box!

Zanini Box is an excellent new subscription service designed especially for geeky fans of enamel pins. There are 3-, 4-, and 5-pin subscription options, as well as a bi-monthly 10-pin option for international subscriber to get two months worth of pins all at once and save on shipping at the same time. But the important thing is that the pins are awesome examples of pop culture, featuring well-loved characters across the decades. Check out the service for yourself here, and use coupon code “TRACEY” to get 10% off your first order!

July’s five pins included both newer and nostalgic characters across a variety of fandoms. Let’s take a closer look at them!

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero – Bazooka

Zanini-Box-Enamel-Pins-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-July-2019-GI-Joe-A-Real-American-Hero-Missile-Specialist-Bazooka-810x1024 Zanini Box Enamel Pins July 2019 Unboxing Subscription Boxes Videos Zanini Box

Zanini Box’s creator is clearly a fan of G.I. Joe, because the 80’s cartoon is set to be featured in several boxes before moving on to a new theme. July’s box included the first Joe pin: missile specialist Bazooka. For fans who grew up with the show, this is an awesome start to the theme. Myself, personally, I feel the pin gives off the feel of the toys, which is awesome. There isn’t a North American kid from the 80’s who didn’t play with those toys at some point. Nostalgia at its finest!

ThunderCats – Lion-O

Zanini-Box-Enamel-Pins-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-July-2019-ThunderCats-LionO-Lion-O-796x1024 Zanini Box Enamel Pins July 2019 Unboxing Subscription Boxes Videos Zanini Box

The fact that this pin came while Jason still had his gorgeous, flowing locks is just excellent. Just throwing that out there!

If G.I. Joe doesn’t bring out the nostalgic feels, ThunderCats very well may! Another 80’s show that many of us share fond remembrance of, you’d be hard pressed to find an 80’s kid who doesn’t know who Lion-O is. This pin portrays him perfectly, especially with the long hair flowing in the wind! I love this one and sincerely hope Zanini does the other ThunderCats sometime in the future!

Stranger Things – Dustin

Zanini-Box-Enamel-Pins-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-July-2019-Stranger-Things-Dustin-774x1024 Zanini Box Enamel Pins July 2019 Unboxing Subscription Boxes Videos Zanini Box

If you don’t love Gaten Matarazzo’s Dustin in Stranger Things…well, you’re just wrong, sorry. The kid is one of the best characters in the show, and a fan favorite for sure. Zanini definitely released this pin with the timing of Season Three in mind (very smart!) and if they had to choose one character, this was a great call. The cartoon-ized Dustin in his iconic ball cap is instantly recognizable by anyone who is a fan of the show. Perfectly done!

Child’s Play – Chucky

Zanini-Box-Enamel-Pins-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-July-2019-Childs-Play-Chucky-770x1024 Zanini Box Enamel Pins July 2019 Unboxing Subscription Boxes Videos Zanini Box

Another well-timed one, this: the incredibly iconic horror slasher, Chucky from Child’s Play. Just in time for the new film, this is another pin that you could never possibly mistake for anyone else. The face in particular is extremely well done, from the sinister smirk to the evil eyes and the “scar” above the right one. I’m also personally a big fan of the Child’s Play movies (humorous, since the first film absolutely traumatized me as a kid), so this was an awesome pin to pull from July’s box!

Mortal Kombat – Scorpion

Zanini-Box-Enamel-Pins-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-July-2019-Mortal-Kombat-Scorpion-772x1024 Zanini Box Enamel Pins July 2019 Unboxing Subscription Boxes Videos Zanini Box

Whether or not you’re a fan of violent video games, you can’t deny the pop culture relevance of Mortal Kombat. The first few games were my childhood, without a doubt. And one of the most iconic and recognizable characters from the franchise is definitely fan-fav Scorpion. Zanini’s pin features the demonic ninja in perfect shades of yellow and black. The eyes are the best part, in my opinion. As long as you’ve got those bright eyes with no pupils – along with the mask, of course – you’ve got Scorpion down. This pin was an extremely pleasant surprise for July’s box. Now you have to make Sub-Zero, Zanini! Get on it!

The second Zanini Box expanded upon the first in great ways. The 5 designs chosen span a great variety of fandoms. The new backing cards are excellent (even if the original was excellent as well!). The quality of the pins themselves is great. And the price of the optional tiers is totally affordable. If you’re an enamel pin collector, or even just a pop culture junkie, you definitely need to check it out! And don’t forget to use coupon code “TRACEY” when you do to get your 10% discount!

Of course, also let us know what you thought of July’s pins down in the comment section. Which was your fav? What are you hoping to see in the future? We want to know!

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