My Geek Box Unboxing for June 2019

It’s a My Geek Box Invasion!

Hold on a tic…didn’t we just get a My Geek Box? Well, yes! Yes we did! Apparently someone either on the shipping end or the receiving end of our packages from the UK thinks it makes sense to send us stuff in pairs, because this only just happened with our Threads boxes too! But hey, more boxes, more fun, right? Right!

In case you’ve forgotten since the previous post, My Geek box is the geeky subscription box based out of the UK. It always contains a graphic shirt, among other various items, and costs £20 per month. Want a half-off discount on your first box? Click this link to go to the US site and get it automatically, or go to the UK site and use coupon code TBASE10!

So let’s check out what’s in our second box in as many weeks: this is the box for June 2019!

Cthulhu For President!

My-Geek-Box-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-June-2019-Shirt-Cthulhu-for-President-Elder-God-832x1024 My Geek Box Unboxing for June 2019 My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Who wouldn’t want a Lovecraftian horror god as a governing ruler? I mean, honestly, he’d probably do a better job than any of the ones we’ve got. HA. HA. HA.

In all seriousness, this shirt design is too funny. Cthulhu is such a fun character to begin with, but to dress him up in a suit and tie is just all kinds of wonderful. Plus I just love the color scheme they chose. It looks like it was designed specifically for our channel!

Side note: I said in the video that Adrianna was going to love this shirt because she loves Cthulhu. She did not disappoint. Her reaction when she saw it was priceless over-excitement. I have the best kid ever.

Holiday Harley Bombshell-Pop

My-Geek-Box-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-June-2019-Funko-Pop-Vinyl-Exclusive-Christmas-Colors-Harley-Quinn-DC-Bombshells-930x1024 My Geek Box Unboxing for June 2019 My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Two boxes in a row with Funko Pops in them? That’s coming dangerously close to becoming a running theme, but at least this is a good Pop. The DC Bombshells are awesome depictions of the ladies of DC, and Harley will always be one of my favorites.

This Pop in particular is also an exclusive version. Just like the variant Cryptozoic made of their Harley Bombshell, this Pop has been painted in Christmas colors. She definitely looks adorable with tree baubles hanging from her ears!

Mini-Mega Red

My-Geek-Box-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-June-2019-Kidrobot-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Mega-Man-842x1024 My Geek Box Unboxing for June 2019 My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

This little red Mega Man figure comes courtesy of a line of blind boxes from KidRobot. He’s a cute, chubby little fellow who has a similar look to their other blind box figures. This particular one wasn’t “blind”, exactly; it’s the same one that has appeared in multiple Loot Crate boxes at this point. But that’s just coincidence on our part. If you’re a Mega Man fan and haven’t already gotten this little guy elsewhere, it’s a great little figure.

Yummy Fried Egg!

My-Geek-Box-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-June-2019-Kidrobot-Yummy-World-Key-Caps-Fried-Egg-1006x1024 My Geek Box Unboxing for June 2019 My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Yummy World is a line of cutesy food character products also from KidRobot. In the past I’ve seen their keychains and mini blind box vinyls. But apparently they also make “key caps”! You know…those little rubber or vinyl coverings that go over the top part of your keys so you can distinguish them? That’s what these are!

A key cap blind bag came in this My Geek Box, and the one I pulled was this adorably happy little fried egg. It’s an amusing pull, since I’m on a keto diet and thus eat a lot of eggs. Lil’ Eggy can be my diet totem now!

TWO Graphic Novels? Most Illogical!

My-Geek-Box-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-June-2019-Star-Trek-Graphic-Novel-Collection-Eaglemoss-Countdown-The-City-on-the-Edge-of-Forever-1024x795 My Geek Box Unboxing for June 2019 My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Now this one was a big surprise! There have been plenty of subscription boxes with a graphic novel included, but two at once? I mean, damn, how can you beat that? On top of that, they’re Star Trek graphic novels. Star Trek graphic novels! And from the looks of it, these volumes include both The Original Series and Next Generation, which is awesome.

The addition of these two hardcover editions from Eaglemoss really cemented the box for me, personally. Honestly, how can you beat two hardcover graphic novels in one sub box, in addition to all the other items in the box? I can’t wait to dive into these and see what kind of a job they did of portraying these stories in comic form.

Final Thoughts

This was an awesome box, no two ways about it. The two graphic novels and the shirt more than make the box without any of the other items coming into it. When they’re added in too this box definitely brought the value. Personally I’m still reeling over getting two hardcover graphic novels in one box, but as always I want to know what you thought! Let me know which item is your favorite and what you thought of the box in general. And don’t forget to use my coupon code on UK site or go to the US site via this link in order to get a discount on your first box!

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