My Geek Box for May 2019 with JOKER POKER!

It’s May’s My Geek Box, Ahoy!

May’s My Geek Box showed up to us a little late, but better late than never right? And if only for one particular item, I think this one was worth the wait.

My Geek Box is, as always, the UK-based geeky subscription box that comes with a graphic tee among a variety of other items. The regular price is £20 per month, but if you use coupon code TBASE10 on the UK site, or click this link for the US site, you’ll get half off your first box!

So let’s take a look at what came in May’s box, shall we?

Mysterious Kanji Robot/Samurai Lover-Dude

My-Geek-Box-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-May-2019-Graphic-Shirt-Japanese-Kanji-Robot-Samurai-947x1024 My Geek Box for May 2019 with JOKER POKER! My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

My Geek Box has been sending some pretty awesome shirts lately, I must say! This one has a really cool design featuring some kind of robotic-looking samurai dude holding a rose and standing in front of some kanji lettering. And it’s got a really nice bright orange to it, which I love, because it offsets some of the black.

The only issue with this shirt is that, as far as I’ve been able to find, no one seems to know what it’s referencing. Of course, it’s possible it’s not referencing anything and is just a really cool design. But it just looks so specific, doesn’t it?

A Silver Doubloon for Me’ Mateys!

My-Geek-Box-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-May-2019-Sea-of-Thieves-Pirates-For-All-Eternity-Collectible-Coin-Front-779x1024 My Geek Box for May 2019 with JOKER POKER! My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

I’ll be honest: I’ve never tried Sea of Thieves. Neither has Jason, so our knowledge on the subject is rather limited. That said, this is a pretty neat limited edition collectible coin from the game’s creators. It features a pirate character on one side, along with the words “Pirates For All Eternity” (shown above), and a skull-shaped compass/map on the other side (shown below). It’s also limited to 9995 pieces, and individually numbered, so that’s pretty neat. It’s a bit like having a silver doubloon!

My-Geek-Box-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-May-2019-Sea-of-Thieves-Pirates-For-All-Eternity-Collectible-Coin-Back-996x1024 My Geek Box for May 2019 with JOKER POKER! My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Stranger Ghostbusters

My-Geek-Box-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-May-2019-Stranger-Things-Season-Two-Ghostbuster-Mike-Halloween-Costume-Funko-Pop-Vinyl-780x1024 My Geek Box for May 2019 with JOKER POKER! My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Stranger Things is an amazing show, and if you haven’t seen it I insist that you do so ASAP. The second season didn’t have quite the charm of the first, but was definitely a fun way to continue the story. Said season began on Halloween, with our child main characters dressing up as the Ghostbusters. Given all that information it was pretty much guaranteed that Funko was going to make Pops of the characters in their Ghostbuster outfits.

Though I’m not generally a fan “plain human” characters as Funko Pops, this one isn’t too bad because of the Ghostbuster costume (complete with proton pack) and his Halloween treat bag. If I were going to collect any Stranger Things Pops, it would probably be the Ghostbuster-costume ones.


My-Geek-Box-Subscription-Service-Unboxing-May-2019-Batman-DC-Comics-The-Joker-Poker-Set-Chips-and-Cards-1024x603 My Geek Box for May 2019 with JOKER POKER! My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Okay, now this? This is a frikkin’ cool item for a subscription box. It’s Joker Poker! JOKER POKER, you guys!

In all seriousness though, how often do you see a geeky poker set? And get one as an item in a subscription box? I’ll grant that it might not be that impressive if you’re not someone who ever intends to play poker, but for someone who enjoys a game of cards with a table of friends, this is pretty damn neat, I have to say. It has 120 multi-colored chips with Joker’s face printed on them, plus a Dealer chip and a deck of Joker-themed playing cards. Everything you need for a friendly, chaotic card game among friends!

May Box Conclusion

Though it only had four items, this My Geek Box has a pretty decent value. The Joker Poker set is definitely the stand-out item, with the excellent shirt design coming in at a close second. The box would be worth those two items alone, in my opinion, but adding in the coin and Funko Pop obviously bump up the value a bit more.

But as always, I’d love to hear what you thought of the box! Let me know down in the comments, and don’t forget to click on this link for North America or use coupon code “TBASE10” for the UK if you want to check My Geek Box out for yourself and get a discount on your first order!

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