First Ever Zanini Box Pin Subscription!

Say Hello to the first ever Zanini Box!

Recently we were contacted by the creator of a brand new subscription service centered entirely around exclusive pop-culture enamel pins, Zanini Box. He wanted to know if we wanted to check out their first ever box, and of course we were definitely game!

Zanini Box will be a multi-tiered service; the higher the tier, the more pins you get per month. The starting tier will be 3 exclusive pins for $7.99. Tiers two and three will be 4 and 5 pins respectively, at prices of $9.99 and $11.99. The fourth tier has just recently been added, and will feature 10 pins, sent bi-monthly, for $23.99. This fourth plan, designed specifically to save on shipping costs, was set up with international subscribers in mind. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. And regardless of the plan you choose, if you know enamel pins, you know that these prices are amazing deals!

For those wanting to stick to the smaller tiers, remaining pins will be sold individually after each month, while supplies last, so you have the opportunity to pick up ones you may have missed.

But what you really want to know right now is what we got in the first box, right? Well alright then, let’s get into it!

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Ruin

New-Subscription-Service-Enamel-Pins-Zanini-Box-First-Ever-Unboxing-Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-843x1024 First Ever Zanini Box Pin Subscription! Subscription Boxes Videos Zanini Box

Pin number one comes from hugely popular first-person-shooter video game, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Ruin is featured in sandy colors on a pin shaped roughly like a military badge, which is a nice little touch. The Black Ops logo is behind his head across the top of the badge, with a nice bright orange background.

I have to admit that neither myself nor Jason are into Call of Duty as a franchise, but that doesn’t stop this being an excellent pin.

Game of Thrones – Jon Snow

New-Subscription-Service-Enamel-Pins-Zanini-Box-First-Ever-Unboxing-Game-of-Thrones-Jon-Snow-835x1024 First Ever Zanini Box Pin Subscription! Subscription Boxes Videos Zanini Box

Now here’s one I can definitely get on board with! Jason and I are huge fans of Game of Thrones, so I was definitely happy when I saw this Jon Snow pin. It features Jon as we see him in earlier seasons, sporting his incredibly fluffy hair (before he started wearing it pulled back). He also has this look in his eyes that just makes me think he is absolutely done with everyone’s BS. It’s honestly too funny, and I love it!

Like the Call of Duty pin, this one’s shape seems to have a purpose. It looks like Jon is on top of a familiar style of shield, which is definitely on point with the show.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Leonardo

New-Subscription-Service-Enamel-Pins-Zanini-Box-First-Ever-Unboxing-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Leonardo-861x1024 First Ever Zanini Box Pin Subscription! Subscription Boxes Videos Zanini Box

Well you definitely can’t beat Ninja Turtles in this household! Leonardo is not a favorite turtle in our family, but like we always say: the worst ninja turtle is better than a lot of the bests of other things!

The artwork on this pin seems to depict the Michael Bay version of Leo. He looks grouchy, doesn’t he? His pin also has a deliberate kind of shape, but this one has a more carefree feeling. It makes the pin look a bit like a spray-paint tag you might see on a brick wall somewhere. This is also the most colorful of the three pins, with the bright green and blue really standing out next to Ruin’s sandiness and Jon’s blacks.

Final Thoughts on the First Zanini Box

New-Subscription-Service-Enamel-Pins-Zanini-Box-First-Ever-Unboxing-Call-of-Duty-Game-of-Thrones-Jon-Snow-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Leonardo-1024x655 First Ever Zanini Box Pin Subscription! Subscription Boxes Videos Zanini Box

The first ever Zanini Box was pretty awesome! It included a video game pin, a TV show pin, and a movie pin, each of them well-designed and easily recognizable. The artwork is on point, the colors are bold, and the materials appear to be high quality. I was quite happy with all three of them – even the one that’s not from one of my personal fandoms.

I’m expecting great things from the future of Zanini Box and can’t wait to see what kinds of pins they come up with next! If you think they have great potential as well, head on over to their website and use coupon code “TRACEY” to get 10% off your first order with them. Then come back here and let me know what you thought!

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