Threads “Effigy” Unboxing! Another Great Box!

Threads Box 2 – Electric Bugaloo!

What’s this? Another Threads box already? Yep, it is! Due to some kind of shipping situation of which I am not a knowledgeable party, two Threads boxes came to my P.O. box within a week of one another. I can handle that!

In case you’ve forgotten already, or missed the previous box, Threads is an offshoot of ZBox that focuses on shirts and books. Each £10 box nets you a cool graphic t-shirt and either a book or graphic novel. That’s an excellent deal all on its own, but if you want an even better one, click this link and you can get your first Threads box for just £5! You really can’t beat that, honestly.

But, of course, what you want to know is what came in my second Threads box, right? Well let’s get into it then!

Termi-Raptor T-Shirt!

The t-shirt for my second Threads box was a design from Mark Bell Illustration, who also happened to make Jason’s amazing Llamageddon shirt! This one may not be quite as shockingly giggle-inducing, but it’s definitely another super-fun design that will put a smile on your face.

Threads-by-ZBox-and-Zavvi-UK-Subscription-Box-Unboxing-Terminator-Raptor-Shirt-Design-Mark-Bell-Illustration-939x1024 Threads "Effigy" Unboxing! Another Great Box! Subscription Boxes Threads Videos ZBox

It’s a Terminator Raptor! Well, that’s what I’m calling him, anyway. Look at him! That is clearly a half-raptor half-terminator death machine! It may or may not be meant to reference something more specific, but it really doesn’t matter. It’s just a bloody awesome design. Unfortunately this one is also in Jason’s size, but I don’t care! It’s mine! MINE!

Graphic Novel: Effigy – Idle Worship

My second Threads box also came with a graphic novel, and this one appears to be a one-shot story that I’ve never heard of. It’s called Effigy: Idle Worship, and I was immediately drawn in by the cover art. Come on, how can you not be intrigued by a cracked statue girl wrapped in police barrier tape that has blood spattered all over it?

Threads-by-ZBox-and-Zavvi-UK-Subscription-Box-Unboxing-Vertigo-Comics-Effigy-Idle-Worship-Graphic-Novel-Tim-Seeley-Front-Cover-802x1024 Threads "Effigy" Unboxing! Another Great Box! Subscription Boxes Threads Videos ZBox

Based on the back cover, this story sounds like it’s going to have a Perfect Blue feel to it. Like the 1997 anime film, Effigy is about the obsessive nature of some “super-fans” and the horror that results when fandom becomes obsession. What makes this story stand away from Perfect Blue, however, is that the idol in Effigy is also the cop trying to solve the murders. A very interesting concept, and one I can’t wait to dive into, ASAP!

Threads-by-ZBox-and-Zavvi-UK-Subscription-Box-Unboxing-Vertigo-Comics-Effigy-Idle-Worship-Graphic-Novel-Tim-Seeley-Back-Cover-762x1024 Threads "Effigy" Unboxing! Another Great Box! Subscription Boxes Threads Videos ZBox

Second Threads Box – Another Hit!

Though I haven’t had a chance to read Effigy yet, I have to say that my second Threads box was as great as the first. The shirt design is amazing, and the graphic novel is a very intriguing-sounding story. And again, both of these items come for a mere £10, and you can clearly see on the back cover of Effigy that the book alone would normally retail for $15 US. A little quick math and you find that $15 = £12, so there’s your value right there without even throwing the shirt in the mix! It really is a great deal, you guys, and I definitely recommend it. So far I’ve been fully impressed with this sub box!

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