My First Ever Threads Unboxing!

Shirts and Stories For the Win!

Recently, thanks to the good people over at Zavvi, I got my first “Threads” by ZBox to unbox and check out. The “Threads” subscription is an off-shoot of ZBox that focuses on items to wear and read. For a mere £10 per month (yes, this is a UK service) you get a cool licensed t-shirt and either a book or a graphic novel. That’s a pretty damn good deal! And if you want to check out Threads for yourself, I’ve got a discount! Click this link to order and you’ll get £5 off your first order. Yes, that’s a shirt and a book for just £5! Definitely worth giving it a go, wouldn’t you say?

But what you really want to know is what I got in my first Threads box, right? Right! So let’s have a look, shall we?

All-Star Batman Graphic Novel

Threads-by-ZBox-and-Zavvi-UK-Subscription-Box-Unboxing-Graphic-Novel-DC-Universe-Rebirth-All-Star-Batman-Volume-1-My-Own-Worst-Enemy-Front-771x1024 My First Ever Threads Unboxing! Subscription Boxes Threads Videos

My first Threads read-able couldn’t have been a more perfect one for this household. A Batman trade paperback! And luckily this is one that we don’t have in either this or individual-comic form. From the DC Universe Rebirth era, this is an All-Star Batman story: Volume 1 – My Own Worst Enemy.

A Batman story from Snyder, this graphic novel sees the Caped Crusader miles from Gotham and teamed up with, of all people, Harvey Dent. A very interesting concept to be sure. At first glance, as well, the artwork is right up my alley.

This was an awesome grab for my first Threads box. Batman is always welcome on my graphic novel shelf and is guaranteed to get read in the Tobin house.

Threads-by-ZBox-and-Zavvi-UK-Subscription-Box-Unboxing-Graphic-Novel-DC-Universe-Rebirth-All-Star-Batman-Volume-1-My-Own-Worst-Enemy-Back-Cover-782x1024 My First Ever Threads Unboxing! Subscription Boxes Threads Videos

Lord of the Rings Shirt – Sauron Design

Threads-by-ZBox-and-Zavvi-UK-Subscription-Box-Unboxing-Lord-of-the-Rings-Sauron-Glow-in-the-Dark-Shirt-Design-1024x1024 My First Ever Threads Unboxing! Subscription Boxes Threads Videos

And would you look at that? My first Threads shirt is awesome too! This epic Lord of the Rings design is definitely my style. It features the evil lord Sauron’s war-helmet, above which hovers his disembodied, flaming eye. Around and behind are written the Elven words which are inscribed on the One Ring. It’s a straightforward design that would be instantly recognizable by any fan of Tolkien’s iconic saga.

This is also cool because it’s my first piece of Lord of the Rings clothing! Unfortunately I got it in Jason’s size, but I won’t let that deter me. As it turns out, the design also glows in dark, which makes it perfect for me to use as a nightshirt! Right? Damn right.

My First Threads Box – Definitely a Win!

I’m going to be totally honest: I’m amazed to have gotten such a cool shirt and a Batman trade paperback in this box, and the subscription is only £10. A lot of subscription boxes have been flailing these days in terms of value for cost, but you can’t beat a shirt and a book for £10.

This one is definitely worth looking into. At least from this first impression, I can absolutely recommend the service. So if you want to check it out, remember to use my link to get a discount on your first box, and be sure to let me know what you get!

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