Unboxing Cryptkins Series 2 – FULL CASE!

A Second Series of Cryptkins Does Exist!

Yeah, you heard me. Cryptkins DO Exist! We showed them off previously, and now it’s time to hunt down some more with the second series from Cryptozoic Entertainment.

The second series of Cryptkins features some awesome creatures who were absent from series 1, including the three-headed guard-dog of Hell, the octopus-like beast from the deep, and multiple beautiful baby dragons. There are also three mystery variants: two rare 1 in 72 figures, and one super-rare 1 in 144 figure.

Cryptkins-They-Do-Exist-from-Cryptozoic-Entertainment-Full-Case-Unboxing-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Options-Collect-all-13-842x1024 Unboxing Cryptkins Series 2 - FULL CASE! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Cryptozoic sent us a full case of Series 2 Cryptkins to unbox and show off to you all, and since Adrianna stole Series 1 the second the camera was off, I invited her to unbox the new ones with me as well. Let’s take a look at which pulls we ended up with!

Pegasus – The Winged Horse

Cryptkins-They-Do-Exist-from-Cryptozoic-Entertainment-Full-Case-Unboxing-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Pegasus-1024x908 Unboxing Cryptkins Series 2 - FULL CASE! Toys and Collectibles Videos

First out of his crate was the legendary winged steed of Greek legend: Pegasus. As in his most common depictions, Cryptozoic created their Pegasus all in white, with a bit of silver-grey for detail. He’s all curled up on his haunches, which gives him a very cute, innocent look. Then again, the big red eyes – a Cryptkins staple – make him look a bit demonic. I might be a bit wary about taking this mount for a ride!

Cactus Cat – The Prickly Purr-er

Cryptkins-They-Do-Exist-from-Cryptozoic-Entertainment-Full-Case-Unboxing-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Cactus-Cat-1024x871 Unboxing Cryptkins Series 2 - FULL CASE! Toys and Collectibles Videos

From the moment the series 2 figures were announced I knew Adrianna would need to have this one. Cactus Cat is an adorable, bright green feline with vampire-like fangs and a sweet smile. She’s covered in thorns up her back and tail, and has a pretty little pink flower at the tip of her tail. The first feline Crytpkin was a huge hit with Adrianna, for sure. And I have to admit that I’m rather fond of her myself!

Cerberus – The Guard Dog of Hell

Cryptkins-They-Do-Exist-from-Cryptozoic-Entertainment-Full-Case-Unboxing-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Cerberus-1024x781 Unboxing Cryptkins Series 2 - FULL CASE! Toys and Collectibles Videos

It seems like a strange concept, but Cryptozoic managed to make the slobbering beast who guards the gates of Hell into the cutest little pupper you ever did see! His three heads all seem to have their own personalities. One is happy, one is barking at something, and the third has that goofy, kinda-dumb look some dogs tend to have. All are adorable, wrapped together in an oversize, studded collar. This is one of my favorites from Series 2 by a long shot. Who’s a good boooooyyyy? You are! You’re a good boy!

Golden Dragon – The Treasure-Hoarder (RARE!)

Cryptkins-They-Do-Exist-from-Cryptozoic-Entertainment-Full-Case-Unboxing-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Rare-Mystery-Golden-Dragon-1-in-72-1024x789 Unboxing Cryptkins Series 2 - FULL CASE! Toys and Collectibles Videos

And look at that! Not only were we lucky enough to get one of the rare variants in our case, it’s a dragon! There are two dragons in the main line, but this rare version is a treasure-hoarder named “Golden Dragon”. His paint job is a shiny metallic gold with red and yellow accents, and he has a few extra details from his series brothers, such as the fins on his head and the beard-like shape of his chin. He’s definitely a welcome addition to my dragon collection!

Werewolf – The Full-Moon Furball

Cryptkins-They-Do-Exist-from-Cryptozoic-Entertainment-Full-Case-Unboxing-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Werewolf-1024x784 Unboxing Cryptkins Series 2 - FULL CASE! Toys and Collectibles Videos

I won’t lie. When I first saw this little guy I honestly thought he was some kind of feral squirrel-creature. I mean, look at him! In retrospect, yes, he’s obviously supposed to be an itty bitty werewolf. But in my eyes he’s officially a were-squirrel. His big ears and fluffy tail make him look cuddly as sin, and I love that he’s posed to look up. Because he’s looking at the moon, you see? It’s clever! He’d better keep those fangs to himself though.

Wendigo – The Mythical Man-Eater

Cryptkins-They-Do-Exist-from-Cryptozoic-Entertainment-Full-Case-Unboxing-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Wendigo-1024x781 Unboxing Cryptkins Series 2 - FULL CASE! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Awww, this little guy looks way too cute and happy to eat anyone! In fact, Adrianna thought thinks that he bears quite a striking resemblance to the skull-wearing Pokemon, Cubone. I can’t say that I disagree. The Wendigo’s skull is actually his real head, though. Yikes! That and the massive claws might worry you a bit, but just look at how happy he looks to see you! His ears are even all perked up! He definitely wants to be your buddy, and I refuse to believe it’s because he secretly wants to eat you.

Green Dragon – The Forest Titan

Cryptkins-They-Do-Exist-from-Cryptozoic-Entertainment-Full-Case-Unboxing-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Green-Dragon-1024x791 Unboxing Cryptkins Series 2 - FULL CASE! Toys and Collectibles Videos

He’s a little baby dragon who loves nature! This little guy’s design is pretty basic: he’s a little green dragon with horns and tail spikes and wings. But his standard look doesn’t mean he’s not awesome. I love the little sitting pose, similar to a baby learning to hold itself up. Plus his little wings are absolutely adorable and add to the idea that this is a juvenile monster. You can just imagine him hiccuping and letting out a little spark and puff of smoke, can’t you?

Gryphon – The Eagle/Lion Hybrid

Cryptkins-They-Do-Exist-from-Cryptozoic-Entertainment-Full-Case-Unboxing-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Gryphon-1024x762 Unboxing Cryptkins Series 2 - FULL CASE! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Doesn’t Gryphon look just super happy? I love the way his beak seems to be smiling and his feather-covered face is all fluffed out. The half-eagle half-lion creature is another Cryptkin that has the look of a puppy who is super-excited to see you. He’s on all fours, talons spread, wings folded in but at-the-ready. He honestly looks like he’s waiting for you to throw a stick or a ball for him. I absolutely adore the design of this one. I need this little guy as a real-life pet!

Blue Dragon – The Winter Wyvern

Cryptkins-They-Do-Exist-from-Cryptozoic-Entertainment-Full-Case-Unboxing-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Blue-Dragon-1024x784 Unboxing Cryptkins Series 2 - FULL CASE! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Okay, he’s not a wyvern, but that just flowed too nicely to not use it. Regardless, this little Blue Dragon is just as adorable as his Green brother. He’s the same mold, so I won’t talk about him too much, but he has his own icy paint job. So I’ll ask you: shades of blue or shades of green? Which adorable baby dragon design do you prefer?

Gargoyle – The Stony Sentinel

Cryptkins-They-Do-Exist-from-Cryptozoic-Entertainment-Full-Case-Unboxing-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Gargoyle-1024x741 Unboxing Cryptkins Series 2 - FULL CASE! Toys and Collectibles Videos

I was not expecting to love the Gargoyle Cryptkin as much as I do. Of all the options in series 2 he was honestly the one I was least interested in. But when I saw him out of the crate? I fell in love with how chubby he is! He’s got a big, bulbous head with huge, floppy ears, and a big, round, fat tummy. Add to that a pair of teeny-tiny itty-bitty wings on his back and some silly, zig-zagging teeth sticking out from his wide smile. He’s just too cute! He was the last pull from our case, but definitely not the least!

Season 2 Cryptkins Conclusion

Of the 13 options in the second series of Cryptkins, we got all of the commons aside from one: the Kraken. The little purple octopus creature is definitely one I want to have and will keep looking for, but I can’t be disappointment when we got a 1 in 72 variant dragon in the mix! Each of the figures we got was adorable and a great addition to the Cryptkins line. Adrianna and I were thoroughly impressed – and yes, she stole them all again.

If you’re as impressed with these cute little crytid creatures as we were, why not grab a few for yourself and let us know which ones you brought home? And remember: They. Do. Exist!

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