My Geek Box (April 2019) – DOUBLE-MUGGER!

A Hefty Bit of Mail! My Geek Box Bulked Out!

It’s My Geek Box time again! And you know what? It’s an intriguing thing when a mystery subscription box shows up in the mail and it weighs a damn ton. Heavy doesn’t always equal good, of course, but intriguing? Absolutely.

April’s My Geek Box, luckily, was both! It was packed with items, and despite the fact that it had two of what is usually my most loathed item in a sub box, all of them were awesome. Let’s check it out!

Call of Duty – Glass Skull Drinking Glass

My-Geek-Box-April-2019-Zavvi-Subscription-Box-Unboxing-Call-of-Duty-Skull-Glass-944x1024 My Geek Box (April 2019) - DOUBLE-MUGGER! My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

I’ll be perfectly honest: I have pretty much zero interest in Call of Duty. It’s just not my style of game. Plus, personally, I think the average person would be hard-pressed to link this item to Call of Duty without having seen the box it came in. That said, this glass mug is pretty wicked. It’s shaped, as you can see, as a skull, and that’s just all kinds of cool! Jason has a small collection of skull-shaped glassware as part of his liquor-glass shelf, and I have a few cool decorative glass skulls, so this definitely has a place in our collection. Plus it could easily become a part of our ever-growing Halloween display! Multi-purpose item!

Shaun of the Dead – Funko Dorbz

My-Geek-Box-April-2019-Zavvi-Subscription-Box-Unboxing-Shaun-of-the-Dead-Funko-Dorbz-Out-of-Box-945x1024 My Geek Box (April 2019) - DOUBLE-MUGGER! My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Shaun of the Dead is such a great movie. We saw it in theaters with a grand total of four other patrons, and the six of us laughed enough for an entire cinema-full. Shaun collectibles, therefore, are totally welcome. I rarely pick up Dorbz anymore, but this is a very amusing one. Shaun has his spiky hair and goatee, his loose tie and name-tag, and even his cricket bat. There’s even the bit of “red on him”, just below the breast pocket. An a-dorbz-able item to include in the box. Now I need to watch the movie again!

Game of Thrones – Melisandre Journal

My-Geek-Box-April-2019-Zavvi-Subscription-Box-Unboxing-Game-of-Thrones-Melisandre-The-Night-is-Dark-Journal-Front-756x1024 My Geek Box (April 2019) - DOUBLE-MUGGER! My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

With Game of Thrones recently coming to it’s grand finale, it’s unsurprising that a few GoT items were included in this box. Firstly is a hard-bound journal featuring a very interesting design. On the front, in silver, we have a silhouette of the Red Woman, Melisandre, along with the words “The Night is Dark”…

My-Geek-Box-April-2019-Zavvi-Subscription-Box-Unboxing-Game-of-Thrones-Melisandre-And-Full-of-Terrors-Journal-Back-770x1024 My Geek Box (April 2019) - DOUBLE-MUGGER! My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

…and on the back, also in silver, a silhouette of Melisandre’s true form, along with the words, “And Full of Terrors”. A very cool design, and a useful item for a writer like me. Journals aren’t always a favorite item for some people, but I personally love them! I’ll definitely use this one for something awesome.

Game of Thrones – Westeros Map Mug

My-Geek-Box-April-2019-Zavvi-Subscription-Box-Unboxing-Game-of-Thrones-Stein-Westeros-Map-Mug-1024x1024 My Geek Box (April 2019) - DOUBLE-MUGGER! My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

A second mug?! This is unprecedented! I honestly usually groan when I see one mug in a sub box. After all, there’s only so many mugs a person can have, and I have tons at this point. But I have to admit, I love this Game of Thrones mug. It’s huge, for one thing. For another, it’s shaped much like a beer stein, which is just awesome. And for a third, it features the map of Westeros, along with the iconic GoT opening theme logo. Plus, it’s both microwave and dishwasher safe, which is completely necessary for me. All these things combine to make what is, seriously, my current favorite mug.

Game of Thrones – Direwolf USB Drive

My-Geek-Box-April-2019-Zavvi-Subscription-Box-Unboxing-Game-of-Thrones-USB-Drive-Direwolf-Stark-Family-Sigil-1024x834 My Geek Box (April 2019) - DOUBLE-MUGGER! My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

This is actually my second Direwolf Sigil USB drive! I got one previously in a Loot Crate box. That said, it’s a neat item to throw in a box like this. For a Game of Thrones fan it’s a fun design, and for anyone who uses a computer it’s a useful item! Seriously, who never needs a USB drive? If you raised your hand, you’re a damn liar.

This is a 2 GB drive, which isn’t enormous, but is plenty to hold a few important files. I personally use my first one to store my writing files as a backup. And honestly? I’ll probably end up using the second one for the same thing, because when it comes to stories that you’ve poured massive amounts of time and energy into, you need to have multiple backups.

And there you have it! Who would have thought that a sub box that contained two mugs would actually be a great box? Believe me, I’m as surprised as you are, but this really was a genuinely sweet box. The Call of Duty skull-mug was the only item that wasn’t from one of mine or Jason’s fandoms, but it’s an awesome item for other reasons. Everything else comes from a movie we love or a show we love. You can’t really beat that in a mystery box!

So after seeing what we got in this April box, if you’d like to check out My Geek Box yourself, I wouldn’t blame you! If you’re in the UK, go to and use TBASE10 at checkout to get £ 10 off your first box, and if you’re in North America click this link to go to the US site, and you’ll automatically get the discount off your first box there!

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