Mera, Queen of Atlantis – Exclusive from Cryptozoic!

Mera Cosplays as her Undersea Beau for an Adorable Variant!

There’s no need, but I’ll say it again and again: I absolutely love Cryptozoic’s take on the DC Bombshells ladies. They may even be my favorite iterations of the women of DC in collectible form! One of the most recent of these figures that we reviewed, from Series 3, was Mera, Queen of Atlantis. Her design is, logically, that of a sailor pin-up girl. I adored her design, so I was definitely excited when Cryptozoic asked if I’d like to take a look at their Exclusive Edition “Classic Mera”! Exclusive!

This special iteration of the Mera figure is exclusive ONLY to Cryptozoic’s E-store. So if you want her you can only get her right here. And if you’re lucky enough to be reading this article on the day I post it, you have a very-limited-time chance to get a freebie when you order her! Use code CMera-TT at checkout, and you’ll get a FREE Series 2 Lil’ Bombshell with your order! But the last day to use the code is today, May 31st, 2019, so do it FAST!

Cryptozoic-Entertainment-DC-Bombshells-Exclusive-Classic-Aquaman-Mera-Queen-of-Atlantis-In-Box-682x1024 Mera, Queen of Atlantis - Exclusive from Cryptozoic! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Classic Aquaman Colors for a Cute New Style

The original version of this figure has Mera’s classic red hair, accented by an adorable green-and-white sailor’s outfit. For this variant Cryptozoic decided to repaint her in her beau’s classic colors instead! Tell me that isn’t a genuinely clever idea. You know it is. Don’t even try to lie!

An Epic Dye-Job

Mera’s red hair has gone a bright yellow blond to mirror Aquaman’s, which looks pretty damn adorable on her. But the clothes are what make the look. Her bikini-style top has gone a bold orange, and the green-and-white pants swapped so that the green is the dominant. The scale-like texture is, of course, still there. The result is that she’s all dressed up just like the original, super-classic version of her underwater superhero king.

Cryptozoic-Entertainment-DC-Bombshells-Exclusive-Classic-Aquaman-Mera-Queen-of-Atlantis-Out-of-Box-Full-Shot-668x1024 Mera, Queen of Atlantis - Exclusive from Cryptozoic! Toys and Collectibles Videos

As with the original version, she has the triton in one hand, while saluting with the other. And she also still has her cute open-toed heels and the little sailor hat with her initial on it. The one other change is that the bombshell on which she (and her toy-line sisters) stand has been done in a translucent blue this time. So instead of the army-green shell, this variant gives the impression that she’s standing on water.

Cryptozoic-Entertainment-DC-Bombshells-Exclusive-Classic-Aquaman-Mera-Queen-of-Atlantis-Out-of-Box-Closeup-873x1024 Mera, Queen of Atlantis - Exclusive from Cryptozoic! Toys and Collectibles Videos

What it all comes down to is that this is a super-cute figure and an adorable, clever idea for a variant! Mera’s design is sweet and sexy, with that signature style Cryptozoic has instilled into all of their DC Bombshells, and she looks awesome whether in her own colors or Aquaman’s.

So don’t forget! If you want to pick her up TODAY, and you use coupon code CMera-TT when you do, you’ll not only get an awesome figure, but also a FREE Series 2 Lil’ Bombshell to go with her!

I want to send a huge thanks over to our awesome friends at Cryptozoic who sent Classic Mera my way to share with you guys! They’re an awesome company who does some really fun stuff, and you guys should definitely check them out if you haven’t already!

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