Harry Potter, Yamcha, Doctor Who, & Scary Candy!

A mail call from River and Marie is always a good time, and this one was no different! Yamcha, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who, plus more? YES! You’ll have to watch the video for the full experience (frightening Japanese “candy”, anyone?), but I also wanted to take the opportunity to show off the bigger items from the unboxing!

Dead Yamcha Funko Pop

Quick: who is the most useless character in all of Dragonball Z? There’s really no question about it. Even if you like the dude, you can’t deny that he became more and more of a laughingstock as the series went on. It’s Yamcha, of course! And what better way to make fun of the biggest loser in the DBZ Universe? Why, make a figure of the scene in which he dies!

Mail-Call-from-River-and-Marie-Funko-Pop-Summer-Convention-2018-Exclusive-Dragonball-Z-Dead-Yamcha-1024x683 Harry Potter, Yamcha, Doctor Who, & Scary Candy! Mail Calls Videos

Jason wanted this Yamcha Pop the moment it was announced, because it’s just too damn funny. Unfortunately it turned out to be a Summer Convention exclusive that wasn’t shared with any of the stores we have available. But fortunately, Marie was able to get her hands on one and sent it our way, knowing Jason would get a good laugh out of it!

To be honest, it looks more like he’s sleeping than dead. But that doesn’t stop it being amusing as hell. I think I’ve actually been enjoying it more than Jason by posing him cuddled up with the cat.

Mail-Call-from-River-and-Marie-Funko-Pop-Summer-Convention-2018-Exclusive-Dragonball-Z-Dead-Yamcha-with-Cat-Snuggles Harry Potter, Yamcha, Doctor Who, & Scary Candy! Mail Calls Videos
They look so cozy!

Flying Harry Potter Q-Fig

I’ve often expressed my love for the Q-Fig statues by QmX. Knowing this, and being a fellow bookworm, Marie decided to send me a Harry Potter Q-Fig!

All my other Q-Figs are superheroes, so I was excited for something a little different to add to the collection. Plus the Harry Potter series is one of my favs, so this fig definitely hits the nail on the head.

Mail-Call-from-River-and-Marie-QmX-Quantum-Mechanix-QPop-Q-Pop-Harry-Potter-Broomstick-Quidditch-Gryffindor-1024x985 Harry Potter, Yamcha, Doctor Who, & Scary Candy! Mail Calls Videos

QmX is amazing at portraying motion in their Q-Figs, and that’s what makes this Harry so awesome. He’s flying his broom, wand at the read, robes and Gryffindor scarf fluttering out behind him. His hair is a shaggy mess, he has a huge smile (and a huge pair of glasses) on his face, and lightning-like light is escaping the end of his wand. It’s a super-fun, dynamic pose, and an adorable, child-like version of Harry that came out so great. I absolutely love him! In fact, I may just go ahead and display him right in front of the books on my bookshelves!

Thirteenth Doctor Cosplay Jacket

River is a fellow Doctor Who fan who knows how much I love the gallivanting Gallifreyan. And though I haven’t gotten around to the Thirteenth Doctor’s episodes yet, River knew there was no doubt I’d appreciate this amazing DW cosplay wearable.

Look at it! Just look at it!

Mail-Call-from-River-and-Marie-Doctor-Who-Thirteenth-Doctor-Cosplay-Jacket-1024x768 Harry Potter, Yamcha, Doctor Who, & Scary Candy! Mail Calls Videos

Unfortunately, because this photo was a selfie, you can’t see how incredibly long the jacket is on me. I’m so bloody short! But hey, it’s supposed to be long, right? Right. And it fits perfectly. I can’t wait to get out when the weather is a little warmer and take some awesome cosplay shots for the Instagram account. And you’ll be damn sure that I’ll have my sonic screwdriver with me as well. Maybe I’ll even also take out my electric guitar so I can rep three Doctors at once. The end of the Universe is the limit!

But remember…there’s more fun in the full video!

Dragonball Z, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who make for a wicked unboxing, but don’t forget there’s even more goodies in the full video itself! And believe me, you’re going to want to see Jason taste-testing Japanese goodies. It’s all fun and games until someone sneaks a wasabi-stick in the box!

So check out the full vid and let me know what you thought of the goodies River and Marie sent. Do you have either of the figures above? Is there any Doctor Who cosplay gear in your closet? Have you ever eaten anything infused with wasabi? Share with us in the comment section! We always love to hear from you!

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