A Dozen Roses from Entertainment Earth

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but I just can’t deny the truth, you guys. I’m still giggling about the Dozen Roses that Entertainment Earth sent us for the day of love.

“A Dozen Roses“, you ask? “Entertainment Earth sent you guys flowers? “

Oh no, my friends, no, no… That would be far too ordinary for Entertainment Earth! No, my dear friends, they sent us a dozen Rose Tico Black Series action figures. A Dozen Roses, you guys. For Valentine’s Day.

No, seriously though…A DOZEN ROSES

Rose-Tico-Star-Wars-Black-Series-Action-Figure-3.75-Inch-Entertainment-Earth-Valentines-Day-A-Dozen-Roses-744x1024 A Dozen Roses from Entertainment Earth Toys and Collectibles Videos

I seriously can not get over the goofiness and absolute ingeniousness of this idea. Entertainment Earth sold both the Dozen Roses set (twelve 6″ Black Series Rose Ticos) and the Dozen Half-Stem Roses set (twelve 3.75″ figures) for Valentine’s Day, and we must not have been the only ones to get a kick out of the gag, because they sold out of both options in a few days.

Rose-Tico-with-Accessories-Star-Wars-Black-Series-Action-Figure-3.75-Inch-Entertainment-Earth-Valentines-Day-A-Dozen-Roses-795x1024 A Dozen Roses from Entertainment Earth Toys and Collectibles Videos

EE sent us the half-stem versions, and as you can see above they’re standard Black Series figures, much like others we’ve shown in the past. Rose comes decked out in her mechanic’s jumpsuit, and comes with the accessories of a nasty-looking gun, and the small, futuristic tool she was using when she first met Finn. She’s not a figure I would have normally collected, as I focus almost exclusively on Star Wars villains, but she’s a well-made little figure none-the-less.

Hey, I’m a Sucker for a Good Pun

Okay, maybe it was a ridiculous idea – who needs TWELVE of the same figure? – but it made me laugh. And as mentioned above, it must have made some other people laugh too, because the sale was a huge success.

Rose Tico may not be a fan favorite character. She may not make the most impressive action figure. But damned if I didn’t giggle my ass off at the very concept of getting a dozen “half-stem” Roses in the mail for Valentine’s Day, and in my opinion that made this package a winning one!

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