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Batman ’66 Joins the Basement in a Big Way!

Batman is, by far, the King of DC Comics (get out of here with your Superman!). He’s also Jason’s favorite superhero, and an enormous staple of both of our childhoods. It’s unsurprising, then, that we fell in love with Diamond Select‘s line of Batman ’66 statues from the moment we saw them.

Adam West’s version of Batman is iconic and epic cheesy fun that’s irresistible. From the first time we saw this statue in a local comic shop – The Local NPC – I knew it would come home with us eventually. But we also couldn’t stop at just the Caped Crusader…

The ladies had to come home with us as well! Julie Newmar’s Catwoman and Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl make sexy, stupendous statues that compliment Batman in a huge way.

The Caped Crusader

Batman-1966-Diamond-Select-Statue-Adam-West-Caped-Crusader-POW-DC-Comics-Full-Pose-Front-827x1024 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...BATMAN! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Batman himself is, understandably, the standout statue in the line. For many long-time fans of the Caped Crusader, Adam West’s take on the character is brilliant, ridiculous fun. Diamond Select captured that perfectly with this statue of Batman mid-punch, standing on the iconic “POW!” word bubble.

Batman-1966-Diamond-Select-Statue-Adam-West-Caped-Crusader-POW-DC-Comics-Side-Pose-1024x817 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...BATMAN! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Everything about this statue is spot-on with the presentation of the show. From the colors to cowl design, to the body shape beneath the costume, this is Batman ’66. Great care was taken in the sculpting of pieces like the utility belt. The paint job is effectively flawless. And little details like the white eyebrows and nose outline on the mask are just perfect.

Batman-1966-Diamond-Select-Statue-Adam-West-Caped-Crusader-POW-DC-Comics-Cape-1024x938 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...BATMAN! Toys and Collectibles Videos

The pose Diamond chose for this statue is perfect as well. Batman thrives in an action pose, but it’s also got that goofy charm the ’66 show was known for. His arm is even hyper-extended in one of those amazingly cheesy choreographed “punches”. And best of all, in my opinion, is how the cape is flowing backward in that perfect, over-dramatic sweep.

But if I’m being perfectly honest, the best part of the entire statue is the face. Look at that face…that is Adam West’s face right there.

Batman-1966-Diamond-Select-Statue-Adam-West-Caped-Crusader-POW-DC-Comics-Close-Up-1024x768 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...BATMAN! Toys and Collectibles Videos

The sculptor who worked on this statue put tons of love and hard work into making sure that it truly looked like Adam West. The shape of his lips, jawline, cheekbones, and nose are all spot on, with his blue eyes popping through the cowl’s mask. No one would ever be in any doubt that this is Adam West’s Batman.

The Crafty Cat-Burglar

Batman-1966-Diamond-Select-Statue-Julie-Newmar-Catwoman-DC-Comics-Full-Pose-Front-763x1024 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...BATMAN! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Several actresses have portrayed Batman’s sexiest supervillain, but the very first was the lovely Julie Newmar. Diamond Select chose this first iconic take on the character for their statue. She’s lovely, graceful, classic, and sexy all at once.

Batman-1966-Diamond-Select-Statue-Julie-Newmar-Catwoman-DC-Comics-Epic-Pose-516x1024 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...BATMAN! Toys and Collectibles Videos

There are two things that you notice first when looking at this statue. The first is the incredible mixture of super-shiny black paint and silver glitter for her skintight costume. The glitter is blended through the paint beautifully, even all throughout. The second thing is the amazingly sexy pose. She’s a sassy, confident character, which is shown with her over-the-shoulder glance and pointing position. Not to mention…

Batman-1966-Diamond-Select-Statue-Julie-Newmar-Catwoman-DC-Comics-Base-and-Boots-1024x830 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...BATMAN! Toys and Collectibles Videos

You’ve gotta love those stiletto heels! Those are some classy boots right there!

Catwoman’s statue is perched on top a glittery gold platform with the Batman ’66 logo in the center. Because her stiletto perch might otherwise be a little delicate, Diamond installed metal pegs that come down through the bottoms of her shoes and about a third of an inch into the platform, making her nice and steady.

Batman-1966-Diamond-Select-Statue-Julie-Newmar-Catwoman-DC-Comics-Close-Up-1024x909 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...BATMAN! Toys and Collectibles Videos

And just as with Batman’s statue, care was taken to give the Catwoman statue a realistic portrayal of Julie Newmar’s face. Her lower face is beautifully sculpted, her eyes (and the makeup) delicately painted, and her long hair molded in wavy strands, just as it always was in the show.

The Bold Bat-Beauty

Last but not least, we have Yvonne Craig’s portrayal of the daring and deadly Batgirl. The female member of the Bat-family didn’t show up until nearer the end of the show’s run, but she was none-the-less a memorable part of it.

Batman-1966-Diamond-Select-Statue-Yvonne-Craig-Batgirl-DC-Comics-Full-Pose-Front-650x1024 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...BATMAN! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Diamond Select’s take on the character for this line shows her as the bold and beautiful superhero. Her pose is a simple one, with hands on hips and one foot forward, but it’s perfect because of how damn gallant it is. Batgirl knows what she is, and what she is is a hero. Which, by the way, is just made even more apparent by the way her cape flows off to one side like that. What says “superhero” more than a flowing cape, am I right?

Batman-1966-Diamond-Select-Statue-Yvonne-Craig-Batgirl-DC-Comics-Side-Pose-Cape-1024x917 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...BATMAN! Toys and Collectibles Videos

One of the best things about this statue, however, is her costume’s paint. Whereas Catwoman’s paint had glitter swimming throughout, Batgirl’s paint is glitter. The entire body-suit, minus her gloves and boots, is painted with a coarse, glitter-thick coat that perfectly mimics the glittery purple suit Yvonne Craig wore in the show. Add in the bolder purples of her accessories and the bright yellows of her inner cape and more delicate utility belt, and she’s 60’s comic characters personified.

Batman-1966-Diamond-Select-Statue-Yvonne-Craig-Batgirl-DC-Comics-Back-Cape-837x1024 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...BATMAN! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Batgirl’s base is nearly identical to Catwoman’s (including the metal pegs that hold her steady), except that it’s painted in a flat, bright green that really pops with all her purples and yellows.

Batman-1966-Diamond-Select-Statue-Yvonne-Craig-Batgirl-DC-Comics-Close-Up-1024x1000 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...BATMAN! Toys and Collectibles Videos

And of course, as with the other two statues, you have a beautiful representation of Yvonne Craig’s face. In this case you might say that there’s less detail than the other two statues. I wouldn’t necessarily disagree. But if you compare photos what you’ll find is that Craig’s face was very round and smooth, so there wasn’t as much to work with when compared to Adam West’s jawline or Julie Newmar’s pronounced cheeks. Yet you can definitely still see the resemblance, especially in the eyes and in the lovely sculpting of her classically curled-up hair.

A Terrific Trio of Dynamic Diamond Select Statues!

Put together on a shelf, these statues are a gorgeous tribute the the Batman ’66 series. There are two more statues in this particular line – Burt Ward’s Robin, and Cesar Romero’s Joker – and believe me when I say that we’d have them in a heartbeat. The collection is well-crafted, represents the characters and their respective actors well, and make for amazing display pieces. Alone or together, these are statues worth having if you’re a Batman fan in general, or a Batman ’66 fan in particular.

Batman-1966-Diamond-Select-Statue-Adam-West-Julie-Newmar-Catwoman-Yvonne-Craig-Batgirl-DC-Comics-Group-Shot-1024x751 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...BATMAN! Toys and Collectibles Videos

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