My Geek Box (January 2019) Unboxing

A Wicked Package of Goodies from My Geek Box!

The first My Geek Box of 2019 showed up surprisingly fast for coming from the UK! Whether that’s a sign that the post is calming down and catching up after the holidays remains to be seen. Regardless, I was pleased to find this box in our mail so soon after December’s had arrived.

In December’s unboxing video we stated that My Geek Box must have begun using themes. Everything in the box, after all, was very “time travel” oriented. However, this box is entirely eclectic, leading me to believe we may have misspoke. There have, however, been a number of changes to My Geek Box in recent months. For one, they now have a box designed especially for kids. So head over to their site to see the new options! Use coupon code TBASE10 on the UK site to get £ 10 off your first box, or click this link to go to the US site and your discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

Now, without further ado, let’s check out January 2019’s My Geek Box!

Snuggly Space Invaders

I was surprised, when I grabbed the first item from the box, that it wasn’t a t-shirt! At first glance I saw the drawstring and thought it was a pair of pajama pants. But it turned out to be a hoodie. A Space Invaders hoodie!

My-Geek-Box-Unboxing-January-2019-Retro-Gaming-Geeky-Apparel-Hoodie-Space-Invaders-1024x643 My Geek Box (January 2019) Unboxing My Geek Box Videos

The hoodie is pale black with a pattern of grey Invaders all throughout. Every now and then an invader is lit up in bright green, just for fun. I absolutely love this hoodie! It’s a super fun design, and I love that it’s a retro gaming pattern. Space Invaders is the bomb! Even though this hoodie is in Jason’s size, he’s not getting it. It’s mine. All mine!

25 Years of Simpsons? Have a Squishie to Celebrate!

Next out of the My Geek Box, we’ve got a “25 Years of Simpsons” blind box from KidRobot! This line of blind boxes features iconic items from the show in keychain form. And we got….a Squishie from the Kwik-e-Mart!

My-Geek-Box-Unboxing-January-2019-Kidrobot-Blind-Boxes-Simpsons-Woo-Hoo-25-Years-Squishie-Keychain-1024x1005 My Geek Box (January 2019) Unboxing My Geek Box Videos

It’s been ages since I’ve watched any Simpsons beyond the Halloween specials, but you can’t deny the pop culture icon status of the show. These keychains are fun because they feature items that are instantly recognizable without being an actual character.


Up next is another blind box! These are always so much fun. This one is a Mystery Mini Plush from Funko, and the first plush one we’ve ever gotten. It was from the Spider-Man line and we got…

My-Geek-Box-Unboxing-January-2019-Funko-Mystery-Minis-Plush-SpiderMan-Marvel-Blind-Boxes-SpiderGwen-Stuffie-1024x984 My Geek Box (January 2019) Unboxing My Geek Box Videos

…Spider-Gwen! She’s so bloody cute! The design looks a bit like a Mopeez, but without the sad face. Being my first of the type, I can now say that the Mystery Minis Plushes are pretty darn adorable. They’d be especially cute for a kid who loves to collect their favorite characters!

A Robot…Who is Also a Kid!

Kidrobot strikes twice in one My Geek Box! In addition to the Simpsons blind box, there was also a second blind box featuring…

My-Geek-Box-Unboxing-January-2019-KidRobot-Blind-Boxes-Keychains-Kid-Robot-Logo-1024x923 My Geek Box (January 2019) Unboxing My Geek Box Videos

…the Kid Robot himself! In case you didn’t know, this little dude is the KidRobot logo, and an adorable little one he is. They made him into a little vinyl keychain figure so you can carry your love for the company wherever you go. I love how his eyes look like little PacMans.

There is No Puzzle…

It’s another throwback from Loot Crate with the next item. This Matrix puzzle came in a Loot Crate quite some time ago, and now it’s popped up again in My Geek Box.

My-Geek-Box-Unboxing-January-2019-The-Matrix-300-Piece-Jigsaw-Puzzle-1024x1005 My Geek Box (January 2019) Unboxing My Geek Box Videos

This is a duplicate item for us, since we were subscribed to Loot Crate back when this item was in their box. If you enjoy puzzles though, this is a pretty tricky one. 300 pieces isn’t a huge amount, but with all that black and grey, you’re going to get well frustrated trying to find the right piece!

Socks Fit for a Death God

This has come up before, but I’m strangely addicted to geeky socks. They amuse me! Yeah, I’m simple. But I was super-giddy to see these Death Note socks come out of the box!

My-Geek-Box-Unboxing-January-2019-Geeky-Socks-Shonen-Jump-Deathnote-Ryuk-Shinigami-1003x1024 My Geek Box (January 2019) Unboxing My Geek Box Videos

They’re even better because they feature Ryuk, the clever Shinigami. Ryuk is my favorite character by far! He’s weird and funny and creepy all at once. So yay! Now I have Ryuk socks! Yes I know I’m simple!

Classic, Crazy, & Incredibly Cut

Last but not least…this My Geek Box included a full-sized DC Designer Series Harley Quinn figure! It’s always awesome to get a full-sized collectible figure in a sub box, and this is an awesome figure to boot. It’s from the Amanda Connor series, of which I already have the Holiday Harley. This one is the “Traditional” Harley.

My-Geek-Box-Unboxing-January-2019-DC-Comics-Collectibles-DC-Designer-Series-Amanda-Connor-Traditional-Harley-Quinn-with-Beaver-702x1024 My Geek Box (January 2019) Unboxing My Geek Box Videos

Dressed in her iconic harlequin outfit, this figure comes with a stand, a pop gun, and a…dead beaver? Yeah, I had to rely on the YouTube community to explain that one to me! Apparently he’s taxidermy beaver that Harley carries around with her and talks to. Yep, that sounds about right.

This is an awesome fig with a lovely, sneaky Harley face, and one hella-strange accessory. I love it!

My Geek Box killed it with this box, in my opinion. Sure, at least one of these items (probably more) was originally in a Loot Crate, but that doesn’t change the fact that these items, placed together in one box, make for a great sub box. This was a great one to start the year off with, in my opinion!

Don’t forget, if you go to the UK site and use coupon code TBASE10, you’ll get £ 10 off your first box, and if you click on this link to go to the US site, your discount will be automatically applied at checkout. Grab a My Geek Box for yourself and let me know what you think!

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