BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019)

Books, books, and more books! Oh, and some other awesome stuff too!

We had a second Christmas full of books and toys thanks to the awesome Miss Amy (not to mention a sneaky, sneaky River, plus a little freebie from Derek) in this Viewer Mail Monday video!

It’s Over 9000!!!

Firstly is a little freebie from our buddy Derek, The Border Geek! Derek placed an order from High Five Pins, and there was a bit of a mix-up. He got the wrong order, and when it was straightened out they told him to keep the pin he was sent in error. That pin happened to be of Vegeta from Dragonball Z, so he sent it our way!

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Vegeta-Over-9000-Enamel-Pin-Dragonball-Z-DBZ-High-Five-Pins-1024x939 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

Vegeta is in that classic, much-memed “It’s Over 9000!!!” pose, which is pure awesome. It’s very nicely made and looks great among our pin collection. Thanks for sending it our way, Derek!

Books to Shock, Amaze, & Giggle At!

The first items from Amy were a couple of books for Jason (his only weakness!). Jason is a great lover of random, useless knowledge, so these two trivia books are an awesome choice for him.

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Trivia-Books-Why-Do-Men-Have-Nipples-by-Mark-Leyner-and-Billy-Goldberg-Are-You-Shitting-Me-1004-Facts-That-Will-Scare-The-Crap-Out-of-You-by-Cary-McNeal-1024x696 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

Why Do Men Have Nipples? is just a hysterical concept, full stop. It’s full of (as the subtitle suggests) questions you’d only ask a doctor after drinking yourself silly. A total riot, filled with info you’ve probably wondered about a hundred times but been too embarrassed to ask.

Are You Shitting Me? is packed full of facts that will shock, creep out, and “scare the crap out of you”. The facts range from uncomfortably weird, to just plain gross, to creepy as sin. Jason has already thrown numerous facts about snot at me, so thanks for that, Amy!

Manga for Me!

Amy is a very bookish gal, so it would be unlikely for her to send books for Jason and not for me! These two are a couple of manga she came across and thought would be happier living with me.

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Manga-Books-Stray-Little-Devil-by-Kotaro-Mori-Hell-Girl-by-Miyuki-Eto-1024x792 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

I’ve never heard of either, but I love manga and enjoy checking out new things. Hell Girl is one I’ve heard of, but Stray Little Devil is a complete mystery. Both look very interesting and definitely right up my alley!

Even the Toys are Related to Books!

A love for Harry Potter is one of the many things Amy and I have in common. So when she wound up with a few doubles of the Harry Potter Mystery Minis from Funko she thought I’d enjoy them!

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Harry-Potter-Funko-Mystery-Minis-Ron-Weasley-Hermoine-Granger-Sorting-Hat-Gryffindor-Dragon-Hungarian-Horntail-1024x635 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

Here we have Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger, each with the Sorting Hat upon their heads. They look pretty happy, so they must have just heard it shout “Gryffindor!” My favorite of the three, however, has to be the awesome little dragon! I’m pretty sure this is meant to be the Hungarian Horntail that Harry battles with. It hardly matters to me either way though…it’s a dragon! You guys know I love my dragons!

Weebles Wobble Over, But They Don’t Fall Down!

Now here’s a surprising little parcel! Amy sent us four Weeble Wobble Rockerz featuring four awesome DC Comics characters.

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-DC-Comics-Wobblers-Batman-The-Joker-The-Riddler-Harley-Quinn-Weeble-Wobbles-Rockerz-1024x409 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

We have The Riddler, The Joker, Batman, and Harley Quinn. They’re wobbly little collectibles with painted metal balls for bodies that are surprisingly heavy. They’re too funny, and bring me back to my childhood, since I had some Weebles back in the day.

Go Go Power Rangers!

More books! I think these ones are kinda supposed to be for Adrianna… But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy them too!

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Mighty-Morphin-Power-Rangers-books-Tyrannosaurus-Flip-Up-The-Super-Zords-by-Jean-Waricha-1024x750 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

The smaller Tyrannosaurus Flip-Up book is a funny little board book that actually transforms into the Tyrannosaurus Zord. The Super Zords! is a chapter book based on the show. I’m seriously looking forward to reading the chapter book with Adrianna. I can’t wait to mimic Alpha 5’s voice and see that look of embarrassment she flashes at me!

The Merc with the Snuggly Feet!

Amy sent me Deadpool socks! Deadpool socks! Geeky socks are one of the best things ever, I don’t even care.

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Deadpool-Socks-Merc-with-the-Mouth-Anklets-856x1024 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

There were actually two pairs of socks in the package. Unfortunately I wore a pair before taking the photos for this post and it is currently lost among the backlog of laundry. Yeah, I know, shut it! The missing pair is black where the pair shown above is red, with a similar pattern. Cozy and wonderfully geeky!

How Barbaric!

Back to the books! Amy knew right where to strike Jason in the heart with this one. It’s a Conan omnibus book of the Mercenaries and Madness story line.

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Trade-Paperback-Comic-Conan-Omnibus-Mercenaries-and-Madness-by-Timothy-Truman-Roy-Thomas-and-Tomas-Giorello-791x1024 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

Jason has been collecting Conan comics for a while now, but it can be difficult to find enough of a run to actually be able to read it. Therefore this omnibus is an awesome gift; he’ll actually be able to read a story line!

Nightmare Fuel For Sure

I got a trade paperback comic too! Amy went for one of my favorite horror icons with this one. It’s Clive Barker’s Hellraiser.

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Clive-Barkers-Hellraiser-Trade-Paperback-Comic-798x1024 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

I believe this is a one-shot, which is great, and would you look at that cover? Hellraiser is one of my favorites because of the creepy, gory creativity. That’s exemplified perfectly in this grotesque cover of a skull inside a mouth, inside a mouth…inside another mouth. With bugs. And groady teeth. And blackened lips. Just…just SHUDDER!

Back to the 90’s

Here’s a fun little couple of items! Amy knows that Jason and I grew up through the awesomeness of the 90’s, so she sent a couple of reminders of those days.

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-90s-Cartoons-The-Mighty-Ducks-Spider-Man-Mary-Jane-Retro-Toys-1024x804 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

On the left we have one of the Mighty Ducks from the awesome cartoon show. I’m sure I had this toy back in the day, which makes it all the more nostalgic. On the right we have Miss Mary Jane Watson, straight out of the 90’s cartoon version of Spider-Man. That show was our bread and butter! It was one of our first big introductions to Marvel superheroes! And honestly? It’s still one of the best iterations out there. Fight me.

Have a Shot on Me!

Amy tricked us with this one by wrapping it up in a Kill Bill blind box, the sneaky bugger. She thought she’d send us a little bit of South Dakota in the form of a shot glass to add to our collection.

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Shot-Glass-South-Dakota-Land-of-Infinite-Variety-1024x993 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

The “Land of Infinite Variety” glass features Mount Rushmore on the front, and other well-known attractions around the sides. Now we just need some liquor from South Dakota to put in it!

“I am Black Lady!”

The Non-Geeky Schmid (Amy’s husband) actually picked this item out for me! That amuses me to no end, doubly so because it’s an awesome item!

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Funko-Pops-Sailor-Moon-ChibiUsa-Black-Moon-Black-Lady-Pop-Vinyl-883x1024 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

It’s the Black Lady Funko Pop, which was one of the few I was missing from my Sailor Moon collection. She’s an awesome Pop based on when Chibiusa gets taken over by the Black Moon. I love her dress and the red ribbon she carries, and her long hair actually doubles as a stand to keep her from tipping over. She makes an awesome addition to my Sailor Moon shelf!

Comic Books Galore!

Oh, did you think we were done with books? Ha ha ha…no, of course not! Amy sent us a small pile of comics that she (correctly) thought we’d enjoy.

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Comics-Lady-Death-and-Vampirella-Witchblade-and-Tomb-Raider-Halloween-ComicFest-Thor-Road-to-War-of-the-Realms-1024x604 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

We have a Lady Death/Vampirella comic, which has a gorgeous cover. Then there’s a Witchblade/Tomb Raider comic, with another gorgeous cover. Then we have a Thor – Road to War of the Realms, which I might not call gorgeous, but makes me think, “Oooh…what’s happening here?”

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Comics-Batman-White-Knight-Jessica-Jones-Star-Wars-Reads-DC-Essentials-Graphic-Novels-2018-1024x586 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

There’s also a Batman: White Knight comic with another very intriguing cover. The Jessica Jones comic has a sketchy, wet ink look to it that I really enjoy. Then we have two previews books. Star Wars Reads was sent along by P-Money (Amy’s daughter) because she knows we love Star Wars and she’s awesome like that! The DC Essentials book has previews of all kinds of graphic novels that were made available in 2018.


Coming down to the end, we have two items from River. The sneaky bugger sent these to Amy to sneak into her package, because she’s a playful little brat. The first one was an incredible surprise, in the form of a Donkey Kong cartridge!

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Donkey-Kong-by-Nintendo-Collecovision-Game-Cartridge-Retro-Games-957x1024 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

Upon first glance I saw “Coleco” written on the back and assumed this cartridge was for the Colecovision. Since Jason and I collect old, retro media, with an emphasis on games, I figured River just thought we’d think it was cool (which we do). But upon uploading the pic for this post and focusing more on the words on the front label, I realized that it actually is for the Atari! I popped it in the 2600 Jason got me for Christmas, and it works! This, of course, makes it twice as awesome.

P.S. I suck SO BAD at Donkey Kong. Yeesh!

A Woman Can’t Have Enough Killer Dolls!

Last but not least, River’s second secret gift is yet another addition to my growing Living Dead Doll collection! Mezco does such an awesome job on these horror icons, so I was definitely excited to add another one to the shelves.

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Mezco-Toys-Living-Dead-Dolls-Michael-Myers-Halloween-LDD-Full-Figure-619x1024 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

And it’s Michael Myers! This was definitely unexpected, and is totally awesome. I love his little mechanic’s outfit, and the little butcher’s knife that he comes with. Of course, the key is the mask, which is so funny. Mezco actually took the time to make it look like the Captain Kirk mask painted white that it originally was. Look at the eyebrows peeking through! I’m sorry, that is just too funny and (creepy) adorable!

Second-Christmas-Viewer-Mail-Monday-from-Amy-The-Border-Geek-and-River-Mezco-Toys-Living-Dead-Dolls-Michael-Myers-Halloween-LDD-Close-Up-1024x978 BOOKS Galore & More! Viewer Mail (Jan 2019) Mail Calls Videos

This was an absolutely awesome Second Christmas! Thank you so much to Derek, Amy, and River for everything! Give them all some love by clicking on their names to go check out their own stuff, and let me know in the comments what you thought of everything they sent!

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