POKEMAIL! Pokemon Goodies & More!

Pokemon Goodies & More from River (& Marie)!

Pokemon is much-loved in the Tobin household. Jason and I grew up with the original games and cartoon. Now Adrianna is deep into the same fandom. And she loves the OG Pokemon stuff just as much as the newer stuff! That’s my girl!

We recently got some mail from the lovely Miss Marie and Miss River, both of which contained belated Christmas goodies for Adrianna in the form of Pokemon awesomeness! There was also a very, very NON-Pokemon gift for me, but we’ll get to that later… First off:

Pokemon Earrings!

Marie had messaged me a while back to confirm that Adrianna has pierced ears. I confirmed and, quite honestly, forgot that she’d asked. That was until a late Christmas card showed up with these lovelies inside!

POKEMAIL-Unboxing-Pokemon-Surprises-and-More-Poke-Earrings-Pikachu-Charmander-Bulbasaur-Squirtle-Pokeball-Great-Ball-847x1024 POKEMAIL! Pokemon Goodies & More! Mail Calls Videos

Marie sent Adrianna a 6-pack set of Pokemon stud earrings! The set contains some of the best OG Pokemon: Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. Plus there are two more sets of Pokeballs and Great Balls! It’s an absolutely adorable set that Adrianna was ecstatic to get. She immediately demanded to wear the Pikachus!

What’s funny, and makes this surprise even nicer, is that I’d planned to give Adrianna some Pokemon earrings for Christmas, but I couldn’t find any anywhere. Serendipity! Thank you Marie!

Lovable, Huggable, Singing Friend!

There’s a small bit of important information prior to this item. Adrianna loves Build-a-Bear Workshop. She has tons of their plushies, including My Little Pony ones, TMNT ones, and, of course, Pokemon. We’d been waiting for Jigglypuff for ages, because of COURSE they would have to eventually make her! They’d be insane not to! go

So finally she shows up at our local (*ahem*threehoursdriveaway) store…but only the display one, which they can’t sell. We visited the store multiple times between then and Christmas, but they were never in. This is an unfortunate annoyance with the Nova Scotia BaB store. They tend to get one or two shipments of a character and then the head warehouse never sends them any more. We could have gotten it online… Unfortunately, just like Hot Topic, all BaB online orders come from the US. Which means shipping was outrageous, and we’re almost guaranteed a customs charge as well. Suddenly a $30 plus becomes $100 or more. Insanity.

So we got Adrianna Piplup for Christmas, which she was absolutely very happy with, because she’s an awesome kid. Still, it would have been nice to have gotten Jigglypuff too. You know…since we’d be specifically waiting for it for ages.

Cue River! Not only did she snag Adrianna a Jigglypuff in the US, it’s the special singing one! It comes with a fancy outfit, a plus microphone, and a sound button inside that makes her talk and sing! It’s a hundred kinds of awesome. And seriously, though the image below is sweet as sugar, you have to watch the video above to see Adrianna’s reaction. It was absolute gold. Thank you so much River!

POKEMAIL-Unboxing-Pokemon-Surprises-and-More-Build-a-Bear-Singing-Jigglypuff-with-Accessories-Coat-and-Microphone-Super-Huggable-1024x841 POKEMAIL! Pokemon Goodies & More! Mail Calls Videos
That’s a happy little Pokemon Trainer right there!

Plus Special Pokemon Cards!

If you weren’t aware, Pokemon plushes at BaB Workshop come with a special exclusive Pokemon card. It was no surprise, therefore, to find a cute pink Jigglypuff card in the box. What was a surprise was the mysterious golden metal card that was also included!

POKEMAIL-Unboxing-Pokemon-Surprises-and-More-Build-a-Bear-Jigglypuff-Pokemon-Card-and-Burger-King-Gold-Jigglypuff-Card-1024x705 POKEMAIL! Pokemon Goodies & More! Mail Calls Videos

I didn’t recognize the card myself, but I later found out it’s an oldie! These cards were available at Burger King in the 90’s! River happened to have this Jigglypuff one and thought it would have a happier home with Adrianna. It was a totally sweet and adorable addition to the box. Adrianna, of course, was both grateful and enamored with it.

POKEMAIL-Unboxing-Pokemon-Surprises-and-More-Build-a-Bear-Jigglypuff-Pokemon-Card-and-Burger-King-Gold-Jigglypuff-Card-Happy-Little-Girl-1013x1024 POKEMAIL! Pokemon Goodies & More! Mail Calls Videos
Yup, still pretty happy!

An Unexpected Surprise for Mama Tobin!

This Poke-box from River was obviously for Adrianna, but she sneaked a little something else in it just for me. Another vinyl for my small collection! And this one couldn’t possibly clash with the Pokemon-themed box any more! Bwa ha ha…

POKEMAIL-Unboxing-Pokemon-Surprises-and-More-Black-Christmas-Soundtrack-Vinyl-Record-Front-Cover-1024x1024 POKEMAIL! Pokemon Goodies & More! Mail Calls Videos

That, my friends, is the holiday-themed horror slasher film, Black Christmas. More specifically, its soundtrack. It was totally unexpected, but suits our collection so wonderfully! We’re enormous horror geeks, after all! Also, I love how sides A and B are called “Silent Night” and “Evil Night” (shown below). That’s just too good.

POKEMAIL-Unboxing-Pokemon-Surprises-and-More-Black-Christmas-Soundtrack-Vinyl-Record-Back-Cover-1024x1024 POKEMAIL! Pokemon Goodies & More! Mail Calls Videos

But the best part of this vinyl, in my opinion, is the design on the record itself. It’s spattered with blood, with the number dial of a rotary phone in the center. A key part of the film is that the sorority girls are being plagued by an obscene caller, so this is a perfect design. Plus it throws me back to my childhood. Yeah…I’m old enough to have had a rotary phone! What of it?! We’re talking about vinyl records, after all!

Thank you so much for this vinyl, River! It really fleshes out my small-but-growing collection!

POKEMAIL-Unboxing-Pokemon-Surprises-and-More-Black-Christmas-Soundtrack-Vinyl-Record-Rotary-Phone-Design-1024x1024 POKEMAIL! Pokemon Goodies & More! Mail Calls Videos

All in all, this was an awesome package from River, plus an awesome extra surprise from Marie. Thank you so much to both of them for making a little Pokemon Trainer smile, and for encouraging my growing vinyl obsession!

Let River and Marie know what you thought of their gifts in the comment section! While you’re at it, share some Pokemon memories with me! And do you remember rotary phones? Come on, I know I’m not the only old fogey here. Fess up!

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