Time Travel! My Geek Box (Dec 2018)

My Geek Box is doing themes now? Sci-Fi & Time Travel!

It’s been a little while since we unboxed a My Geek Box, and it seems that they’ve thrown us for a loop and begun doing themes! When did that happen? It doesn’t matter! December’s box was packed full of Time Travel-related sci-fi items.

Time Travel Threads

The first item out of the box was a shirt with a design that only awesome people will recognize right away. It features the time-panel of Doc Brown’s DeLorean from Back to the Future. At first glance it just looks like a bunch of digitized dates, but we know better. This is a pretty neat design that I rather enjoy!

Pint-Sized Time Travel Inventor!

The box included one of Funko’s Pint Size Heroes, from the sci-fi line. And we pulled….Doc Brown! It was a sealed bag, so it should have been random, but what a coincidence! If you got December’s My Geek Box, let me know who you pulled!

My-Geek-Box-Unboxing-December-2018-Time-Travel-Sci-Fi-Funko-Pint-Size-Heroes-Back-to-the-Future-Doc-Emmett-Brown-1024x1024 Time Travel! My Geek Box (Dec 2018) My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

The Doc Brown Pint Size Hero is pretty cute. He has the big hair, the big goggles, and a cute paint job for his clothes. They even painted the little radioactive hazard symbol on his gloves! Too adorable.

Traveling Through Time AND Space

There was also a Funko Pop in this My Geek Box. They chose a Doctor Who Pop for the Time Travel theme, which fits quite well. Unfortunately it was a Pop I already have: the Ninth Doctor.

My-Geek-Box-Unboxing-December-2018-Time-Travel-Sci-Fi-Funko-Pop-Doctor-Who-Ninth-Doctor-Christoper-Eccleston-1024x1024 Time Travel! My Geek Box (Dec 2018) My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

If I’m being perfectly honest, I also find this particular Pop to be fairly boring. Christopher Eccleston was awesome, but the Ninth Doctor in general had a plain design. Therefore the Pop would be pretty unrecognizable if not for the sonic screwdriver in his hand.

That said, it suits the theme, and I’ve already found a loving home for him, so it’s all well and fine.

Time Travel By (Very) Dumb Luck

Futurama was an awesome show, and if you don’t like it we can’t be friends. (I’m just kidding! Please come back!) Because we loved the show, Jason and I were quite happy to find this Planet Express figure in our My Geek Box. It’s by QmX, and is a lovingly crafted little model of the Futurama crew’s delivery ship.

My-Geek-Box-Unboxing-December-2018-Time-Travel-Sci-Fi-Quantum-Mechanix-QmX-Futurama-Planet-Express-1024x824 Time Travel! My Geek Box (Dec 2018) My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

I especially like that it comes with a base and clear stand so it looks like it’s flying. Dammit, now I want to watch Futurama again! Who wants to have a watch party with me?

Time Traveling for EVIL! (But Sometimes Also Good)

The final item in the box caught us off-guard at first because it had “Loot Crate Exclusive” all over the box. For those who don’t know, My Geek Box seems to have a deal with Loot Crate in which they buy off some of their old stock. If you subscribe to both boxes over a period of time this can become annoying. But it can also mean that My Geek Box subscribers occasionally receive items that were exclusive to Loot Crate. This is one of those cases, in the form of a Terminator Endo Skull!

My-Geek-Box-Unboxing-December-2018-Time-Travel-Sci-Fi-Terminator-Genisys-Half-Scale-Endo-Skull-Loot-Crate-Exclusive-1024x1024 Time Travel! My Geek Box (Dec 2018) My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

We had actually gotten this item back when it first shipped with Loot Crate. But we’re not mad, because it’s actually a really neat item that we’ll easily find a home for. Based on the Terminator Genisys design, how could you not love this creepy-looking android skull? It makes an excellent closing item for the Time Travel theme.

And that was the My Geek Box for December 2018, with the theme “Time Travel”. We have no idea when the themes began, but there you have it! Grab a My Geek Box for yourself here if you’re in the UK, and here if you’re in North America! Don’t forget to use coupon code TBASE10 on the UK site for £ 10 off your first box (US site applies discount automatically).

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