We unboxed a TON of Viewer Mail for Christmas!

We had Christmas in the Basement this year, because we ended up with a TON of Viewer Mail to unbox! We got mail from in-province, out-of-country, and even across-the-pond, and we’re totally humbled!

Now seems like an excellent time to pause and mention how much we appreciate you all. It’s not just about the Viewer Mail – although obviously we are so grateful for anything that arrives. It’s about watching our videos. Sharing them with friends. Hitting that ‘Like’ button and making sure you’re subscribed so you never miss a video. (Don’t forget that Notification Bell, since YouTube loves messing with which videos you see!) It’s about commenting so we know what you think. It’s following us on our social media and engaging with our posts. All told? It’s showing us, in whatever way you can, that you enjoy what we’re doing. So thank you! Thank you to everyone who does any of that and more!

Okay, enough mushy stuff.

This Viewer Mail haul was so big that we had to break it into multiple videos. “Huge Viewer Mail Unboxing: Part 1” (above) features mail from Creed Stonegate and Derek The Border Geek.

Below, in “Huge Viewer Mail Unboxing: Part 2”, we have two individualized packages from Dave.

Then we move into “Huge Viewer Mail Unboxing: Part 3”, with some items from River, and the first half of a pile of stuff from Nick.

And finally, “Huge Viewer Mail Unboxing: Part 4”, with a bunch more ridiculous stuff from Nick!

So. Many. Awesome. Things! Seriously, sometimes you guys just blow us away. None of it is expected, none of it is necessary, but all of it is loved and appreciated. You all rock. A HUGE thank you to all of you! And another HUGE thank you again to everyone who watches, likes, shares, comments, subscribes, and otherwise shows us your love! You ALL rock!

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