Gizmo NECA Ultimate Unboxing!

We added Gizmo, fuzzy star of Gremlins, to our NECA collection!

Gizmo the mogwai is, without doubt, the most adorable movie creature of all time. No, no, don’t try to argue. Your opinion, in this case, is invalid. Most adorable movie creature of all time. Full stop.

I picked up the NECA Ultimate version of Gizmo for Jason’s birthday, and I’m so happy I did. He’s going to make an excellent addition to the collection! You should absolutely grab one for yourself!

Furry Little Ball of Sweetness!

Gizmo-NECA-Toys-Ultimate-Action-Figure-from-Gremlins-Unboxed-Mogwai-Sneaky-Smile-1024x1024 Gizmo NECA Ultimate Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

NECA’s Ultimate version of Gizmo is beautifully molded to emulate his fuzzy, furry little body. From a distance he almost appears to be flocked. His big ears are splayed straight out, and his default face is an innocent little smile. His pudgy little fingers and toes are detailed with tiny nails, and all his bare skin bits have lots of small details like veins and wrinkles.

But one of the most adorable and fun parts of this figure are his eyes. They’re lovely, shiny little orbs beneath his eyelids, and they hold a secret. On the back of Gizmo’s head is a small round bit that moves in all directions. That movable bit attaches to the eyes. What does that mean?

It means that his eyes move! You can play out the scene from the movie when he gets dizzy! And it’s so much fun! Okay, that’s not really logical for when he’s being displayed, but you can also position the eyes how you like for whichever set-up you decide on, and that’s pretty damn cool.

Additional Facial Expressions

Gizmo-NECA-Toys-Ultimate-Action-Figure-from-Gremlins-Unboxed-Mogwai-Sigh-1024x931 Gizmo NECA Ultimate Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

The first of Gizmo’s two extra faces is a “worried” or “concerned” kind of look. His mouth is open, and the lower lip pulled in as though he’s trembling a bit. Unfortunately, for the photo above, his eye placement makes him look more stoned than anything. That’s the photographer’s fault though (*cough*Jason*cough*) for wiggling the eyes into that position. Poor little innocent Gizmo! You don’t need those bad influences in your life!

Gizmo-NECA-Toys-Ultimate-Action-Figure-from-Gremlins-Unboxed-Mogwai-Sad-1024x776 Gizmo NECA Ultimate Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Speaking of “poor little Gizmo”… He also comes with a super-sad face that’s just heartbreakingly adorable. It sounds so awful, but honestly, what is cuter than sad Gizmo? Nothing! Nothing, I tell you!

I’d almost feel bad actually displaying Gizmo like this, but damned if I don’t love it to death! Props to NECA for making that little frown so bloody sweet!

Adorable Accessories

Gizmo-NECA-Toys-Ultimate-Action-Figure-from-Gremlins-Unboxed-Mogwai-Santa-Hat-1024x852 Gizmo NECA Ultimate Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

One of the best things about this Gizmo figure is that he can double as a Christmas decoration! He comes with an adorable little Santa hat that flops over in front of his left ear. How cute is that?! He makes a great little decoration just like that, but wait…there’s more!

Gizmo-NECA-Toys-Ultimate-Action-Figure-from-Gremlins-Unboxed-Mogwai-Santa-Hat-Candy-Cane-Trumpet-Accessories-861x1024 Gizmo NECA Ultimate Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Look at him with his little candy cane and trumpet!!! With the smiling face he looks so darn proud too. He looks as though he got exactly what he wanted for Christmas and understands that that means Santa thinks he’s “nice”. And let’s be honest: Gizmo is a pretty damn nice little dude, so that’s totally fair.

Arsenal Accessories

But Gizmo doesn’t just come with holiday wares. He also comes with a third face and some accessories that will make Gremlins fans cheer.

Gizmo-NECA-Toys-Ultimate-Action-Figure-from-Gremlins-Unboxed-Mogwai-Rambo-with-Accessories-1020x1024 Gizmo NECA Ultimate Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

It’s Rambo Gizmo! The red bandana comes as part of his squinting, determined face (look at that mouth!) and he has weapons to boot! He comes with his little coat-hanger bow, and an arrow made from a pencil and a bottle. The arrow in particular makes me giggle because the pencil is well-done and is nearly as tall as Gizmo himself. Put all together, he’s the sweetest little warrior in the history of film!

Don’t feed him after midnight!

All in all, NECA did an awesome job on this Ultimate Gizmo and all of his accessories. He’s a sweet little figure with a fun customization option in the movable eyes. If there was a single complaint I might make (and I’m honestly loathe to do so) it’s that he’s one of the only Ultimate figures I’ve ever seen that doesn’t come with any interchangeable hands. For the most part that doesn’t matter with this figure. But it would be nice to have a couple of gripping hands, because his default ones don’t really allow him to actually hold his accessories.

That said, he’s very well-made, looks great, and would pair well with any of the other Gremlins figures from NECA. If you’re a fan of the movie, this little Gizmo is a must-have that you won’t regret picking up for your collection!

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