A-Space – Detolf Shelving Solutions from A-Case

An Awesome Way to Utilize More Shelf Space on Your Ikea Detolf!

What the heck is an A-Space? It’s a shelving solution for your Ikea Detolf shelves!

Ikea’s Detolfs are commonly used by collectors to display some of their favorite pieces. These shelves are affordable, sturdy, and are almost entirely made of glass. They easily make collectibles visible from many angles while still being cost effective. The only problem with Detolf shelves? They aren’t in any way adjustable. With a Detolf you get four equal box-shaped shelves; no more, no less.

But what if you could add extra shelves to a Detolf? Not only that, but also adjust those shelves to suit what will be put on them?

Enter A-Space!

Army-Case.com is a company for collectible solutions. They produce safe, lightweight protection cases for transporting miniature figures, such as the ones at the hearts of man tabletop games. The Polish innovator behind such an interesting and useful tool decided to expand his thought process to actual shelving displays. He thought that there had to be a way to better utilize the shelf space on one of the most commonly used shelves among collectors.

What he came up with was the A-Space shelf expansion kit. This kit includes four shelves and sixteen adjustable bolts. What can you do with that? You can add extra shelves right where you need them inside your Detolf setup!

Simple Lock-In System

The special cantilever bolts easily wrap around and cling to the thin metal rods that run up the four corners of each Detolf shelf. The rod simply snuggles between the two connecting pieces of the bolt. By squaring up four bolts you create a resting place for one of the lightweight, plexi-glass shelves. Now you have an additional clear shelf, and it’s adjustable to whichever height you wish. Ta-da! More usable space in your Detolf!

No Unnecessary Stress or Strain

An entire four-shelf A-Space kit weighs only 3.5 lbs. Because of it’s nearly weightless design, the kit won’t put any extra stress or strain on your Detolf shelf. And despite the nearly weightless design, each additional shelf is actually capable of holding roughly 25 lbs. This gives you tons of freedom to organize your collectibles as you wish.

A-Space’s creator sent us an expansion kit to show off in our video above. We didn’t know what to expect, but are more than happy with the product. It is super-easy to install, and just as easy to adjust if desired. But most importantly, it does exactly what it claims to do. With each additional shelf we’re able to use a large amount of wasted space in our Detolfs.

This is a genius idea from someone who understands a collector’s display woes. He has created an affordable product that allows you to fit more collectibles into a single space rather than expanding the same number of collectibles outward and taking up more of the room space. We were able to take empty space above our Dragonball Z collectibles and add in an entire layer of Doctor Who Titans vinyls! And that was with just one of the four shelves in the kit!

The entire kit of four shelves costs only about $37 USD and saves you the cost of a needing a whole new shelf. It is a definite must-have for any collector who uses Ikea’s Detolf shelves in their display. Check it out for yourself on the Army Case website, and watch our vid above to see just how easy they are to install!

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