Doctor Who Titans: The Renegade Collection

We unboxed a FULL CASE of The Renegade Collection Doctor Who Titans!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Doctor Who, and I’ve actually collected a few Doctor Who Titans previously. Anyone who knows Jason knows that he knows little to nothing about Doctor Who, but is perfectly happy to roll with things as they come. Put us together and you’ve got a moderately informative and highly amusing unboxing of The Renegade Collection Doctor Who Titans!

This full case of Titan Merchandise blind box figures was sent our way by Entertainment Earth. So a huge shout out to them for sponsoring this video and post! Grab a case for yourself, or take your chances with a single blind box.

Doctor-Who-Titans-Renegade-Collection-Titan-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Box-Options-Rarities-1024x577 Doctor Who Titans: The Renegade Collection Toys and Collectibles Videos
Titans Vinyls – Doctor Who: The Renegade Collection

The options in this Doctor Who Titans collection span several different Doctors across several different series. We have Professor Richard Lazarus from “The Lazarus Experiment”, the Tenth Doctor from “The Girl in the Fireplace”, Jenny from “The Doctor’s Daughter”, The Master from “The Claws of Axos”, a mystery version of The Master, the Black and White TARDIS from “An Unearthly Child”, a mystery version of the TARDIS, Wilf from “The End of Time”, the Eleventh Doctor from “Night and the Doctor”, and Van Gogh from “Vincent and the Doctor”.

Who did we pull in our full case? Read on to find out!

B&W TARDIS – 2/18 Rarity

Doctor-Who-Titans-Renegade-Collection-Titan-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Black-and-White-TARDIS-An-Unearthly-Child-1024x1024 Doctor Who Titans: The Renegade Collection Toys and Collectibles Videos
The Black and White TARDIS from episode “An Unearthly Child”

The TARDIS is one of, if not the most recognizable figures in all of Doctor Who history. It’s obvious, then, that there had to be at least one in this Doctor Who Titans set. This particular version, however, is a little bit special. It’s been painted all in black-and-white as a throwback to the original series, the one that started it all. This is the FIRST Doctor’s TARDIS, pulled right from the very first storyline: “An Unearthly child”.

It’s a lovely little callback, nicely painted and able to be instantly recognized by anyone who has ever even sneezed in the general direction of a Doctor Who episode.

Exploding TARDIS – 1/36 Rarity

Doctor-Who-Titans-Renegade-Collection-Titan-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-The-Exploding-TARDIS-1024x1024 Doctor Who Titans: The Renegade Collection Toys and Collectibles Videos
The Exploding TARDIS from episode, “The Pandorica Opens”

But why have one TARDIS when you can have two? We were lucky enough to pull the mystery version of the TARDIS! It turned out to be the exploding version from “The Pandorica Opens”. In that episode, Van Gogh paints a terrifying image of the TARDIS mid-explosion. This figure, then, has been painted with broad brush strokes, just like that fictional artwork.

I absolutely love the way this was done. The uneven lines and scratches in the paint make it look as though it was pulled right out of the painting from the episode. It was a very clever idea for a TARDIS variant. It might even be my favorite piece out of all the available Doctor Who Titans.

Doctor-Who-Titans-Renegade-Collection-Titan-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-The-Exploding-TARDIS-Front-976x1024 Doctor Who Titans: The Renegade Collection Toys and Collectibles Videos
Though the painting it’s based on can obviously only show part of the TARDIS, the beautiful paint job on the figure wraps all the way around the iconic blue box.

Jenny – 5/36 Rarity

Doctor-Who-Titans-Renegade-Collection-Titan-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Jenny-The-Doctors-Daughter-1024x1024 Doctor Who Titans: The Renegade Collection Toys and Collectibles Videos
Jenny from episode “The Doctor’s Daughter”

This is probably the least easily recognizable member of the Doctor Who Titans line, but an interesting choice to have a figure of none-the-less. The “daughter” created from a stolen bit of the Tenth Doctor’s DNA, Jenny was able to break out of the “pre-programmed” life set for her and struck out on her own afterward. She’s a curious character who, eventually, got her own spin-off show.

Her figure is shown wearing the basic soldier gear from her breakout episode, but her face is absolutely Georgia Tennant’s.

Van Gogh – 2/18 Rarity

Doctor-Who-Titans-Renegade-Collection-Titan-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Van-Gogh-Vincent-and-the-Doctor-1024x1024 Doctor Who Titans: The Renegade Collection Toys and Collectibles Videos
Vincent Van Gogh from episode “Vincent and the Doctor”

I’m not going to lie: the episode “Vincent and the Doctor” made me cry like a baby. But that’s why I was pleased to see that Tony Curran’s take on the famous artist was included in this set. His face is perfect. The coat and straw hat are perfect. And I love that they included an accessory in the form of a paint-covered pallet. Curran’s Van Gogh was a loving tribute to a pained artist who never got the recognition he deserved in his lifetime. Similarly, this little figure of the actor’s take on the real man makes me smile.

Professor Richard Lazarus – 2/18 Rarity

Doctor-Who-Titans-Renegade-Collection-Titan-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Professor-Richard-Lazarus-The-Lazarus-Experiment-1024x1024 Doctor Who Titans: The Renegade Collection Toys and Collectibles Videos
Professor Richard Lazarus from episode “The Lazarus Experiment”

The infamous Professor Lazarus is an Icarus figure; he had powerful ambitions and flew far too close to the sun. His Titan figure seems simple. He’s dressed in a common, flat black suit, after all. But it’s the face and hair that make him recognizable as the cocky character who turned his own body back in time.

A thought from a Whovian: it would have actually been interesting to see pre-restored Lazarus as a mystery figure. Standing the extremely old man with the same suit next to this figure would have made for an amusing display option.

Wilf – 5/36 Rarity

Doctor-Who-Titans-Renegade-Collection-Titan-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Wilf-The-End-of-Time-1024x1024 Doctor Who Titans: The Renegade Collection Toys and Collectibles Videos
Wilf from episode “The End of Time”

I love Wilf. There are a lot of dissenting opinions among Who fans over whether Donna was the best or worst companion ever, but I personally preferred her grandfather here. He only appeared in a handful of episodes, but the loving grandpa was witty, pleasant, brave, and determined.

Jason thinks his Titan figure makes him look like a bum. Hold back, don’t hurt him too much, fellow Whovians.

I can (don’t hurt me!) see where Jason is coming from. But those of us who know the character know that the dark coat and red toque look is perfect for this figure. When you work in the white hair, beard, spiky eyebrows, and big ol’ grin, yeah… I’m rather amused by this little Wilf!

Eleventh Doctor – 2/18 Rarity

Doctor-Who-Titans-Renegade-Collection-Titan-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-The-Eleventh-Doctor-Night-and-the-Doctor-1024x1024 Doctor Who Titans: The Renegade Collection Toys and Collectibles Videos
The Eleventh Doctor from episode “Night and the Doctor”

The Tenth Doctor will always be my all-time favorite, but Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor grew on me pretty quickly. In this Doctor Who Titans set Titan decided to dress Eleven in his best from the “Night and the Doctor” episode. The way his hair is combed in a giant wave really distinguishes him as Eleven, but of course he also has his personal sonic screwdriver. A Doctor always has to have a sonic!

Tenth Doctor – 2/18 Rarity

Doctor-Who-Titans-Renegade-Collection-Titan-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-The-Tenth-Doctor-The-Girl-in-the-Fireplace-1024x1024 Doctor Who Titans: The Renegade Collection Toys and Collectibles Videos
The Tenth Doctor from episode “The Girl in the Fireplace”

Well, I suppose I can handle a Doctor missing their sonic if he has a drink and is wearing a tie around his head.

Here’s my Tenth Doctor! He’s been modeled from the “The Girl in the Fireplace” episode. Specifically, he’s from the scene in which Ten shows up in a partying state of mind. His neck tie has been whipped up around his head like a bandana, and he’s sporting some wicked glasses. He doesn’t have his sonic, but he does have a martini glass, and that’s pretty awesome. The best detail of all has to be his spiky hair though!

The Master – 2/18 Rarity

Doctor-Who-Titans-Renegade-Collection-Titan-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-The-Master-The-Claws-of-Axos-1024x1024 Doctor Who Titans: The Renegade Collection Toys and Collectibles Videos
The Master from episode “The Claws of Axos”

Last but not least, we have The Master, from his first appearance in “The Claws of Axos”. I didn’t make it to this point in the original set of series’, but I can assume that this is a decent representation. There are lots of little details, like the white stripes in his beard, and the little spiky bits of his eyebrows. Not to mention that he has a rather menacing look about him. He also comes with some kind of…weapon? You older-school Whovians can let me know, but it looks a bit like some kind of a ray-gun to me.

There is one figure we didn’t get, which is the mystery The Master variant. I believe that this variant is the regenerated Master from the Tenth Doctor’s run of episodes. I haven’t seen it for myself, however. If you happen to have pulled one, let me know!

I mentioned having collected Doctor Who Titans previously, but this was my first blind box opening of any of the sets. I am thoroughly pleased! Some of the figures are more impressive than others, but they all represent the show well. My favorite of the actual Doctors is, of course, the Tenth. However, of the line in general I definitely have to choose the Exploding TARDIS! I just love those brush strokes!

Which of these Doctor Who Titans from the Renegade Collection is your favorite? Whose Doctor in general is your favorite? How about your favorite villain? Chat with me in the comments below! And don’t forget to grab a case or a single blind box for yourself!

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