Aliens Titans “Game Over” Collection!

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Aliens Titans Blind Boxes! It’s the “Game Over” Collection!

Aliens is one of those rare sequels that is actually, in many ways, superior to the original that spawned it. More xenomorphs, lots of guns, and a ton more cannon fodder? Yes please! And since the movie is such a sci-fi/horror/action work of wonder, we were more than happy to check out a full box of the Aliens Titans blind box figures – the “Game Over” Collection –  sent our way thanks to our good friends over at Entertainment Earth.

18 Blind Boxes in a Case: 13 Possibilities to Collect!

There are 13 possible figures to collect in the “Game Over” Aliens Titans Collection. On the human side we have Ripley and Hicks, the android Bishop, and the “Armored Personnel Carrier”. There is also a mystery figure of Bishop, which has him speared on a xenomorph tail with his android fluids spattered all over him. Yikes!

On the alien side we have the Alien Queen, a Flaming Egg, a Hatching Xenomorph (also known as a Chestburster), and five possible Xenomorph Warriors. One is a of the xenomorphs is the basic style, and one is colored in red to imitate “emergency lighting”. The other three are mystery figures: one is a blood-splattered variant of the basic, one is a flaming variant of the basic, and the last is a glow-in-the-dark variant. So many options! Aliens Titans galore!

Aliens-Titans-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Full-Case-Unboxing-Options-1024x535 Aliens Titans "Game Over" Collection! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Alien Queen – 2/18 Rarity

Our first pull from the box is one of my favorites and one of the best parts of the Aliens film: the Alien Queen. Big mama xenomorph is an amazing little figure! She has that huge head that differs from that of her children, extra arms coming out of her chest, and that gorgeous, skeletal tail. Not to mention all those sinewy bits around her mouth that look as though they’re going to snap every time she opens her jaws. She’s a beauty, no two ways about it. What? Don’t look at me that way! She’s gorgeous!

Aliens-Titans-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Full-Case-Unboxing-Alien-Queen-Xenomorph-866x1024 Aliens Titans "Game Over" Collection! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Xenomorph Warrior – Flaming Variant – 1/36 Rarity

Our second pull from the Aliens Titans case was one of the mystery chases! This guy is the basic xenomorph warrior, except that he’s suffering from a mild case of being on fire. There are lots of nice little details on the xenomorph mold that I absolutely love. The scales and spines, and the skeletal parts that almost look a little technological in design? Plus that bony chest that looks like his ribs are protruding right out of his skin? Hell yes. Who can resist a xenomorph, seriously? And he’s on fire!

Aliens-Titans-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Full-Case-Unboxing-Fire-Flaming-Xenomorph-811x1024 Aliens Titans "Game Over" Collection! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Xenomorph Warrior – Bloody Variant – 1/36 Rarity

And our third pull was another variant! We were lucky with this box! This one is also the basic xenomorph, but instead of flames licking up his body, this guy is spattered in blood. It’s all over his face and chest, but especially on his teeth, meaning this guy has just enjoyed himself a lovely little snack. Of the xenomorph options, this one has to be my favorite. That blood spatter is just perfect. And honestly, with a movie like Aliens, how could you not have at least one figure be covered in plasma? It’s an excellent choice for one of the chase options.

Aliens-Titans-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Full-Case-Unboxing-Blood-Bloody-Xenomorph-811x1024 Aliens Titans "Game Over" Collection! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Armored Personnel Carrier – 2/18 Rarity

The APC was an odd choice for the “Game Over” Aliens Titans collection, in my opinion, although it’s also a pretty funny one. It’s basically an army-green clump with two gun turrets and wheels. All by itself, it doesn’t really stand out on a shelf, but if you stand one of the human characters next to (or on top of!) it, it makes for a fun display option. I personally would have chosen to create Private Hudson as a option before the APC (especially given he’s the character who actually says “Game over man!”), but it’s still an interesting idea for a figure regardless.

Aliens-Titans-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Full-Case-Unboxing-APC-Armored-Personnel-Carrier-1024x792 Aliens Titans "Game Over" Collection! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Xenomorph Warrior – Emergency Lighting Variant – 2/18 Rarity

This lovely little fellow has the same body mold as the basic xenomorph, but has been given a new paint job. He’s all in hues of red to simulate the look of one of the aliens under flashing red emergency lights. I didn’t put that intention together at first, but it hardly matters because the red tones look wicked on this figure. It almost looks as though he’s been covered head to toe in blood. It’s just an amazing look! And yes, I realize how weird and creepy that makes me sound!

Aliens-Titans-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Full-Case-Unboxing-Red-Xenomorph-811x1024 Aliens Titans "Game Over" Collection! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Xenomorph Warrior – 2/18 Rarity

Now that we’ve already gone through most of the others in the Alien Titans case, here’s the actual basic Xenomorph Warrior! Again, he has all those lovely spines and bony-bits, and is just an awesome shape that is instantly recognizable. And those teeth! Even though these ones aren’t covered in blood, how can you not love those horrifying teeth? I also just love the combination of colors and the way he’s been painted in order to distinguish all the raised bits. Plus he even has little round claws and toenails, which cracks me up for some reason.

Aliens-Titans-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Full-Case-Unboxing-Warrior-Xenomorph-1024x1024 Aliens Titans "Game Over" Collection! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Hatching Xenomorph – 2/18

More commonly known as “the chestbuster”, this disturbing little fellow might be the best figure in the box. With a body that’s basically a xenomorph’s lower face with arms and a long tail, he screams “creepy, over-sized parasite”. Even better? He’s covered in blood. That’s perfect since the chestburster (logically!) bursts forth from the chest of the creature it incubates inside. He’s a nasty little creep with nightmare teeth, and he’s covered in blood, and he’s absolutely awesome.

Aliens-Titans-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Full-Case-Unboxing-Bloody-Chestburster-Hatching-Xenomorph-847x1024 Aliens Titans "Game Over" Collection! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Flaming Egg – 2/18 Rarity

For being one of the simpler options in this set, the flaming xenomorph egg is a pretty neat addition to the Aliens Titans. It has those disgusting “wrinkles” and “lips” that make the opening at the top look a bit like a gross, drooling mouth. It also has a bit of a scaly texture, and it’s being licked by flames, just like the variant xenomorph I already mentioned. Like the APC, it’s a little bit odd standing by itself on a shelf, but when paired with any of the xenomorphs it’s an excellent little set-piece.

Aliens-Titans-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Full-Case-Unboxing-Alien-Xenomorph-Egg-884x1024 Aliens Titans "Game Over" Collection! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Bishop – 1/18 Rarity

Bishop is, of course, the android character of the crew, played by Lance Henriksen. And that’s really all you need to know, because look at the face! That is bloody Lance Henriksen right there. For very small vinyl figures, Titan does an amazing job making faces look just like the actors, and this is no exception. Everything right down to the forehead wrinkles and slightly sunken cheeks screams Henriksen. Throw in his little executive officer jumpsuit, and this is a great little figure of the well-known android.

Aliens-Titans-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Full-Case-Unboxing-Bishop-852x1024 Aliens Titans "Game Over" Collection! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Ripley – 2/18 Rarity

Okay, here we go! It took a surprising number of boxes before we found her, but here’s our lady of the hour: Ripley, aka “lil’ Sigourney Weaver”. The hair is the stand-out on this particular figure; Titan did a great job on that kinda-curly, kinda-messy, kinda-rat’s nest hair she has. She also has those cute little suspenders, over which is an ammo belt, and she’s one of the few figures in this set that comes with an accessory, in the form of a bigass gun. Set her up against on of the xenomorphs (especially the Queen!) and you’ve got yourself a lovely little shelf display right there!

Aliens-Titans-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Full-Case-Unboxing-Ripley-with-Gun-770x1024 Aliens Titans "Game Over" Collection! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Hicks – 1/18 Rarity

As with Ripley, Hick’s hair is what makes his head mold. He’s got that nice, kinda cocky slicked-back thing going on. His figure is more about his outfit though. He’s got his military gear on, featuring camo colors and some random belts and pockets. His name is present on his chest, and he also has the little red heart drawn on underneath. He’s the other figure in the set that comes with an accessory and it is, of course, also a gun. It’s a different gun than Ripley’s though, which is nice!

Aliens-Titans-Merchandise-Vinyl-Blind-Box-Figures-Entertainment-Earth-Full-Case-Unboxing-Hicks-with-Gun-898x1024 Aliens Titans "Game Over" Collection! Toys and Collectibles Videos

That was our full case of Aliens Titans! Did you notice that the human characters all came right at the end? I thought that was a bit amusing myself, as though the aliens were pushing them down in the case, not wanting to let them escape. Yeah, okay, I’m being silly, but dammit, I love my xenomorphs!

Let us know in the comment section which figures were your favorites! Also, out of myself and Jason, who do you think pulled the best set out of the case? And also, let’s be honest with each other: out of the original and the sequel, which Alien movie do you think is the best?

Don’t forget to grab a case of these Aliens Titans figures for yourself, and come back to let us know which ones you pulled!

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