Halloween Clearance Haul of Epic Proportions!

Halloween Clearance to Complete the Season of Spooking!

Halloween clearance shopping is a bit part of our seasonal experience. Every year when decorating for the kids we like to go a little bigger, a little better, and a little more fun. So to those ends, we take to the stores post-Halloween to see what we can grab for the next year!

Halloween clearance sales are the bread-and-butter of an impressive display for the following year. This year’s shopping started off slow, but ended with quite a bang! We picked up tons of new skulls and skeletons, some fun pumpkins, some random odds and ends, and much more. Surprisingly, we didn’t find much at the usual suspect stores like Spirit Halloween, or even good ol’ Walmart. Instead, we totally cleaned up at a couple of our local Atlantic Superstore locations.

You’ll have to watch the full video if you want to see everything we picked up, but here are a few of my favorites of this year’s haul!

Bone Dinosaur!

Though we honestly preferred the wolf skeleton (which was long gone immediately), I couldn’t resist this little triceratops skeleton! He’s sizable, actually roars and moves his mouth, and on the Halloween clearance sales he was only $10!

Halloween-Clearance-Haul-Skeleton-Triceratops-Dinosaur-Animatronic-857x1024 Halloween Clearance Haul of Epic Proportions! Channel Updates and Other Videos

Skeletons in Fancy Dress

Jason found these very interesting and unique skeleton figures at Value Village. He asked if I wanted any of them, and I ended up grabbing all three. How could I resist? They’re so unique with their little Victorian- and Confederation-style outfits! Plus they’re the kind of horrific beauty that I can display all year round. Come on…they’re gorgeous! And they were only $7 each!

Halloween-Clearance-Haul-Skeleton-Skeletons-Victorian-Value-Village-AlterEgo-1024x973 Halloween Clearance Haul of Epic Proportions! Channel Updates and Other Videos

Another Corset for the Collection!

Prior to Halloween I shared a few pictures on the Instagram account of myself in my various geeky corsets. So of course I had to snag this Deadpool one when I found it on Halloween clearance! I love my Deadpool, you guys. This was one of the only items I found worth picking up at Spirit Halloween. Unfortunately their sales just didn’t go low enough to justify some of the original pricing. But this corset in particular was totally worth it at only $12.

Halloween-Clearance-Haul-Spirit-Halloween-Deadpool-Corset-1024x927 Halloween Clearance Haul of Epic Proportions! Channel Updates and Other Videos

But there was SO MUCH MORE!

I’ve only shared a few of my favorite items, but believe me, our haul this year was HUGE! Check out the video if you want to see everything we managed to pick up. And if, like us, you never really lose that Halloween mood, be sure to check out our other Halloween vids, like our Yard Haunt VLOG, and Jason’s “6 Movies for Halloween That Aren’t Halloween Movies“.

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