Halloween Yard Haunt (2018)!


Happy Halloween everyone! Once again we’re sharing a little tour of our Halloween Yard Haunt. For our 2018 Halloween yard haunt we added quite a few new additions.

We are very big Halloween geeks is this family. Seriously, we LOVE Halloween! We’re always running around looking for more Halloween decorations to add to our displays shown through our Spirit Halloween VLOGS and our Instagram and Twitter accounts. We just can’t get enough of the spooky holiday!

Tracey’s-Basement-Halloween-Yard-Haunt-2018-Overview-1024x768 Halloween Yard Haunt (2018)! VLOGS

We set up absolutely everything on Halloween morning and try to finish before Trick or Treat time. It’s a lot of work to get it all up so fast for only one night, but it’s worth every moment to see the trick or treater’s and their parent’s faces light up for a moment since not many people really put out very much for Halloween in our area.

Trick or Treat!

Tracey’s-Basement-Halloween-2018-yard-haunt-giant-skeleton-spider-prop-decoration-1024x768 Halloween Yard Haunt (2018)! VLOGS

The video above features a day time walk through so you can see everything clearly and see what we added from last year’s yard haunt, followed by then a quick night time walkthrough with everything all lit up with the spooky blue and green lights shining on all the skeletons and ghosts. Just to give you a quick peek at what it’s like to trick or treat at our house.

Skeletons, skeletons, skeletons!

Tracey’s-Basement-yard-haunt-2018-blue-skeleton-1024x768 Halloween Yard Haunt (2018)! VLOGS

We love our skeletons and skeleton animals, so there’s no shortage of those on display. The blue and green lights really help make them pop. I hope to add even more skeletons next year if our discount Halloween hunting goes well.

Tracey’s-Basement-yard-haunt-2018-talking-reaper-animatronic-1024x768 Halloween Yard Haunt (2018)! VLOGS

Plus moving and talking animatronics are always a hit, and tombstones! Every yard haunt needs a bunch of tombstones. Styrofoam gravestones are cheap and easy. The only problem is they’re not very compatible with a windy day and their pegs for holding them down are cheap and break easy. So they get sandwiched between whatever branches and logs we can find kicking around which actually helps make them even creepier and stand out even more.

Tracey’s-Basement-yard-haunt-2018-ghost-green-light-1024x768 Halloween Yard Haunt (2018)! VLOGS

Jack-o-Lanterns and Lights are a MUST for Halloween!

Tracey’s-Basement-Halloween-2018-Yard-Haunt-Jack-o-Lanterns-and-Lights-1024x768 Halloween Yard Haunt (2018)! VLOGS

What would Halloween be with Jack-o-Lanterns? Pumpkins are a Halloween staple! We always have our carved pumpkins on a table that guides the kids in the direction to get their treats. Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th and Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street always look down from their windows bathed in eerie red lights, just to make sure no unsuspecting trick or treaters are getting into trouble.

Tracey’s-Basement-2018-Halloween-Yard-Haunt-Jason-and-Freddy-Friday-the-13th-A-Nightmare-on-Elm-Street-1024x768 Halloween Yard Haunt (2018)! VLOGS

Candy, Candy Candy!

Tracey’s-Basement-Halloween-2018-yard-haunt-trick-or-treat-candy-and-decorations-1024x768 Halloween Yard Haunt (2018)! VLOGS

Of course, it all has to end at the candy! The trick or treater’s ultimate goal. Those delicious treats. We of course bathe the area in red light and display some of our favorite indoor props and collectibles. Lots of skulls, pumpkins and treats plus many trick or treater’s favorite prop, our screaming picture frame that jumps out at you. They calm right back down after grabbing some treats out of Batman’s candy bowl though.

We also chose to adorn our display this year with various collectibles. This year we chose our NECA 1/4 scale Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees action figures, a few Funko Horror plush, our Evil Dead Necronomicon, and filled the staircase risers with our awesome Mezco Living Dead Dolls. It’s so fun to be able to incorporate some of these toys and collectibles into the display.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everybody!

We absolutely love Halloween and we hope this makes you feel like you were trick or treating at our house yourself and were able to join in the Halloween fun with us. Enjoy the video and have a safe and happy Halloween filled with frights, fun and LOTS of candy everyone!

Traceys-Basement-Halloween-Cleavage-Steampunk-Halloween-Costume-Tracey-Sexy-Halloween-Selfie-1024x1024 Halloween Yard Haunt (2018)! VLOGS Traceys-Basement-TMNT-Halloween-Costumes-Jason-Adrianna-Raphael-Shredder-1024x1024 Halloween Yard Haunt (2018)! VLOGS

Keep it spooky Basement Geeks from your friends at Tracey’s Basement!

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