Hushaween Unboxing from Comet TV!

It’s Hushaween at Comet TV…Time for some Silent Spooks & Quiet Creeps!

Over at the wonderful FREE streaming service, Comet TV, they’re celebrating Hushaween. It’s a spooky movie time of year, and they’re going all out with some awesome Midnight Movie classics, and a triple-feature of some of the silent-era grandfathers of horror. So if you’re a fan of frights, head over and see what they’ve got up their costume sleeves. But first: check out the ghoulish trick-r-treat box they sent us!

Candy Candy Candy Candy!

Comet-TV-Hushaween-October-Halloween-2018-Promo-Trick-or-Treat-Candy-Energy-Drink-Bloodbag-1024x640 Hushaween Unboxing from Comet TV! Mail Calls Videos

Any respectable Halloween geek needs a pile of candy for their Hushaween movie marathon! Comet sent a lovely assortment of gross-out gummies, along with some other ghoulish goodies. Particularly fun is the IV bag, designed originally for a “blood” energy drink. There’s absolutely no way I’m not going to fill that with something goopy red to suck on while I answer the door on Halloween night.

In Silent Movies No One Can Hear You Scream

Comet-TV-Hushaween-October-Halloween-2018-Promo-Trick-or-Treat-Nosferatu-Shirt-1024x623 Hushaween Unboxing from Comet TV! Mail Calls Videos

The beautiful t-shirt included in the Hushaween box features the first vampire to ever grace the silver screen. This is a very simple, streamlined design that works perfectly. Nosferatu stands in the doorway, a frightening silhouette with pointed ears and long, claw-like fingers. It’s an instantly recognizable moment from the depths of cinema history.

You’ve Been Bad. Pull Over.

Comet-TV-Hushaween-October-Halloween-2018-Promo-CHARGE-CHiPs-Moving-Violation-Notepad-937x1024 Hushaween Unboxing from Comet TV! Mail Calls Videos

Last in the box is a fun little notepad advertising Comet’s sister-channel, CHARGE! The action-based channel runs “CHiPs” every weekday, so this pad is designed to look like a stack of moving violation tickets. The lower lines even have spots where Officer Jon Baker and Officer Francis Llewellyn Poncherello would sign. A cute, amusing way to remind us about CHARGE! for sure!

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