Pokemon & Q Figs! It’s a Think Geek Haul!

Pokemon & Q Figs! We got an awesome package from ThinkGeek.com!

At some point you may have come across the information that Jason and I are in love with Q Figs from Quantum Mechanix. You may have also noticed, somewhere along the line, that our daughter Adrianna loves Pokemon. It should come as no surprise, then, that we were super-happy with the awesome box of stuff ThinkGeek.com sent us to show off to you guys!

The Adorable Baby-Egg Pokemon, Togepi!

Adrianna has been absolutely in love with Pokemon since I first showed her the original TV show.  She’s especially fond of the more adorable-oriented Pokemon. The baby-egg Pokemon, Togepi, definitely falls squarely in that category. Imagine Adrianna’s elation, then, when she saw that Think Geek had sent this:

Think-Geek-Haul-Geeky-Retailer-Fab-NY-Pokemon-Togepi-Vegan-Leather-Purse-1024x892 Pokemon & Q Figs! It's a Think Geek Haul! Toys and Collectibles Videos

This Togepi purse is made by Fab NY from vegan leather, stitched beautifully into the shape of the adorable Pokemon pal. The colors are bright and vibrant, and the stitch-lines are exceptionally clean. It is a smaller-sized purse, able to hold a standard sized cellphone vertically or horizontally. It does, however, have an adjustable strap that can be both quite short or quite long. For all these reasons it makes an adorable bag for a young child, or a Pokemon-loving adult who only needs a small bit of storage. Adrianna absolutely loves it,  and had a blast shooting her “fashion show” with it for the video.

Deadpool Shared New Photo: #UnicornSelfie

Anyone who watches our channel has come across the fact that I love both Q Figs and Deadpool. So obviously I needed this figure from the moment I first saw photos of it.

Think-Geek-Haul-Geeky-Retailer-QmX-Quantum-Mechanix-Q-Fig-QFig-Deadpool-UnicornSelfie-Unicorn-Selfie-Figure-926x1024 Pokemon & Q Figs! It's a Think Geek Haul! Toys and Collectibles Videos

The more recent Deadpool figure from QmX features the merc with the mouth taking a selfie with one of his plush unicorns. If that doesn’t sound absolutely perfect to you, we just can’t be friends. It’s amazing! Deadpool has a super-adorable pose with his knees pulled in tight and a “cutesy face” look to his eyes. He’s nuzzling one plush unicorn while two more sit at his feet, and his arm is outstretched as he takes a selfie with his mobile. It’s a ridiculously cute pose, and a perfect idea for the off-the-wall character.

But one of my favorite things about this particular figure? You can actually see the photo he’s taking on the phone:

Think-Geek-Haul-Geeky-Retailer-QmX-Quantum-Mechanix-Q-Fig-QFig-Deadpool-UnicornSelfie-Unicorn-Selfie-Figure-Close-Up-1024x1024 Pokemon & Q Figs! It's a Think Geek Haul! Toys and Collectibles Videos

That’s a new profile pic if I ever saw one! #NoFilters

“Don’t Worry, I’ll Give You a Lift!”

Jason has never been a fan of Superman. He’s just such a vanilla boy scout! But when he saw this Q Fig of the man of steel carrying his favorite superhero, Batman… Well, let’s just say that giggles were had.

Think-Geek-Haul-Geeky-Retailer-QmX-Quantum-Mechanix-Q-Fig-QFig-Max-Worlds-Finest-Superman-Batman-Flight-Figure-Front-803x1024 Pokemon & Q Figs! It's a Think Geek Haul! Toys and Collectibles Videos

This figure is a Q Fig Max, which is QmX’s over-sized version of Q Figs. It features an overly happy, wide-grinned Superman flying through the air while carrying his grumpy sometimes-partner, Batman. This dual-hero figure is positively hysterical. From the positively giddy smile on Supes’ face to the massive frown and crossed arms on Bats, the design is just perfect for eliciting a laugh. Superman and Batman fans alike will get a huge kick out of this super-dynamic and fun figure.

But it’s not just all giggles and snickers. The figure is also very nicely done. There’s a lovely sense of motion, with Superman’s cape flowing out behind him and Batman’s lower body being pushed forward as they fly. And then there’s the clouds!

Think-Geek-Haul-Geeky-Retailer-QmX-Quantum-Mechanix-Q-Fig-QFig-Max-Worlds-Finest-Superman-Batman-Flight-Figure-Side-View-1024x977 Pokemon & Q Figs! It's a Think Geek Haul! Toys and Collectibles Videos

The way the fluffy white clouds have been molded around the figure is beautiful, adorable, and perfectly pulled-off. QmX could have easily stuck with just Superman and Batman as the figure, being held aloft by a clear pole, but they chose to go the extra step. The clouds really give you the sense that they’re high in the sky, which somehow makes Batman’s grumpy face that much better.

These Products and Much More at ThinkGeek.com

You can find these three products, plus many, many more over at ThinkGeek.com.  It’s not all Pokemon purses and superhero figures (although those are obviously awesome)! Think Geek carries a wide variety of apparel, accessories, collectibles, gadgets, and other geeky goodies, so be sure to check them out; you’re sure to find something you absolutely need in your life!

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