Halloween Stickers from InfiniteCoolness.com!

Halloween Stickers and More from Local Artist Creed Stonegate!

Halloween stickers! Yes, you heard me. In case you haven’t noticed, Halloween is a bit of a big deal around here, so when a local artist, Creed Stonegate, asked if we wanted to check out some of his Halloween stickers, of course we said yes. He even sent us a few random extra pop culture stickers to take a look at!

Check out Creed’s work at InfiniteCoolness.com

Creed does a variety of artwork, but in particular loves drawing villains. In fact, he took on a 100 Cartoon Villains challenge, and the results were pretty damn awesome! Check out his website, InfiniteCoolness.com, to take a closer look at his artwork. He sells stickers and art prints, and also does commissions, so if you’re looking for something specific, shoot him a message! On the website you’ll also find links to his YouTube channel, where you’ll find art-related videos, and lots of gameplay videos as well.

Garfield, MOTU, Rick & Morty, and More!

Creed sent us a wide variety of his stickers, mostly of the Halloween variety, but also some random pop culture ones. He knew Jason would enjoy the Masters of the Universe and Bucky O’Hare stickers, after all! These are lovely, rather large, well-colored stickers with extremely clean artwork. The Castle Greyskull in particular is both enormous and gorgeous. And that He-Man/CatDog mash-up? Bloody hysterical!

Halloween-Stickers-and-Pop-Culture-Stickers-from-Creed-Stonegate-at-Infinite-Coolness-Garfield-Ghostbusters-MOTU-Bucky-OHare-Rick-and-Morty-1024x653 Halloween Stickers from InfiniteCoolness.com! Mail Calls Videos

For me personally, though, it was all about the Halloween stickers. The Garfield and Odie sticker is a particular fav  because we watch that special ever Halloween, post trick-or-treating. I love the way the slime on the Slimer sticker almost looks real even though the character is 2-D. And that Killer Clown! There’s a face you don’t want to meet when you’re roaming the streets on All Hallow’s Eve!

My personal favorites are the ax-wielding zombie barbarian, and the 80’s hair band zombie/vampire. I’m just a sucker for zombies, I guess! Of course, all of the stickers are awesome, and will find permanent homes somewhere in the Tobin house. There’s nothing like a few Halloween stickers to accentuate a ghastly holiday!

For more sticker designs and to check out his art prints and commission pricing, pop over to InfiniteCoolness.com and support an indie artist! Tell them Tracey sent you (by using coupon code BASEMENT) and you’ll even get 10% off your order of $10 or more! Stock up on some awesome artwork today!

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