Jason Lives! NECA Ultimate Part VI Jason Voorhees

JASON LIVES! As an Awesome NECA Ultimate Figure!

Friday the 13th Part VI – Jason Lives – is one of our all-time favorites of the franchise. It was inevitable, then, that we would eventually have to pick up the NECA Ultimate version of the first appearance of zombie Jason. NECA has made some amazing Jason Voorhees figures in the past, and this one is no different.

NECA-Toys-Ultimate-Friday-the-13th-Part-VI-Jason-Lives-Jason-Voorhees-Action-Figure-Unboxed-Without-Mask-735x1024 Jason Lives! NECA Ultimate Part VI Jason Voorhees Toys and Collectibles Videos

Right out of the box we get Jason straight out of his coffin. He’s been accidentally resurrected by Tommy Jarvis, and he certainly looks the part! His clothes are spattered in blood from his rampage in Part IV, and he looks every bit the undead ghoul he now is. His face looks like a mass of burnt, sinewy muscle with his lips and nose completely missing. Teeth and bone poke through along with his one working eye. This is well and truly a face that only a mother could love.

Ki ki ki…Ma ma ma…

NECA-Toys-Ultimate-Friday-the-13th-Part-VI-Jason-Lives-Jason-Voorhees-Action-Figure-Unboxed-With-Mask-and-Machete-670x1024 Jason Lives! NECA Ultimate Part VI Jason Voorhees Toys and Collectibles Videos

Of course, he also comes with his iconic hockey mask and machete. The mask is the same one from Part IV, which Tommy Jarvis tosses in the grave before the fated Frankenstein-ing of Jason. It even has the little ax mark in it (as does Jason’s head) from his pre-death head-shot. The machete accessory looks great and fits nicely in the little holster on Jason’s tool belt. An extra hand is also included for the specific purpose of fitting the grip of the machete.

NECA-Toys-Ultimate-Friday-the-13th-Part-VI-Jason-Lives-Jason-Voorhees-Action-Figure-Unboxed-With-Mask-and-Machete-Close-Up-815x1024 Jason Lives! NECA Ultimate Part VI Jason Voorhees Toys and Collectibles Videos

But in case you’re bored with the same old machete, there’s also a hunting knife accessory, serrated blade and all! It’s a nice little extra option to have, and the knife also has it’s only holster on the tool belt. I especially like that little detail because the holster is so nicely detailed! I know I’m fawning over something that some people would think is inconsequential, but look at it! It’s got all the groves and stitch marks, and even the little mini-pocket that a Swiss-army knife would fit in.  Yeah, okay, I’m easily amused.

NECA-Toys-Ultimate-Friday-the-13th-Part-VI-Jason-Lives-Jason-Voorhees-Action-Figure-Unboxed-With-Mask-and-Hunting-Knife-611x1024 Jason Lives! NECA Ultimate Part VI Jason Voorhees Toys and Collectibles Videos

“Just drive toward him. He’ll move. Nobody wants to die.”

By far my favorite scene in Jason Lives (maybe even in the entire franchise) is the killing of the two people stuck in the mud with their car. It never fails to amuse how Jason doesn’t even flinch when they nearly ram him, and then torments them by smashing their headlight with the fence post. CLASSIC. That’s why I’m super happy that this figure comes with the fence post in question.

NECA-Toys-Ultimate-Friday-the-13th-Part-VI-Jason-Lives-Jason-Voorhees-Action-Figure-Unboxed-With-Mask-and-Fence-Pole-618x1024 Jason Lives! NECA Ultimate Part VI Jason Voorhees Toys and Collectibles Videos

Unfortunately we met a bit of a snag concerning this particular accessory. Jason’s two hands are fully closed, with a hole in each fist, and the pole snaps into two pieces to allow them to go through. The problem is that neither piece fits through either fist further than a few millimeters. The pieces fit just far enough to snap into each other, and no further. Therefore it’s impossible to make him hold the pole with both hands like in my favorite scene. We’ve been told that some others have managed to force it through using hot water or Vaseline, but the fact that such a thing is even necessary is a bit of a sore spot. This issue doesn’t “un-sell” the figure for us; it’s just a frustration that bears mentioning.

And now, the coup de gras…

The absolutely best way to pose this particular figure, in my opinion, is to pair him up with one of the set pieces from the NECA Friday the 13th accessory kit. The kit comes with a few different pieces, including the chain, rock, and camp sign from Jason Lives. By popping off the figure’s head to slip the chain around his neck, and shoving a clear rod piece up beneath his shirt, you can recreate the iconic end scene. Jason looks like he’s floating in the lake, held down by the rock and chain, which has landed on the defaced camp sign. Tell me that isn’t ridiculously awesome.

NECA-Toys-Ultimate-Friday-the-13th-Part-VI-Jason-Lives-Jason-Voorhees-Action-Figure-Unboxed-With-Mask-Chained-Accessory-Kit-659x1024 Jason Lives! NECA Ultimate Part VI Jason Voorhees Toys and Collectibles Videos

Even with the mask on you can tell that he’s not bloody impressed.

Alone, this figure makes an excellent addition to the collection of a Friday the 13th fan, or a horror collector in general. Together with these parts from the accessory kit, it’s an awesome recreation of an excellent “death” scene. Plus with the accessories (including Jason’s tombstone, not pictured above), there’s lots of fun to be had for posing, photographing, and displaying purposes. Definitely a figure worth picking up!

Grab a Jason Lives NECA figure for yourself! Also let us know in the comments: which version of Jason is your favorite? Which movie in the series is your favorite? Which kill is your favorite? Share and start a conversation!

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