Grimsicle Enamel Pins & Itty Bittys! Mail from LaFox!

We’re Showing off Grimsicle Pins & Some Special Surprises from the Lovely Miss LaFox!

There’s nothing quite like the month of October to bring Halloween and Horror fans together! The Lovely Miss LaFox, who is obsessed with Halloween contacted us because she knew we would appreciate her new business venture: Grimsicle Pins. She asked if we would like to take a look at them, and of course we said yes! Horror-centric enamel pins? Hell yeah!

When her parcel arrived, however, there was obviously something other than just pins in there. She sneaked in Halloween-y surprises! So let’s take a quick look at those first!

Peek-a-Boo Pumpkin Snoopy!

LaFox sent an adorable little gift along for Adrianna, and she might have to fight me for it! (I’m joking of course…she ran off with it the microsecond she laid eyes on it.)

Viewer-Mail-from-LaFox-Plush-Snoopy-Peanuts-Halloween-Pumpkin-Costume-Itty-Bitty-Hallmark-1024x1024 Grimsicle Enamel Pins & Itty Bittys! Mail from LaFox! Mail Calls Videos

The Peanuts “Great Pumpkin” Halloween special is a must-watch in our house in October, so this adorable little Snoopy is just perfect! He’s so ultra-cute in Itty Bitty style, and Adrianna especially loved how he’s got a little spider-shaped Trick-or-Treat bucket. Who doesn’t love Snoopy, seriously now?

But Adrianna wasn’t the only one to get a gift of ultra-cuteness…

Adorable Freddy VS Super-Cute Jason!

Eeeeeeeeeeee! Itty Bitty Freddy and Jason! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Viewer-Mail-from-LaFox-Plush-Freddy-Krueger-VS-Jason-Voorhees-2-Pack-Horror-Itty-Bitty-Hallmark-1024x786 Grimsicle Enamel Pins & Itty Bittys! Mail from LaFox! Mail Calls Videos

I don’t even care what anyone else thinks: this tiny little Freddy and Jason set is one of the greatest things ever! Plush cutesy horror stuff is my jam. Humorously enough we’d actually been keeping our eyes out for this set ever since it was announced, but it never showed up to our local Hallmark stores. So thank you so much LaFox! This was a total surprise, and an adorably awesome one! Unfortunately Adrianna took off with these the second she saw them too, but maybe I can convince her to share them with us so we can put them out for Halloween. XD

Now, on to the main attraction: Grimsicle Pins!

The First Ever Grimsicle Pin: Bloodberry Pop!

LaFox’s premiere Grimsicle pin was the wonderfully named “Bloodberry Pop”, which is designed to look like a bloody, melting ice-pop with a bite taken out and a creepy face glaring at the offender. How can you not love that design? It looks like death is staring at you through your icy treat!

Viewer-Mail-from-LaFox-Grimsicle-Pins-Bloodberry-Pop-Enamel-Pin-with-Backing-Card-744x1024 Grimsicle Enamel Pins & Itty Bittys! Mail from LaFox! Mail Calls Videos

LaFox’s first Grimsicle pin came out beautifully, in my opinion. The melting pop really gives the impression that it was formed out of blood, and the face peeking through is creepy-cute, which you guys know I love. Even the pop’s stick has that extra bit of wood-grain design to make it POP. And then there’s the backing card! Not everyone displays their pins with the backing card, but if you do, this one is lovely. It features the Bloodberry Pop superimposed behind the actual pin, with a Grim Reaper’s scythe coming out of the pop stick. I love it to DEATH!

Return of the Living Grimsicle: Pumpkill Pie Pop!

The follow-up to the Bloodberry Pop pin was an absolute mainstay of Halloween: a pumpkin. It’s the Pumpkill Pie Pop, and it appears to be in a bit of a messy state!

Viewer-Mail-from-LaFox-Grimsicle-Pins-Pumpkill-Pie-Pop-Enamel-Pin-with-Backing-Card-744x1024 Grimsicle Enamel Pins & Itty Bittys! Mail from LaFox! Mail Calls Videos

Pumpkill Pie is designed to look like a pumpkin – complete with stem – that is shaped like a pie piece. Like the Bloodberry Pop, Pumpkill is melting a bit, but his face is more defined so that he looks like an oozing jack-o-lantern. The reason I made the “Return of the Living Grimsicle” gag up above is because Pumpkill also has green ooze spilling out of his mouth. Tell me he doesn’t look like a zombie pumpkin pop! He looks like a pumpkin that was left outside all throughout November and then somehow came back to life to seek his revenge.

Okay, now I’m coming up with backstories for the pins; clearly I’m enjoying them a little too much!

Grimsicle Pins Available Now on Etsy!

These two Grimsicle Pins are the first in what I’m confident will be a full line of awesome designs from LaFox. At least, I hope so, because I absolutely love them and want to see more! In the meantime though,  you can pick up these pins on the Grimsicle Etsy Store right here.  If you’re a fan of horror and you like fun, creative designs, these are definitely a must-have. Check them out and let us know if you decide to pick up a set!

Viewer-Mail-from-LaFox-Grimsicle-Pins-Bloodberry-Pop-and-Pumpkill-Pie-Pop-Enamel-Pin-with-Backing-Card-1024x749 Grimsicle Enamel Pins & Itty Bittys! Mail from LaFox! Mail Calls Videos

Take us home! We won’t hurt you….much.

Thank you again so much for sending these our way, LaFox! We can’t wait to see more awesome pin designs from you!

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