HUGE Viewer Mail Unboxing from River!

It’s a HUGE Viewer Mail Unboxing!

Yes, it’s time for another Viewer Mail unboxing from River! River has sent stuff to the channel in the past, and has shown that she has an excellent grasp on what fits in the Basement, so let’s take a look at what she sent this time!

Fun for the Little One!

Viewer-Subscriber-Fan-Mail-from-River-for-Adrianna-Jack-Skellington-Halloween-Card-Beanie-Boos-Fish-Lemur-Plush-Toys-1024x767 HUGE Viewer Mail Unboxing from River! Mail Calls Videos

First out of the box was a gift for Adrianna, which started off with a sweet Halloween card featuring Jack Skellington. It’s officially October as I’m writing this, so we’re going to have to break out that movie soon! The card was sweet, but what was SUPER sweet were the two little Beanie Boos! Adrianna is a great lover of plush toys, and a big fan of the Beanie Boo style, so these were perfect. The super-sparkly fishy and cutie-eyed lemur have been properly introduced to the rest of Adrianna’s tribe and have places of honor among the family.

Viewer-Subscriber-Fan-Mail-from-River-for-Adrianna-Pokemon-Tin-Trading-Cards-Stickers-Stationary-1024x748 HUGE Viewer Mail Unboxing from River! Mail Calls Videos

Also included in Adrianna’s gift was a Pokemon Trading Card Game tin, complete with cards, stickers, pencils, a notepad, and a mini-binder for storing cards. Not shown, but also included were a few old-school Sailor Moon trading cards, which were hidden in the back of the Pokemon deck. She got a huge kick out of those River!

Taking “Creepy Cute” to a New Level

Viewer-Subscriber-Fan-Mail-from-River-for-Tracey-Fuggler-from-Spin-Master-Purple-Unboxed-937x1024 HUGE Viewer Mail Unboxing from River! Mail Calls Videos


Next out of the box was an item for me in the form of a three-eyed purple Fuggler! Jason and I have been giggling at these guys since they first came out, so it was definitely an excellent choice! These weird little plush toys are so creepy and weird, yet somehow actually a little cute, I just don’t even know what to say about them. I love him! XD


Viewer-Subscriber-Fan-Mail-from-River-Dunny-Blind-Box-Vinyl-Figures-Kidrobot-Unboxed-Gravedigger-Slimed-Monster-1024x706 HUGE Viewer Mail Unboxing from River! Mail Calls Videos

There were also two loose Dunny figures in River’s package! We’ve collected a fair few of these cute little vinyls from Kidrobot recently, so they definitely suit our collection. I was unable to determine which series these two came from, so let me know if you know! One appears to be a wet, dirty gravedigger, carrying a muddy shovel. The other seems to be a furry creature with green ooze pouring on his head in the shape of a skull. Both are awesome designs that go very nicely with the Dunny figures we already have.

Chills of a Different Kind

Viewer-Subscriber-Fan-Mail-from-River-for-Jason-Horror-Movie-Jack-Frost-Killer-Snowman-Lenticular-Cover-1024x960 HUGE Viewer Mail Unboxing from River! Mail Calls Videos

River totally understands our tastes in movies, especially horror movies. So it was unsurprising that a particularly awful/awesome flick made its way into this box! It’s a copy of Jack Frost, the horror film about an evil, killer snowman. Yeah, you heard me. This particular copy has the lenticular cover, which is awesome. Shown above is the killer snowman in all his glory, and shown below is the fluffy white ball of innocence that you definitely don’t want to underestimate:

Viewer-Subscriber-Fan-Mail-from-River-for-Jason-Horror-Movie-Jack-Frost-Killer-Snowman-Lenticular-Cover-Innocent-954x1024 HUGE Viewer Mail Unboxing from River! Mail Calls Videos

A Definite Fan Favorite

Viewer-Subscriber-Fan-Mail-from-River-for-Tracey-Doctor-Who-DVDs-Tom-Baker-Years-Fourth-Doctor-Sontaran-Experiment-and-The-Ark-in-Space-1024x707 HUGE Viewer Mail Unboxing from River! Mail Calls Videos

Doctor Who for me! Doctor Who for me! River is my fellow epic Whovian and knows what I like. She sent me two DVDs from the Tom Baker years, including “The Sontaran Experiment” and “The Ark in Space”. I’ve never actually seen any of the episodes of the fan-favorite Fourth Doctor, so this is awesome! I definitely have some catching up to do!

The Prettiest Thing that will Ever be on my Bookshelf

Viewer-Subscriber-Fan-Mail-from-River-for-Tracey-A-Tale-of-Two-Cities-Charles-Dickens-Easton-Press-763x1024 HUGE Viewer Mail Unboxing from River! Mail Calls Videos

I was totally thrown off-guard by this item. River sent me a copy of “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens, printed by Easton Press. As a reader, this is a beautiful book to own. As a writer the significance is even greater. This will likely be the most gorgeous book that ever sits upon my bookshelves. I absolutely love it, River, and can’t wait to get into it!

You Can’t Go Wrong with Harley!

Viewer-Subscriber-Fan-Mail-from-River-for-Tracey-Harley-Quinn-DC-Comics-DC-Universe-Rebirth-1024x915 HUGE Viewer Mail Unboxing from River! Mail Calls Videos

A trio of Harley Quinn comics finished off the main box. I’ve collected a random assortment of these Harley comics from the DC Universe Rebirth series, but I didn’t have these three, so that’s awesome! I especially love the issue with Harley kicking some zombies’ asses! There’s also an issue with Harley snuggling up to Poison Ivy, and an issue of Harley and the Joker sitting on a bench at what appears to be a plastic surgery office.

“What’s it going to be then, eh?”

Viewer-Subscriber-Fan-Mail-from-River-for-Tracey-Mezco-Toys-Living-Dead-Doll-Alex-Delarge-A-Clockwork-Orange-Unboxed-Full-739x1024 HUGE Viewer Mail Unboxing from River! Mail Calls Videos

Last, but definitely not least, River sent another Living Dead Doll! This will be the third LDD that River has sent, because she knows I love my horror icons! This one is Alex Delarge from A Clockwork Orange, and is pretty amusing considering I just recently finished reading the book. He is so adorable/creepy/funny in his all-white suit, black bowler cap and boots, and enormous codpiece! I especially love how Mezco did a great job on the eyes, both the ones on his actual face and the ones on his shirt’s cuffs. And he even comes with his little knob-topped cane! But that’s not even the best part…

Viewer-Subscriber-Fan-Mail-from-River-for-Tracey-Mezco-Toys-Living-Dead-Doll-Alex-Delarge-A-Clockwork-Orange-Unboxed-Close-Up-with-Knife-1024x800 HUGE Viewer Mail Unboxing from River! Mail Calls Videos

His cane comes apart to reveal the hidden knife! That is too awesome, and the knife makes him that much more psychotic. I absolutely love him! Thank you so much, River. He makes an excellent edition to my growing Living Dead Dolls collection!

River’s package was packed full of awesomeness, including everything shown above, plus an extra surprise for Jason that you’ll have to watch the video to see. Trust me, it’s totally worth it! Thank you again for everything, River. You hit the nail on the head with everything! We hope you enjoyed this Viewer Mail Unboxing!

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