My Geek Box (September 2018) Unboxing

My Geek Box time? Uh oh, it’s time for Jason to break out the horrible British accent!

My Geek Box is a geeky subscription box based out of the UK. It is a true “surprise” box, with no hints, themes, or anything of the sort. A monthly subscription is £20 per month, or if you subscribe through their US service it’s $20 per month. But we also have a discount for you! If you’re subscribing to the UK service, click this link and use coupon code TBASE10 to get £10 off your first box. If you’re trying the US service click on this link to get $10 off your first box.

So let’s take a look at what we pulled out of our September box!

“Alien Pilot” T-Shirt

My-Geek-Box-September-2018-Unboxing-Subscription-Box-T-shirt-Alien-Pilot-1024x665 My Geek Box (September 2018) Unboxing My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

In recent months My Geek Box has begun to move away from fandom-specific and/or mash-up t-shirts. I personally think this is a good move, since many of the mash-ups  (which were the most common types of shirts to get) were a bit weak. Sometimes they were even unrecognizable. The push has been more toward generalized geeky shirts with genuinely cool designs. September’s shirt definitely falls into that category, in my opinion! The design appears as though the shirt has been ripped away to reveal a little green alien in a kind of cockpit. The impression created is that you’re not really a human, but a robot being piloted by this little dude. That is a neat idea right there, and the art is nicely done. It’s also nice to see a shirt like this in white, because there’s only so many black shirts a geek can own.

“Batman” 20 OZ Mug

My-Geek-Box-September-2018-Unboxing-Subscription-Box-Batman-20-oz-Coffee-Mug-1024x1024 My Geek Box (September 2018) Unboxing My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Subscription boxes must assume that geeks only drink out of coffee mugs, and never use a particular mug for more than a month before throwing it away. The number of mugs that come in these boxes is absolutely ridiculous. My cupboard is JAM PACKED! There is no more room!

That said, I have to say that this is a nice mug. It’s got a simple, standard Bat-logo design, and it’s both dishwasher and microwave safe.  And let’s be honest: all mugs should always be dishwasher and microwave safe. The best thing about this mug though? It’s enormous! It’s 20 oz! That’s a lot of coffee, my friends.

“The Last of Us” Logo Vinyl Keychain

My-Geek-Box-September-2018-Unboxing-Subscription-Box-The-Last-of-Us-Vinyl-Keychain-1024x1024 My Geek Box (September 2018) Unboxing My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

The Last of Us is an absolutely amazing game. If you haven’t played it I highly recommend it, if for the story alone. Honestly, if you can make it through that opening chapter without tearing up a little? You’re a complete monster.

That said, I have to be honest and say that this is an incredibly basic vinyl keychain. That’s not to say that it’s bad. I’m sure plenty of people would love to throw their keys on it. But I personally have never been a fan of logo items. Something like the Batman symbol on the mug above? Yeah, that’s pretty cool. But if the mug literally just said “Batman”, that would be lame. It’s the same with this keychain. I’d much prefer to see a keychain that’s, for instance, a Clicker’s head. Or even just that image of Ellie and Joel on the backing card there. Make that the actual keychain and we’d be good.

“Star Wars” Troopers Sticky Note Set

My-Geek-Box-September-2018-Unboxing-Subscription-Box-Disney-Star-Wars-Sticky-Notes-Set-Box-1024x1024 My Geek Box (September 2018) Unboxing My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Okay, I know not everyone is going to agree with me on this one, but I actually rather like this Star Wars sticky note set. I can definitely see where some people might think it’s a bit of a lame item – you can get sticky notes at the Dollar Store, after all. But me personally? I’m a sucker for stationary. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, but I love things like this.

The box, as you can see above, features an image of a First Order trooper, and when you open it up…

My-Geek-Box-September-2018-Unboxing-Subscription-Box-Disney-Star-Wars-Sticky-Notes-Set-Inside-Box-1024x1024 My Geek Box (September 2018) Unboxing My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

…you get five sets of sticky notes in three different sizes. The large set features the same trooper as the box. The smaller square set features a First Order tie fighter. The three smaller “flag” sets feature trooper helmets, with one being a profile in white, one a profile in grey, and the third front-facing. This is definitely not an item for everyone (or even every Star Wars fan), but I think it’s neat and will definitely get good use out of it.

“DC Comics Originals” Backpack

My-Geek-Box-September-2018-Unboxing-Subscription-Box-DC-Comics-Originals-Backpack-Batman-Superman-The-Joker-The-Flash-892x1024 My Geek Box (September 2018) Unboxing My Geek Box Subscription Boxes Videos

Finally, for the big item in September’s My Geek Box, we have a DC Comics Originals backpack. This, I have to say, is a very nice item to get in a subscription box. Everyone can use a backpack! Sooner or later you’re going to need to carry something, right? Right.

And this backpack appears to be well made. It’s got a sturdy material sewn together in layers so that you can see the hint of several superhero’s logos peeking through the top mesh. The images scattered across it feature the likes of Batman, Superman, The Flash, and The Joker, designed to give the impression of patches or pins. There’s also plenty of blank space left over for you to actually add your own patches and pins, so you can enhance it as you please. I suspect that this is an item my own little mini-superhero is going to end up swiping for herself.

So there we have it!

September’s My Geek Box was a pretty decent one, in my opinion. I wasn’t a huge fan of the keychain, and I can understand if others weren’t fans of the sticky note set, but the value is definitely there with the other three items and I really rather enjoy that shirt design. Keep it up with the interesting original shirts, My Geek Box!

Again, you can check out My Geek Box UK right here and get £10  off your first box with coupon code TBASE10, or check out the US version here and your $10 discount will be applied just by clicking the link. Let us know what you thought of this particular box, which item was your favorite, and what you think about Star Wars sticky notes in the comments! Want to see more? Check out some of our other My Geek Box unboxings right here.

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